CDTC and the Weekend…Oooh bubbles!

So I’ve had a very cool weekend and an awesome time at the CDTC (Capital District Triathlon Club) this week.  And I’m growing more and more certain of the fact that I seem to have the attention span of a goldfish, a person with ADD, and a 5-year-old on a sugar high all rolled into one.  Anywho, this weekend (yes I know it’s almost the weekend again, deal)  I spent a lot of time at the beach, which was quite wonderful because I love the beach.  I played some volleyball, ate tons of food, ran a decent amount and oh yeah swam across the lake- nbd.  Yes, I indeed did swim across my lake; my brother and I went beach to beach.  As in the State campground to the town beach, I even have pictures to prove it!  So let me photobomb you real quick;

This is my brother and I SLOWLY wading into the water since it was a tad colder than we thought it was going to be.

Oh hey, did I mention I was a muscle woman now? Oh I didn’t?!? Well I am. Now you know. 

But seriously, by my brother and my combined times we guessed that the swim was a tad over a mile.  Not sure exactly how far, but definitely over a mile.  Oh and let me get some actions shots in;

That splash super far ahead? Yeah that’s my younger brother because he’s faster than I am.  On the plus side I was only 3 minutes behind him so I call that a win.  And why not a close up of my sexyness while I swim? 

So yeah, that was a super fun time. 
Ok moving onto this week’s CDTC.

It was really crowded at the Captial District Triathlon Club (CDTC) this week, however Christine told me that’s how it normally is.  Oh well, at least it will get me used to starts with a large number of people.  My main goal is and always will be; to not get kicked in the face.  And so far I’m terribly successful at it.  Anywho, Since I couldn’t start out as I normally do I figured I wouldn’t get a new open swim PR.  So I decided; Why not have some fun with it? 
So that’s what I did 🙂 

Story time!  We swim around in a circle 2x for a mile and the lifeguards sit in the middle watching us.  Well since Thomas (candid photo I stole off fb inserted here)  has been helping me improve my butterfly I thought why not give the lifeguards some sort of entertainment?  So I made sure I had my sighting and every time I came up next to a lifeguard I switched from freestyle to butterfly and as soon as I was passed them I switched back to freestyle like nothing happened…. until I hit the next lifeguard that is. 
Christine said she looked up to sight and saw someone doing butterfly.  And since well the CDTC is a triathlon training group she figured the only weirdo to do butterfly would be me. And she was right!

Anywho, it was a quite awesome swim if for nothing else than because I had a blast just doing whatever I wanted.  And hey guess what? I PR’d! I got 28:31, my new best time and a whole minute better than the week before.

So this week was the last week of swim lessons.  And it was a lot of  fun, a little aggravating because some kids made me want to punch them in the face, but also rewarding because I got some of my level 1’s to swim on their own which they’ve never done before.  So I was super proud of them, plus they’re ridiculously cute!

Ok so Thomas (seen above) has been quite nice to my obnoxious self in helping me improve my strokes.  He’s helped me with my starts, my butterfly, and others!  Him and my brother have been giving me tips, when I don’t ask and when I bug them continuously.  He even tightened my goggles for me which apparently was all I needed for them to not fill up with water when I did starts.  Oh well, quick lesson learned.  After he obnoxious pushed them into my face when we were in the middle of a race! But that’s besides the point.  But it brings me to my next point; I don’t suck!
Jake, Thomas, and I were racing our kids and we were doing 50s while they were doing 25s and I wasn’t that slow! My brother and Thomas both said I improved.  So I’m pretty happy.  My next step is to join the YMCA so that I can keep swimming until school starts and I’m able to get to that pool again.

So that’s it for now, I have to go.  My best friend Chelsea is flying in tonite to visit for a few days.  But you’ll get more on that after she leaves and probably a butt ton of pictures too!

So until later, TTFN.


I spent this past weekend in Syracuse, yup the orange ‘Cuse.  Anywho, I was visiting one of my college friends Kinga and it was the first time I have ever been to Syracuse/her house.  Ok so remember how I said I’m terrible with directions? Well that’s no lie, I had turn by turn directions written out and luckily I didn’t get lost! Yay for being able to follow directions!  Anywho, I spent a lovely weekend with her and a few of our other friends.  I got there lateish on Friday night, so we ate, ran, and then ate candy- because hey I ran so that automatically means I get candy. 
The next morning I woke her up at the butt crack of dawn because I get up early- she wasn’t happy.  But we spent the day at the beach; FYI-  I LOVE THE BEACH!  So much that I will photobomb you with pictures!

The closest is Kinga, and the farther away one is Brittany.  And next I will show yo some lovely pictures of the water (because they are very important in case you didn’t know)

I was super excited about the warm beach water in comparison to my cold pool water that I went nuts…. like legit.  I was made fun of for the rest of the day. Oh well, #sorryI’mNotSorry. 
It was really beautiful water and the waves made it super fun to swim in.  I kept swimming away from them and going really far out, past the boats, swimming around and then coming back in.   Oh and my friends like to make fun of me because I’m in a 1 piece all day every day so I’m super white.  My stomach compared to Kinga’s = not pretty.  And what would going to the beach be without a super pose? 

Yeah, she’s kinda short, but its ok because I still love her.  So that was the beginning of our day and then we went home and ate some quick food and then headed back out the door. 
She took me to the Carousel mall, I was very excited because it is A) huge and B) new to me.  So of course I took a picture of the outside! 

It really is huge! After, we went home and ate dinner.  Then we hung out with another friend and we went to Kinga’s work where there is mini golf and a maze, we did the maze and she totally cheated!

The next day we didn’t do much.  We did a mile time trial at her high school track where we had the best entertainment ever!  This football coach yelled at his players while they ran.  We decided we need to use the things he yelled as our motivation.  He said, and I quote;

“You better keep running, I don’t have time to drag your dead body off the field.” 
” What are you looking for God? God doesn’t care about you, God gave you to me.”

“You can’t breathe? That’s ok, Oxygen is overrated.”

“You think you’ve been training?! THIS is training!”

Easily my new best friend.  And I wish he were my coach, I don’t know about other people, but I can run on my own just fine, but I need someone to kick my ass every once and awhile and really tell me the biz.  But maybe that’s just me.  After we went to Panera’s and I got french onion soup and the lobster sandwich and a muffle for the car (basically a chocolate chip muffin)  My muffle! ———————————->

Anywho, after that I had to leave so that I could get home at a respectable hour.  Unfortunately, Aldo (Kinga’s Dog) didn’t enjoy me leaving… which I’m ok with because I ❤ Aldo and was ok with him being sad that I was leaving. 

Once I got home, I pretty much unpacked and ate some food.  I’m not going to lie, the car ride was super uneventful.  So #SorryI’mNotSorry about having a real life this past weekend and not doing anything related to school, work, or working out really.  Instead I ate crap and did whatever which I am very much ok with.  So that was my exciting weekend peoples.  And if you can’t tell by the fact that all the pictures aren’t at the bottom of the post- I have my computer back!  Which = more posting time!  So that’s it for now, Until later, TTFN.

Spring Break Recap- the lost days :P

Ok y’all have been terribly patient with me and I really appreciate it. 🙂  So this post is going to be super long <—- I’m warning you now.  But on the plus side it will also have a lot of pictures! So I think that’s a fair trade-off.  Ok so here we go! Monday was mostly a beach and chill out type day.  I got VERY sunburned on monday.  And now the parade of pictures:

My face is not a happy one.  I was in lots of pain for a few days, which resulted in me not wearing real clothes,but instead workout clothes.  However, the beach where I burned was quite lovely.

It was very windy and the waves were really strong because the tide was coming in.  They even had a warning because the rip tide was so strong.   And believe me I felt it even just by sticking my lovely feet in.

Don’t you love how many foot shots I always seem to have?

I love the rush of the water on my feet though.  And I even made a new friend, but I think he was just using me to get to my food.

The seagulls were definitely brave at this beach.  They swooped so low to our heads and came up right next to use while we were lying on our towels.  I was a little worried they were going to attack when I was eating my chips.

After the beach we went to the pool and I swam for like 20 minutes or so doing laps.  The one good thing about the beach/pool combo is that it brings out the waves in my hair because my hair is what my friends call “beach waves” wavy naturally.

Chill face.

Now onto Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Tuesday we drove to the hotel for Disney World.  Once we go settled in I went to run on their fitness trail.  Guess what their fitness trail was? Just guess.

The sidewalk, I got a real kick out of that one.  I didn’t realize fitness trail equalled sidewalk, but whatever.  It was an interesting experience and I had a good laugh at that run.

The entrance to the hotel- we had to go through a gate to prove we were official and all that jazz. 

This was on my bed when we got into our room- MICKEY MOUSE!

I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the next day to come so that I could go to the park. To keep myself occupied I took pictures of our hotel.  We stayed in the Calypso building.

We were on the 3rd floor, which was nice because it allowed me to creep on everyone. 😛  Finally it was Wednesday which meant Disney! We had park hopper passes so we went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  My two favorite parks.  First we went to Magic Kingdom where;


True Life Fact; Disney is the place to go.  Anywho, we got there right at 9 am. (which was the time the park opened).  We thought we might need to get a wheelchair for my Opa because he has to fake knees and isn’t able to walk that well.  surprisingly he made it through the whole day without needing it, we just took a lot of breaks.  Which I’m glad he didn’t need it, but I could tell that by the end of the day he was definity tired.

The entrance- very important to be able to tell when you enter!

The symbolic castle!  I think you can go in it now, I might be wrong though.  Oh well, who knows?

The first ride we went on was Space Mountain because I’ve never been on it.  I gotta say, I’m not sure I’m that big of a fan. Then we went to the Haunted Mansion- Love that ride. 

I took a picture with one of the statues while we were waiting in line.  Can you tell which one is the statue? 😛  After Disney we hopped over to Epcot.

The Ball! I love the ride that’s in it.  It’s legit my favorite ride.  And I went on the new ride Soarin’.  It was an hour and a half wait in line for a 5 minute ride……… not worth it in my opinion but my grandma really wanted to go on it so we waited.

I also went through all the countries because I’ve never done that and I wanted to get to all of them.  My favorite would have to be Mexico.  I don’t know why but I loved it.

Ohhh ahhhhhhh. You could go in the pyramid so I did there was a market and a lovely boat ride which was nice.  We ate lunch in Germany in the Beer Garden.  I ate A LOT of sausage.

Ohh and I almost forgot! When I went into Norway they had a statue of Grete Weitz (I think that’s how you spell it).  Anywho, I took a picture because I thought it was epic.

After all this on the way out almost I found this soda tasting spot that I had been looking for all day.  And in it you can try sodas from different countries.  My favorite was Israel, I think because it was so sweet.

It also gave a little blurb about the soda/country. So that’s all that happened Wednesday.  We spent the night at the hotel again and left Thursday.  I went to the beach again with my grandma on Friday (I didn’t get burned this timed) and also the pool.  And then unfortunately Saturday morning was my flight. 

I haven’t done much since Saturday except for homework and unpacking once I got back to school.

And now I’m on my 2nd day back at school and I’ve changed my schedule around a bit, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  So hopefully I put enough pictures in here for everyone to be satisfied.  So until later, TTFN.