When your body tell you something, you gotta listen.

So, it’s been an interesting few days to say the least.  I got sick on Wednesday and I felt so much better on Thursday that I thought it was some sort of 24 hour bug.  It wasn’t.  I’ve been sick, and not the kind of sick that I actually feel justified taking days off from running, the kind of sick where you can’t really do much, but you don’t understand why not.  Basically, all I have is a sore throat, cough, and mucus caught in my throat that continues to choke me every time I cough or try to sleep.   But what are you going to do, I just have to rest and try to get better so that come Monday I can start running again.  Because honestly, I know we all try to “run through” our illnesses, but seriously when our body tells us something, we should listen, it’s the best way to know when something’s not right.

Anywho, my sorority had a function last night (yes I’m sick and probably should be in bed, but functions are mandatory so what are you going to do?).  The theme was cops and robbers.  I only have one picture really so I shall toss it up here.
This is me and one of my housemates Stevie.  Needless to say we were cops, can’t you tell by our aviators?  Once we got to the house I got a small water gun from one of the other sisters which I used as my weapon of choice all night.  It was most definitely a fun time.  I knew a few of the guys at the fraternity really well so I pretty much hung with them all night.  And I accomplished my mission.

I have this thing, each function we have I come up with/get a new pick up line to try out.  Last night’s was; can you help me with my phone?….. I can’t figure out how to put your number in it.  Well, I got around 6 numbers.  It was VERY amusing for 2 reasons.  1.  because I didn’t think that it would actually work and 2. I met a lot of new people that way.  The guy I played a few games with even used my own line on me(not this same one, but a different one that I’ve used at other houses).  It was a fun night to say the least.

Anywho, unfortunately (shh don’t tell my sisters) I have to go out again tonite when I’d much rather be in bed with NyQuil and my blankets.  But that’s all I have for now.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit better.  Until later, TTFN.