Summer 2015

So clearly I’ve been MIA for quite some time.  Well there’s not too much to say except that law school keeps me extremely busy and that I was extremely busy this summer.  I go back for my 2nd year on Friday and classes start on Monday.  So I’m pumped to finally get back into things and to be back with my Crossfit family at Crossfit Journey!  My summer training wasn’t exactly 100% on par with how I train August-May, but hey what can you do?

Long story short, I interned in a Public Defender’s office all summer under a Practice Order which allowed me to generally do almost everything actual fully licensed lawyers are able to do.  So I got a lot of really amazing hands-on experience, which I hope will help make me a really strong candidate to be accepted into a JAG program come my 3rd year.  I was so lucky to get the internship that I did and to be able to work with the people I did.  There were 6 lawyers in the office and they all had their own technique and style and I was able to learn something from each of them.  I’ll never really be able to say thank you to the extent that is required to show my appreciation… Anyways, after such an exciting summer I’m a little concerned that I’m going to be slightly bored in law school- I mean I’ll have plenty to do for sure, but it won’t be as “thrilling” as being in court all day long.  But hey, what can I do? I’m not a real lawyer yet so I have to actually finish school first.

What else? Oh I used a regular gym all summer and I tried to keep with my box’s training to the best of my ability.  It was a little difficult because I wasn’t eating as well/enough which greatly effected my workouts.  Being a lawyer is very time consuming and sometimes you don’t really have time to stop for lunch! Anyways, these 2 weeks at home have thrown off my training even more since I have to do all bodyweight workouts-so I’m super pumped to get back.

I’m basically just waiting to go back at this point and have mostly been working out and knitting a lot.  I’m trying to get as many Christmas presents done now so I won’t have to worry about them during school.  Plus, I’m making some baby things for my friend who is pregnant- 1st pregnant friend! It’s weird having 2 married friends, one of whom is pregnant, and one friend who looks like will be engaged by the end of the year and I’m over here like….. I’m still in school and have homework to do….  Its just different being in school when most of your friends are starting their careers/families etc.

So that’s basically all I have to say for updates.  It’ll probably be awhile again before I post since I’m going to be getting right back into the swing of things in 2 days, so hopefully y’all bear with me!
So until later, TTFN.



No, but seriously.  I can’t wait for our fall break at the end of next week.  Last week I was extremely worn down and because of realizing that I honestly stretched myself a bit too thin this semester, I’m cutting down on some of my duties and responsibilities.  It’s the only way that I’ll be able to get everything done that I need to get done and to keep up with my schoolwork.  Which is another reason I need break, I’ve fallen behind and I need just 4 days of absolutely no responsibilities and no classes to worry about so I can just get a bunch of work done.

I know that sounds terrible, but honestly this is what happens to me every year around this time.  I just need to make it to break so I can catch up/get ahead and everything will be good. So that’s that for classes/school work type things.   On to working out/team stuff…  1375707_10201444813375173_140370924_nWe’ve had like 3/4 meets thus far, so far so good, my times aren’t where I want them to be, but they aren’t terrible so I’m content for now.   We had a race at SUNY IT this past weekend and my mom came and brought me groceries and lots of baked goods so that was fantastic! Also, they had water and apples at the finish- and I got to say I always love when I get some sort of fruit when I’m done with my race.


Moving along again… I’ve been working out around 3x a day for the past few weeks, so I’m trying to restrict myself a little bit more these next few weeks.  Monday and Wednesday I’m going to try to workout only 2x a day and Tuesday and Thursday I can workout 3x a day.  Maybe it will help my body feel not so worn down because I was having that slight problem- overtraining- YAY! 558523_10201444815815234_1665924880_n

Oh, also I got some Paleo cookbooks, so I’m attempting to thoroughly educate myself on the whole thing way more than I am already and also having these cookbooks will give me more ideas for foods to make besides my normal chicken and eggs staples.

Which brings me to my next topic- cheat day. Seriously, I went a little too hard this past cheat day and it had a bit to do with my mom bringing me all these baked goods to eat- they were delicious! 1238350_479031898870915_1202806720_nBut its ok, because I honestly haven’t been too nuts on a cheat day yet.  Funny thing was I kept saying I was going to go out- I had like maybe 1/2 a beer and then decided I was too tired and went to bed.  Sara choosing sleep over going out- FTW! 

So that was fun/funny.  Everyone who was with me was like “come out sara!” and Kinga was just like she does this every weekend… I knew she wasn’t actually going to make it out.  And it’s totally true, I definitely get ready to go out and then go to bed like every weekend.

I’m going to attempt to write an article for my school’s newspaper because I saw an advertisement saying they needed sports/health and nutrition writers and I was like I should write an article about Paleo! So I’m going to attempt it and if it sucks…. it sucks.
But other than those things, nothing else is really going on.  I’m basically just attempting to stay afloat with my workload and everything. So I think I’m going to go to the gym quick before class so I can eat between running and crossfit tonight.  9ae33c0979858ef5a51cacd755cd8ff4

So until later, TTFN. 

My Care factor has gone down greatly

Ok, not gone down… ok well yes gone down.  I’m exhausted to the point of collapsing.  It’s kinda ridiculous actually.  I feel as if I have a 20 lb. weight on my shoulders. There’s a great line I just heard while watching The West Wing and it goes like this;

Guy; “Mr. President, if you don’t mind me saying.  You look a lot more tired than when I saw you a few months back.”

President Bartlet; “Yes, well won’t you be surprised then when you see me in another few months and see how tired I look then? I don’t sleep much anymore.”

That’s what I feel like.  I don’t sleep much, I really don’t. I think it’s a mix between a lot on my mind, a lot to do and just general not being able to actually get to bed until late.  Then I wake up wicked early to workout and get more stuff done.  It’s a never-ending cycle.

My battery is drained and I’m starting to have that awkward moment in class where your head starts to droop and you keep catching yourself.  That happened in all three of my classes today.  That’s also another sign that I’m exhausted.

So my hope is tonite I will be able to finish reading a chapter tomorrow and maybe get a bit ahead of the reading for the class and then I would like to get to bed before midnight.

Those are my goals for tonite so let’s see how long it takes to shoot them to hell.
Until later, TTFN.

The Power of not Sleeping

FTW= For the win.  So basically for the past week or two I have been running on very little sleep. I get maybe 6 max a night at best. It’s going downhill every night in that I usually wake up at least once during the night if I am just regular amounts of tired, but for the past few weeks as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out until my alarm goes off and believe you me, there’s not many hours between those two points.  I’d like to demonstrate my point with a lovely picture: exhausted-cyclist

Like literally, this is me at the gym at the morning more often than not.  I feel so sluggish that literally I don’t feel like running anymore, not because I don’t want to, but because I’m so exhausted.  So I’ve been lifting weights and doing abs and half-assing some biking. But that’s a matter to worry about when I have more sleep and my brain is functioning better.

Well, I won my SGA election, I am now SGA President Elect and my good friend Scott P. Turner (yes the P. is necessary) is SGA Vice President Elect.  We are currently at SUNY SA in Albany and I am dying a slow death… the only thing keeping me awake is…. nothing.  Honestly, I have no idea how the hell I’m awake right now.  SpringConf2013-445

Anywhosers, tots ma goats just got busted by SA Treasurer…. oops! So I better start paying attention to Nedermeyer’s officer report now!

Until later, TTFN.

Like a virgin..

So I went into a liquor store to buy alcohol for the first time yesterday.  I was a tad excited and I feel like it was rightfully so.  And then I had to give myself a pep talk before I went in because my aca-aweasome sister Danielle had to tell me to chill.  So I was all like Benji from Pitch Perfect;  benji- normal day

Anywhoser, it was tons of fun.  I mean alcohol is expensive and I don’t intend to go like everyday but it was a rush.  So that was my super cool night last night.  I drank and watched a movie with Bill and Danielle.  Then Danielle and I got in an argument with Bill about the female anatomy vs. the male and well let’s just say I now have a few epic quotes ahahha.

And today I had a house meeting, which was super long and not fun at all.  I had to yell at a few people for dumb shit.  And I have to get my homework done because I have a lot due this week and I need to keep on top of my SGA V.P shit so that I can run for President and not be a total spaz- which won’t happen because I’m always a spaz, but I digress…

And I have a meeting tonight, which I forgot is at the same time as the Olympics that I have to participate in as part of the Athletic Department. And I don’t really have a choice for that since I’m team captain and representative on the Athletic Leadership Council so I  need to set a good example.  So I’m hoping that the people in my committee meeting will understand.

Also, today was my last 5 m/7 days week.  Tomorrow starts the beginning of my 6 m/day for 6 days week.  And I’m going to try running inside of Maxcy in the field house because its super cold in the morning and I’m honestly not sure how much more my body can take of the cold.  So that’s all I’ve got for now.

Until later, TTFN.   tumblr_m9n7dx56Sh1rzqmd9o1_500

Something I always hope is true so I feel better about my slow running.

I wanna be like Maggie.

This is going to be my running mantra I think for this whole next year- I want to be like Maggie.  Because its true, I do.  Alright, for those of you who don’t know me in real life I probably have some ‘splainin to do. 
This is Maggie:  me and maggie

She’s gorgeous isn’t she? Yup she’s the blonde short thing who gets me and herself into all sorts of trouble.  Funny Story; I met her the day I moved back in for pre-season.  I was picking my keys up from our University Police and she was too.  She was with her parents (she’s a freshman, but I try not to hold it against her) and her mom overheard that I was moving in early for xc and she proceed to tell me how Maggie was here for xc and Maggie introduce yourself and oh Maggie’s just so nervous.. and on and on.

Yeah, we became besties.  Haha I immediately texted a bunch of my friends on the team and was like I just met this new girl I love her! Haaha anyways, we’ve become fast friends.  And she’s never really thought of herself as a big runner, from what she’s told me anyways, but man does the girl kick some ass.  maggie and I finishing a race

Yeah that’s her, out kicking me to the finish of one of our xc races.  This girl works her butt off running and doesn’t even think she’s that good! Woman is nuts.

I both love and admire and resent Maggie.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I hate her or anything.  But you’ve got to understand, I’ve worked hard the past few years to become a better runner, I’ve dropped by 5k time from high school down 4 minutes, which is pretty damn good if you ask me.  I’ve run 2 half-marathons and a marathon.  But its difficult seeing a girl come into the season behind you in times, and suddenly kick you back to nowheresville by the end.  But don’t get me wrong it’s not exactly like she’s done it by coasting through or anything, she runs like 50+ mile weeks at school. 

It’s been a struggle for me to realize that she is better than me not because I don’t care or am not trying, but because she puts in more time to it than I do.  Which, I’m starting to realize all the places where I could’ve made the time this past semester and simply didn’t.  It’s hard for me to admit that I haven’t worked as hard as her because I love running and its easy to use being busy as an excuse, but I can’t use it as one anymore.  There’s a quote I like it goes something like this “All top runners wake up tired and go to be extremely tired.”  I’ve realized that if my training is something that I really want to commit to then I need to  Be like Maggie.

She’s a personal trainer and she’s being fantastic and creating a training plan for me, like the one she follows.  And then I’m going to tweak it to fit into my schedule (just when I can workout, etc.).  So that’s why I want to Be like Maggie.  I don’t want to use busyness as an excuse anymore, I want to commit and get even better in this next year. 

I have big plans for myself and I have some ideas I’ve been working on, which I will reveal later once I get things all ironed out in my head/on paper.  So my mantra for the year? Be. Like. Maggie.

If its importantThis is the new mindset I’m getting into, running is important to me.  No. More. Excuses.

Oh and in case I need a little extra motivation: no excuses

Haha I thought it was a funny picture anyways.

So that’s all I’ve really got to update you on/talk about right now.

So until later, TTFN.

Nominations, Campaigns, and Being Busy

Well I don’t think I’m fooling anyone with what this post will be about.  Regardless, April Fools!  Haha I just wanted to do that because I didn’t get to pull any good pranks on anyone today.  Which is unfortunate because I do it every year.  But on the plus side- my backpacking professor is a prankster.  And I fully intend to take full advantage of that on our trip this coming week by pulling some pranks on him. I’m thinking of making fake poop to put in his sleeping bed.  But that is only 1 thought.  I can’t wait to come up with more!!!

Anywho…….. moving right along.  Today my house held nominations for positions for next year.  I was nominated for Vice-President.  I like being 2nd in command, I work more behind the scenes and it’s a way for me not to have to take all the responsibility.  But I digress…. 

I continue campaigning today, I won’t be able to do so tomorrow due to you aren’t allowed to on election days and tomorrow is the primary election. I’m so nervous!!

But I’m just going to try to keep as calm as I can during the primary debate tonite.  So wish me luck! So yeah, I believe that’s pretty much it for now.  I honestly thought this week would be easier than last week in terms of buisiness, but it won’t be.  I realized this, but fortunately next week will actually be less busy.  Mostly because campaigning/elections for SGA will be done and over with and that is one thing that’s taking up a lot of my time.  Along with a variety of other things.

On a random side note:  I went out last night.  It was the first time in quite a while.  It was a lot of  fun, I connected with some of my pledge brothers from another house whom I haven’t really gotten to talk to so I had a good time with that.  And I apparently became bffs with 1 of them.  But its cool I can have tons of bffs.  So now I believe I am done. 🙂  So until later, TTFN.