Time has flown By!!

Hello to those of you who still visit this blog! As I said in my last post 2L year has been as hectic as they come! I took 6 courses in the fall and was still working at the law school library, so I was up to my eyeballs in homework- constantly behind.  Also, I started playing soccer again on an intramural team and ended up getting a very severe (level 3) ankle sprain in one of our last games of the season.  So I was hobbling around on crutches for a few weeks.  Which basically mean that my working out diminished greatly because I wasn’t able to do much besides seated shoulder press and one-legged rows, which suck btw.

Anyways, I started the spring semester and decided to take 6 classes again.  Why would I put myself through such stress? Well so that next year when I’m stressing about the bar, etc. I have like 3 classes and I’ve picked classes already and my schedule is exactly that-3 classes=win! Also this semester, I picked up a second job in a law firm and was doing paralegal/law clerk type work for the semester.  So my free time this semester was 0, I’ve still been working out with the 5 am crew at my gym and doing partner workouts with my friend Zac on Saturdays.  It’s been a jam packed semester that’s for sure.  I also randomly decided to take a trip to Europe next December.  I’ve always wanted to travel and just haven’t, so I decided I need to do it before I graduated and had crushing debt/a job.  So I’m very excited about that- I have my trip almost all the way paid off which is exciting (thanks 2 jobs!).

It’s currently mid-finals.  The way my classes were set up I had a lot of work in the weeks leading up to finals; a lot of trials, papers, etc.  So right now I only have 2 actual finals, which means I have a lot of free time because I’ve cut my work hours down dramatically.  As someone who is used to a jam-packed schedule I’m honestly unsure what to do with all of my free time.  It’s mainly resulted in binge watching television, which there are worse things I’m sure.

Also my gym membership is up so for this last week that I’m at school I am taking up running again.  Even though I’m in shape, I’m out of running shape so I’ve definitely been sucking wind.  I’m hoping to run a half-marathon again in a few months so I have to stick with the runs!  Soon I’ll be home for the summer and will hopefully find a summer internship that I can gain more legal experience in.  Other than that, I’m just taking it one day at a time! I hope everything is going well for everyone else!


The flying Liplock

Sorry for the mad spamming of the videos, but I’m really feeling these right now.  Anywhoser, my  Lent has started, yes I say mine because I’m Russian Orthodox and our Lent starts on a different day than the Catholic one does.  So my roommates and I were all sitting around figuring out what we were going to give up and yadda yadda.  Well I decided to go of the stricter Paleo for Lent because I’m pretty loose with it generally and I want to try to focus better.  So I’m hoping that doing this for Lent will help.  So that’s going on…

I’ve completely finished and sent out all my law school applications.  So I am officially in the waiting stage for that, which is both stressful and not.  It isn’t stressful because it’s like out of my hands at this point, but also stressful because I know I’ll be worrying about wondering where I’ll get in.   So yeah…  216f7d4cb8c0bf8003618314aabcbc2f

What else, what else?  Oh, I’ve gotten back into Crossfit and basically just cut down my miles in ridiculous amounts.  About 2 weeks ago I was running 30-40 miles a week and now last week and this week I’ll be running around 20 miles.  This is because I found out I can’d do my half-marathon anymore, which was why I was running so much. So I’ve decided to switch my focus and  get more into Crossfit and weightlifting.  I’m still running, just not as much, which is ok with me.

Also, I feel like I see more improvements doing Crossfit than just lifting or just running.  I can now do one of the hand stand pushups, the pushups part needs a bit of work, but I remember a few months ago when I couldn’t even get into the handstand. Plus I just hit 2 new PR’s yesterday in both my clean and my front squat.  I feel like I see results and I can actually see myself getting stronger.  I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

So that’s it for now.  Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot- I seem to be far busier than I usually am! And so I will leave you with this lovely video;

So until later, TTFN. 


178 That is the number of miles I have run in 2014 thus far.  I’m pretty proud of that.  If my coach gives me another 41 mile week next week, which he probably will, I will be over 200 miles within the first 5-6 weeks.  Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever run that much in that short of time before.  So that makes me pretty happy.  Also, I got a new snatch PR the other day.  I wanted to see if I had gotten any stronger over the winter break so I decided I wanted to try snatching with the 45 lb. bar or as I like to call it the “Big kid” Bar.  And when I tried it I was able to do it no problem! So I added about 5 lbs. total on there and so now my new snatch PR is 50 lbs.- super pumped about it! 

So that’s good.  Also, I’ve been juicing a lot.  I’ve only done pure orange juice, basically just a crap ton of oranges through the juicer, and a green juice which is made of; kale, cucumbers, granny smith apples, lemons, and celery.  greenjuice1It makes a decent amount and it tastes pretty good.  Plus this way I get a bunch of vitamins and minerals real quick.  I try to juice like 1-2x a week depending upon how much of the supplies I have to make the juice.  I end up bringing it in my container to class and I definitely get weird looks, but hey I’m being healthy here people!

On another note, I’ve begun making paleo pancakes, which are delicious.  I totally ruin them with some non-paleo maple syrup, but I digress…

I’ve been  having my food issues resurface as of late.  I’ve returned to some of my old habits, and I’m attempting to kick them back where they belong- not around me! So that’s a struggle right now, but I’m working on it.  What else is going on?
Oh, I’m attempting to finish up my law school apps and my internship is literally the bomb.com.  Applying to law schools is stressful as all heck, mainly because I want to make sure that I write good personal statements and I’m attempting to keep up with my homework, which is another issue.  But luckily we have a break in literally 2 weeks, so I’m banking on that to get homework and law school apps all taken care of.

So that’s basically it right now.  Just trying to stay afloat and keep myself on track and focused for the next 4 months until graduation.

So until later, TTFN. 

Your squat is Fantastic!

Sorry I just found this song and like all things- I’ve become obsessed. Anywhosers, yeah I had a guy at the gym tell me my squat was fantastic a week or so ago.  He was basically like there’s ass to grass and then there is you, literally if you were outside your ass would be legit touching the grass. ass to grass I got all flustered I admit and was terribly excited that he liked my squat.  I asked my friend Zak who I was working out with if it was sad that I got all excited about what the guy said about my squat and Zak replied; “nah man, if he said that about mine I’d be excited too”.

Then this past weekend, this guy I’ve been kinda seeing was dancing with me and after dropping it low at one point he said in my ear; “You can tell you squat” Again the nicest thing ever! Is it completely sad that I think that sort of compliment is better than anything.  Why thank you for acknowledging that I work out! 07fc84a79759d8fac5f0bb9e65e548baI don’t know I guess I’m weird….

So yeah if guys want to flatter me- compliment my workout moves! Haha but seriously I am in love with lifting things up and putting them down it’s a great stress reliever. But on another note, I was working out with my friend Zak again like last week and he helped me to achieve a  new deadlift PR and I managed to bench more than just the bar for the first time in a very long time so those two things combined made me very happy for a few days.5b4e6dca61a4da512ac38273562a3915

So what else is going on? Oh I started my half-marathon training yesterday.  My coach Kris is helping me attempt to hit a PR of 1:45 for the half and so he has made up my training schedule, which I very much appreciate. 8967b4107a8665a61c88bed5bd3e347a

So my body has basically been having to reacclimatize itself to running 5 miles a day again because I’ve been slacking and doing more like 3… but hey if I want the time I gotta train!

So those are my working out related things that I’ve got going on right now.  I can actually make it slightly further up when attempting a pull up then I could before so I think it is just a matter of time before I am able to do a full pull up! Which I will be super excited when that happens.
What else?…. hmm… well the semester is winding down I am currently in the middle of finals week so I keep stressing with studying and projects and such, but it is finally the last bit then I get a much needed mental break!  I just finally handed in all the paperwork for my internship for next semester- also super excited.      I am slowly checking all the things I need to do off of my list. 7aa70d79d3a5dda5b911e0d5ec06d860

What else, what else? I feel bad because I haven’t posted in a bit and now I feel obligated to update you on everything that’s going on in my life at one time….

The only thing that’s left is Christmas! Well Christmas presents, since I knit a lot of my presents I’m where I usually am this time of year- behind.  I usually end up still finishing off the presents I’m making late on Christmas Eve and I always tell myself that it won’t happen again to me the following year and then it somehow always does… well its the attempt to not let it happen again that counts.

So I think that’s all I have going right now, if I think of anything else a post will come! 20febf2bfb9624928414c59c06760972

So until  later, TTFN. 

Mid-Mid Life Crisis

Ok so I’ve had moments where feel like I’m having a panic attack lately. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a senior, I’m planning out my internship for the next semester, law school is after (hopefully) and with that comes how the hell do I pay for law school??? It’s just a combination of a lot of things.  What’s getting me through is doing what my bff Joe says and I am “taking it one day at a time“.  He’s very smart sometimes….. sometimes. zmFF2u3

So other than my mid-mid life crisis I just finished my last cross-country race of my collegiate career.  I’m not going to lie I started to choke up a bit giving my usual pump-up speech before the race.   It’s hard to imagine that freshman year I ran like 38-40 min 6k and this past weekend I got my personal best of 31:38 for a 6k. I think that’s a good way to end my senior year, if I may say so.

I was talking with my coach after and I was telling him how I remembered how I sucked Freshman year and his response? “Yeah, you were really bad.” Hahah gee thanks Pete! I love that guy, but he needs to work on tact sometimes.  I laughed because it was a Pete thing to say and its still funny because it was true.

Let’s see what is getting me through the end of my hectic semester? Training!  Even though my season is done I plan to do the Plattsburgh Half Marathon for my 4th and probably final year. My goal this year is to hit 1:45 for a time.  The first time I hit 2:14, the second time I hit 1:59, and last year I didn’t run it for time, but to finish with Kinga since it was her first time and I ran 2:16.   So I think that with some proper training I can definitely hit 1:45.  I asked Kris if he would make me a training schedule and he said that he will, so I am hoping that if I put in the work I’ll get the time I want.  1176353_10151602892046762_1267805069_n
Other than that I am still lifting and doing W.O.D.s on an every other day type basis. I want to keep my training different, I don’t ever want to get too comfortable doing any one thing.  So that’s basically where I am right now.  Not much else to report.

So unti later, TTFN. 

Oh and I have to leave you with some McFly!

Shooting the Breeze

And basically just letting y’all know what’s up in the life of Sara.   I’m obsessed with Kale chips- basically I just get kale, put some olive oil and seasonings on it and stick it in the oven till its crispy.  I love it! It satisfies my chip craving without being terribly unhealthy.   I eat a lot of dried fruits and veggies now too, which are great for snacks!
On another note, my xc times this year have been sucking.  I haven’t broken 25 minutes for a 5k which is making me really upset/pissy because I ended with a 24 minute 5k last year and I can’t understand why I’m not at that level again, especially with everyone around me PR’ing…. But I’m going to try to remain positive and just continue working.

Moving along, I love this video;

I’m going to try to listen to it every few days to re-motivate myself.  Oh, speaking of- I made a list of mid-semester resolutions.  It sounds silly I know, but hey.  Basically I have like 10 and they have to do with getting my hw done on time (so I don’t get behind again), drinking more water, lifting more and such.

Besides resolutions I’ve set some goals for myself.  I’d like to deadlift my bodyweight so 140, I’m currently at 135 so I definitely think it’s attainable.  I’d like to be able to do 5 pull ups by the time I go home for Christmas and I’d like to be able to do 10 GOOD push ups.   Also, I’d like to improve my snatch (olympic lift) and add like another 10 lbs to it.  cab8823476ad7a8f1d05950b573ec237

So those are some of my goals for the semester.  Working to become a stronger, better me is a loooong process, but its a process and I’m going to keep going.  My whole wanting to be healthier/stronger isn’t for anyone else its for me.  It’s to make me feel better about my body and to be more confident.

Some people don’t understand Crossfit or think its a fad and in some ways it is like anything becomes a fad.  But it also works your body and gives you confidence and is something more.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just ranty but that’s what I think.

So basically, I know that I keep bringing up my workouts and how I feel and all  that terribly sorry if you are getting annoyed, but to be fair it is my blog… 12a058b7b789a5cfce301867fd8651dd

So I’m actually on top of my homework for right now which is just plain awesomesauce! So after this is done, I’ll be headed back to the homework doing.   So yeah, other than working out everything is going pretty well right now, nothing to complain about really except for kinda stressed with all my meetings and everything.  Luckily, I know I have a partner in that- Zak my Treasurer  (or unluckily) because are both stressed, but I digress…

So that’s basically it for now.  Time to get back to the homework! TTFN.


Miss Movin’ On

Ok I’m sorry I enjoy that song and it definitely felt like a good title for my post today.  Last Friday my achilles was in so much pain that I literally couldn’t run more than a mile and even that was a stretch.  I took Saturday off, barely made it through 2 miles on Sunday and then took Monday off.  Tuesday it didn’t bother me so I ran a full 6, but by the end it was hurting again.  On the pain scale it was like a 4/5. So I took yesterday off again after the urging of my friend Brett Brett  whose achilles had been bothering him earlier in the season.

Today I ran 6 miles again and no pain! I lifted and then ran a bit more and still no pain! Now that I’ve showered and relaxed a bit its starting to bother me again, but on the pain scale its a 1/2.  So I have to say I’m very happy right now.  Depending upon how it feels tomorrow I’m going to try to run like 3 miles max because we have a meet on Saturday and the women’s race is a 6k and I want to be as ok to run as possible.  So *fingers crossed*

Btw can I just say that I absolutely have fallen in love with this version of the song;

Anywhoser, Kinga, Maggie and I all had a girls night (which is basically every night), but this was legit girls night because it wasn’t in our house… We saw Prisoners- which was so emotionally charged! My emotions couldn’t handle the movie I was legit freaking out the entire time, but it was seriously good!

What else, what else?!?  Oh, so I lifted just a tiny bit today.  But I’ve been really down mentally last week and this week, partially from my injury and partially because I need a break (1 more day!!!!) so my working out mentality just hasn’t been there.  And I’ve felt really down also because sometimes I feel like I can’t see any progress. But I was perusing this Facebook page called BarBrothers that has all this working out motivation and some transformation pictures take like 6 months to really see a big difference. 1230031_209696205872878_889838152_n
I’ve only been seriously working out for what 2 months now? And you know what I looked at myself today in the mirror on the way to the shower (what? other people don’t do that?!) and you know am starting to see more ab definition, which is something I’ve wanted.  Now to work on my glutes and arms and back! Then we will be in business!!

1239411_207511766091322_1752184081_nSometimes I need to remind myself that this picture on the right half is more like real life and not the half on the left.

So that’s basically what I’m reminding myself.  I’m hoping that with this break I’ll be able to catch up/get ahead on some homework and get back into the training mentality more since I’ll have full days without meetings and basically to myself, which is kinda something I need right now.  1239815_208532985989200_1481466130_n

But other than that there really isn’t much going on in my life.  Eating healthy on Paleo- which btw has gotten much easier! I find myself not really having crazy cravings anymore.  I definitely think knowing I have 1 serious cheat day every week makes it easier too.  This weekend I’m going to attempt the Pancake challenge in my town, but I’ll talk about that more on a later day!

So ok, now I’m officially up to date with everything I want to tell you guys! Hahah so with that I will leave you with one final workout type picture and then another video that I’ve fallen in love with. 994942_215335781975587_2119706656_n
So until later, TTFN.