What a way….

To start off the day.  Sorry, I was feeling a little Dr. Seuss(y) today.   Moving along,  I went to my last CDTC last night with Christine and I definitely had fun where I can’t wait for next summer already so I can become a member and go every week all summer to work out.  Yes, I understand I’m weird for loving working out so much.  So since I haven’t swam in at least a week and a half I decided to do only a half mile in the water (that and Jack’s was waiting for me). 

When I stepped in the water I was like; “Oh crap, this is gonna be cold.” But as soon as I dove in I can’t it explain it, but I felt like I was home.  I know that sounds really weird, but there are a few places where I get a feeling of just right.  One of them is when I run and I’ve realized that the other is when I swim.  I feel a little like a BAMF. 

Fyi, this is my BAMF pose. I had a lot of fun in the water.  Christine had the idea to start in the back so we could count how many people we passed.  It turned into a sort of game, and every few strokes I’d count how many people I passed, find my new targets and swim like the wind!…er.. fish!

Once I finished I waited for Christine and asked how many she passed.  Her answer? “Oh, I got bored and started looking for fish.” Only Christine…..

After we finished and we ended with a 3 mile run that was run slowly and I mean very slowly.  Mostly due to the fact that I hurt everywhere from my Insanity workout the day before, but I digress….

After we finished we went to Jack’s which has burgers, hot dogs, cheese fries, and milkshakes. Mmmmm milkshakes.  Anyways, I ate like a dude, and Christine’s Aunt and Uncle very kindly bought us dinner.  I kinda love them, the way to my heart is through my stomach. Yup, I said it. So that was my lovely day yesterday.

Moving along to today; I had to take my younger brother to work and so I ran my 4 mile route at the Crossings again today.  And last night it rained so my shoes got wet.  And instead of getting upset I was kinda like; “Eh, I’ll just run barefoot.” So I did and it was a lot of fun.  I mean I’ve missed it a lot.  Anywho, I had a lovely run, thought a lot of things through, and then went home and did Insanity. 

And it was actually an “easy” day, I use the word easy very lightly.  Because well it was still hard, but it was definitely easier than the past 2 days.  Then… drum roll please… *drum* drum* (that was my on-line drum roll) My granny took my brothers and I to Uno!  Yay Uno! I won’t bore you with the ridiculously boring details, but I will say this….I love Uno.

So I had a fantabulous day today and a pretty good end to my day yesterday.  Hopefully all of y’all aren’t getting bored with my happy-go-lucky posts of late, but that’s it for now.

Until later, TTFN.


On summer vacation running.

I’m having the most fun running right now.  Since I’ve started summer break I’m not as busy with 50 bagillion things (yes that is a real number) so I have time to run whenever I want.  I would very much like to emphasis the word whenever.   Because it’s kinda a glorious word, I’m just saying. So pretty much the majority of my days go as follows; wake up, watch tv/movies, knit, putz around, eat, and then run whenever.  It’s glorious!  I’m enjoying running for however long/short I want because I don’t have to micromanage when I can run.  I mean relatively yes.. as in morning or night or hmmm maybe even go crazy and do the afternoon! But besides that I don’t have to have a specific time. 

This is my foot.  It’s kinda crooked,but I think y’all can deal.  I decided to take a picture of its gloriousness after the first half of my run.  This is because it represents something else I love about summer…..barefoot running! I have to recallus my feet again so I only did a mile, but I have missed it and it felt wonderful.  My friend Bonna and I are barefoot runners, she is far more than I am.  Her feet are like rawhide! I love her though and her ridiculously hard feet.

That brings me to my next point which has nothing to do with feet or running, so this segway is sorta a segway in itself, but I digress…

I am up for a little next semester! Yes I know I’ve been quite cranky lately about my sorority, but I mostly was having a rough patch and God bless those girls because they put up with me.  So things are going better and speaking of going better I had a lovely impromptu Skype date with my pledge sis/triplet Amanda tonite.

She is quite lovely.  I took like 5 pictures of her without her knowing then she figured it out and made me take a good picture.  Regardless, I love her so it’s ok. Even though she’s weird…. but then again I am too so I guess it’s ok.

Anywho, I am up for a little which means I’ve started getting my Big/Little stuff ready for whomever the lucky girl will be.  And one of the first steps in that is fabric!  To cover her book and for her to get letters once she makes me a Big/Little pillow.  Speaking of, I need to make my Big one, which I figured I should do before I get a Little so I got fabric for that too. My Big’s favorite color is blue so I found a really pretty one.

The light blue is for my little, the darker blue is for my Big.  The pink… well that’s for my Big’s pillow but it’s also for me and projects I need it for.  But that’s because I love pink to the highest degree.

Anywho, those two things are on my list of to-do’s for this summer.  Thank God summer has only just begun- I’ve already got so much to do! 

Which another thing is my quilt.  I make random squares of yarn using different patterns and such just to test my skills or the yarn.  And I usually end up adding it to my work-in-progress quilt.  So my goal this summer is to add more to it and maybe make it an actual useable length.  Right now it’s sorta a smallish square.  So those are some of my non-running related goals for the summer.  I figured I’d throw them in here while it was still early because as the summer progresses and I get more into races and training that will probably end up being the main focus of a lot of my blog posts.  So I believe I have exhausted myself for the night and I have a busy day tomorrow.

So until later,TTFN.

Spring Break: Step by Step- Day 1/2

Okey dokey Blogging Besties.  I’ve decided the only way to do this is to take it as it comes.  Meaning lots of photobomb type posts with all the pictures of the things I do everyday or almost everyday while on spring break.  I can’t do this any other way simply because I’ll end up with a super long, super photobombed post.  So here we go!

Ok so this isn’t “technically” my spring break, but I decided I’d start here.  Friday night I got home and received a “warm” welcome from my brother and his friends.  My little brother was on the floor playing video games.

You can tell my brother looks super excited to take pictures with me.  I thought I took one with my other brother but apparently not.

Saturday morning I woke up super early for my 8 am flight to Florida.  I made my mom stop at Dunkin Donuts before we offficially headed to the airport.

Going to get coffee in the morning makes Sara a happy girl.

Anywho, from there it was a short time to go to the airport, check my bags, go through security and then proceed to sit around until it was time to board.  I got to sit next to the window next to 2 lovely older men who I think 1 might have been a professor.  We chatted it up, but I opted not to take creepy pictures of them because I didn’t know how they would take it.  However, I did take pictures out the window of the plane!

I love the fluffy clouds.  No lie, it’s a True Life Fact.  I think they look so cool, like you could walk or lay on them.

And another picture of us on the runway, after I landed in Florida.  (I’ll take some of Albany when I get back).

OOOOH! AHHHHH! No snow! It’s just warm!!!The announcement the captain gave over the speaker system went as such; “Hello ladies and gentleman, the weather outside today is 80 degrees and sunny.”

I was like- NO WAY!!! 🙂 Super happy Sara.

At this point in the journey where I was very hungry.  I mean it’s like 11, at this point usually I’ve eaten a serious breakfast and lunch. Well that hadn’t happened yet.  All I’d had was this breakfast;

And don’t get my wrong it was delicious.  However, it only served in filling me up for a few hours.  So on the way back to my grandparents house we stopped at a road side stand and I got some of this homemade jerky:

I loved the guy who sold it.  I wish I got a picture of him.  He’s showing me pictures of the gators he’s caught (yes this is gator jerky).  And he was telling me about his friend and how I know him.  And I was like I’m not sure I do, until I realized he was sitting right there.  So that was fun.

Pretty much all I did Saturday was go to the pool, read the Hunger Games <—– Fyi, 1 amazing book! I started it on my flight and finished it before dinner.  So basically Saturday was spent being super lazy.  Which I’m ok with.

Today I ate breakfast, went to the grocery store with my grandma and oh yea…..I RAN!  It was honestly the best run I’ve had in a long time.  I ran in this:

In case you can’t tell, its absolutely pouring and you know what? It was amazing.  I ran completely barefoot, outside, and even though it was raining it was warm.  I haven’t felt warmth, ran outside, or ran barefoot in the longest time.  You know what I had on my face almost the entire run? A smile.  A smile because I thoroughly enjoyed this run more than any run I’ve had on the Dreadmill in the past few weeks.

This run helped me find the fun I used to have with running.  I didn’t time it and I don’t want to know the time.  I put it in my DM (Daily Mile) account and it turned out to be around 2.55 miles.  Which made me feel great because I haven’t been able to run that much without having to fight myself to do it.  And today I did it effortlessly.  So yeah needless to say I was very happy.  So that’s all I have to update on the Spring Break fun for right now.  I’ll have more as the week goes by. 

If anyone else is on spring break I hope y’all are having fun.  So until later, TTFN.

The time has come my friends

The time has come….for spring break to start.  I’ve been very productive today thus far.  I’ve worked out (I only ran 1.5 miles, but I’ll get to that later), I clean the WHOLE house, I’ve done my laundry, I’ve finished packing, and now I’m just waiting to go eat and go to my class then I’m going to leave! SO EXCITED!

Story of my life this weekend, just because I’m going to relax for the first time in forever.

Anywho, so back to my workout, I’m still in my running funk of mileage/time.   However, I’m going to be in Florida all spring break and I think it’s exactly what I need.  I need to not run inside, have beautiful weather, be able to run barefoot.  And most importantly enjoy my running since I won’t have to schedule it in.  I obviously have to schedule when I’m going to run because my schedule is so hectic.  So it will be nice to have a week when I can run whenever I want, outside, and not have to worry about classes and such.  Basically, I think this spring break is exactly what I needed.  So I’m hoping for positive things to come from it.

So that’s basically it for right now.  I mean honestly nothing too exciting is going on.  I don’t know if anyone else has break right now or is just taking a vacation but I hope you get to thoroughly enjoy it.  So I have a question for y’all today:  What do you do to revamp your running when you’re in a funk?

So that’s it, until later TTFN.

It’s been fun.

t’s been a hectic and delightful few days.  Monday was straight up nuts-o-spaghettio.  But my club Middle Ground met with the director of food on campus and I’m in love with him.  He’s an adorable 60-year-old man whose totally environmentally friendly, so he fully supports our club (FYI we are the environmental club on campus).  So that was great. 

Last night was Tuesday so I had my Middle Ground meeting and my Operation Military Support club meetings.  I love Operation Military Support or OMS because I’m with all the ROTC guys.  Which can be both fun and challenging at the same time.  Sometimes we get things done and sometimes (kinda like last night)  we don’t really get anything done…. It’s kinda like they’re 5 they have the attention span of goldfish really.  Either way they’re a fun bunch to hang out with and I love them regardless even though they drive me up a wall half the time.

Anywho, it’s been terrific weather up in the Potsdam the past few days and so yesterday I walked around barefoot (no I won’t put up another picture of my foot, I think you’ve had enough of those).  And I was going to do it again today but the ground was colder today so I decided to wear shoes although I did run outside which was a nice change of pace from the Dreadmill.  Oh! Also my Prefontaine jersey came yesterday, unfortunately it’s too small so I’m exchanging it for a medium.  But I took a picture of it for y’all so that I will have it and won’t forget when I ge the bigger size.  Here it is:

It’s beautiful.  It’s the jersey (obviously no the exact one) that Steve Prefontaine wore when he was in High School running.  It’s the jersey he got recognized in by Bill Dellinger to be recruited for the University of Oregon.  And trust me if they had jerseys like the one he wore in college, I would’ve bought that too. 

So yeah that’s pretty much all the excitement that’s going on right now.  I’m not a very exciting person just fyi.  Oh, I’m going to a conference from tomorrow until Sunday so I’ll definitely try to take pictures and update you blogging buddies, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get on again until Sunday. 
So until later, TTFN.

My feet get Claustrophobic

So for the past day and a half it has been relatively nice outside considering Potsdam weather is usually bipolar.  So anywho, I decided to be all jazzy today and wear my moccasins which are totally beginning to smell.  Bleh.  However, it was so nice today that I decided to go for a barefoot run, like so:

 Except, you know, my legs aren’t as manly and muscular as this.  It was such a nice feeling being able to take my shoes off and run.  I think we might have covered this before but my feet tend to get a bit claustrophobic.  Like no joke they start itching to be removed from whatever footwear I might be sporting at the time.  The nice weather just increased this feeling and so I decided to give them a bit of fresh air.  Which might be too much information on the habits of my feet, but oh well there it is. 

Anywho, besides the claustrophobicness of my feet not much amazing has been going on with my life.  Oh, I should probably mention now that I am joining a sorority in case anyone out there has something agains them and does not wish to associate with me anymore, it’s ok I completely understand.  Anywho I believe that that is all I have to babble on about for now especially since I must get some homework done.  TTFN.