Mid-Mid Life Crisis

Ok so I’ve had moments where feel like I’m having a panic attack lately. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a senior, I’m planning out my internship for the next semester, law school is after (hopefully) and with that comes how the hell do I pay for law school??? It’s just a combination of a lot of things.  What’s getting me through is doing what my bff Joe says and I am “taking it one day at a time“.  He’s very smart sometimes….. sometimes. zmFF2u3

So other than my mid-mid life crisis I just finished my last cross-country race of my collegiate career.  I’m not going to lie I started to choke up a bit giving my usual pump-up speech before the race.   It’s hard to imagine that freshman year I ran like 38-40 min 6k and this past weekend I got my personal best of 31:38 for a 6k. I think that’s a good way to end my senior year, if I may say so.

I was talking with my coach after and I was telling him how I remembered how I sucked Freshman year and his response? “Yeah, you were really bad.” Hahah gee thanks Pete! I love that guy, but he needs to work on tact sometimes.  I laughed because it was a Pete thing to say and its still funny because it was true.

Let’s see what is getting me through the end of my hectic semester? Training!  Even though my season is done I plan to do the Plattsburgh Half Marathon for my 4th and probably final year. My goal this year is to hit 1:45 for a time.  The first time I hit 2:14, the second time I hit 1:59, and last year I didn’t run it for time, but to finish with Kinga since it was her first time and I ran 2:16.   So I think that with some proper training I can definitely hit 1:45.  I asked Kris if he would make me a training schedule and he said that he will, so I am hoping that if I put in the work I’ll get the time I want.  1176353_10151602892046762_1267805069_n
Other than that I am still lifting and doing W.O.D.s on an every other day type basis. I want to keep my training different, I don’t ever want to get too comfortable doing any one thing.  So that’s basically where I am right now.  Not much else to report.

So unti later, TTFN. 

Oh and I have to leave you with some McFly!


Sometimes I feel like I should do Crystal Meth..

But then I think ‘mmmm, better not.’  Haha hilarious quote from a trailer I saw while at the movies.  The movie being advertised was called Pitch Perfect, and it looks really good and funny, so I’m definitely going  to see it when it comes out.  Anywho, I decided to start this post off semi-interesting because I fully intend to talk about training and boring things that are going on in my life for the rest of it.  So moving right along…..

My life is now consisting of packing, working out, and……. yeah that’s about it.  I’m slowly increasing my mileage every week, emphasis on slowly.  I’ve been increasing each week by 2 miles, and I mean I could probably increase it by more, say by like 3 miles, but after my stress fracture last year I’m playing it more on the cautious side.  This week I hit 20 miles for the first time since before my marathon.  Everyone say 20! 

So I’m pretty happy about it, my main goal has mostly been to remain injury free, so I call it a win so far.  The only problem I’ve really had is some slight knee pain, which mostly just means ice needed.  And then some slight back pain the past few days, which I think mostly had to do with the fact that I was sleeping on the floor for several days while Chel slept in my bed.

Moving along…… I’ve been running mileage and I know it’s not very high, but after talking to my friend Christine who goes to a different college (D1 or D2?) she only runs 40 miles a week because that’s the amount of miles that works best for her.  Personally, from last summer I believe I can get up to 40 miles and run well.  I’ve also started adding some speedwork a.k.a. repeats.

Which brings me to my next point.  I’m frustrated going into this cross-country season because my coach is frustrating me.  Fancy that! Anywho, at the beginning of the summer we all got emails stating we had to run 7 mins flat for a mile in order to compete in meets.  How barefoot running is discouraged and a bunch of other crap.  I tried emailing my coach 2x after we got the email but he never responded to me.  So I emailed my assistant coach and he answered me with; “Pete and I think it’s a very attainable goal if you work hard enough.”  That may be, but I don’t understand the motivation behind it.  I’ve been running my ass off for the past 2 years and I’ve brought my 5k time down from 30 mins during my freshman year to 25 mins so far before the season.  And you know what? I’m still not running constant 7 minute miles!  At this moment in time I ran a 7:19 mile.  To my understanding if we don’t hit 7 mins flat we can’t compete.  So at this point I’m under the impression of well ‘I might as well walk the timed mile if 19 seconds is really going to keep me from competing’.  And even if I am able to hit 7 mins I can guarantee that I can not run a 21 minute 5k, at this moment in time. 

I’m getting more and more frustrated as the weeks go on and I’m feeling at this point like I need to say something to my coach.  I want him to reassess the goal he’s put in front of us.  I understand that he might be trying to motivate us to get us to work harder and get better, but what’s going to happen is people are going to focus so hard on hitting 7 minutes for our time trial that they aren’t going to work on endurance so that 1 mile isn’t going to make much of a difference in their overall 5k time.  Also, if my coach actually coached and was around to see his team, he might understand the fact that only 2 individuals on the women’s team are able to run that mile.  Myself, and everyone who would come in after me were running on average 8:30-9:30 miles. 
No way is working my ass off for one summer going to take my time down that much.  Hell, working my ass off for the past 2 years to bring my mile time down from 10 minutes to 8 minutes is going to make me able to run a 7 minute mile.  Mostly, I think my coach needs to be more of a coach and stop telling us we need to work harder when he’s not even there the vast majority of the time to help us improve.

Fyi, this is the track in my mind, usually focused on one thing at a time… in a sort of ADD type way.

I’m terribly sorry for that major b****fest but I’ve had it on my mind for awhile now and I needed to get it out.

Moving along to another topic.  I am currently packing for my move back to school in exactly one week.  I’m moving in early for preseason and I’m kinda anal about my packing and making sure I have everything so I get started early.  Plus it takes me a long time to actually do it because I get sidetracked and end up forgetting about it.

I’ll give more of an update on that later, but for now I’m heading to bed. 

Until later, TTFN.

It’s a long road to recovery, but it’s a road.

Well my friends, going on daily mile shows me just how far I’ve fallen with this injury from my previous mileage.  While friends of mine are up to 60 miles a week I’m at around 4.  Looking at it discouraged me a bit I won’t lie, but then I remembered; It’s a long road to recovery, but it’s a road.  In that yeah it’s going to take me a while to get back to where I was, but I will get there.  And I have no choice, I’ve set some high goals for myself this coming running season.  Things like bettering my half-marathon time at Plattsburgh, running my first marathon in Lake Placid in the beginning of the summer.   Which, I’m very excited for because my mom will be with me for this race, hopefully cheering me on. 🙂  I want to better my sprint triathlon time by at least 10 minutes.  And then I want to try a longer distance triathlon.  All these things are goals I have for myself this year.  Along with having a better cross-country season next fall.

Truth time:  I’m not going to lie.  This injury although not as serious as my stress fracture this past summer/fall, has really thrown me in a rut.  I think it mostly had to do with the pain I was in.  I’ve never been in that kind of pain before and honestly it scared me to death.  I saw my whole running career down in the drain.  And it honestly put me into a bought of slight depression.  I’d kinda given up on my running and honestly I’m not gonna lie, instead of finding other ways to stay in shape, I slacked off.  Which pushed me farther down because I started to gain some weight, which made me feel worse.  Honestly, until now the only person who knew about how I felt was my good friend Ben.  And there’s only so much talking that’ll help. 

But, I’ve come to realize that how this injury affects me comes entirely from the attitude I deal with it.  And I’ve finally decided that enough is enough.  I’m not going to feel  sorry for myself anymore, I have Way too many goals for myself to sit around and mope.  I’ve started running again (Thank God!) and I’m doing my Insanity Abs with more fervour, and my physical therapy starts tomorrow. 

The Path to Recovery; although it doesn’t seem like much, I’ve bought more running books and training books to help me prepare for the upcoming season.  And I’ve started to get my life back into shape.  I’ve got a schedule planned out to keep my workouts on track and my school.  Also, I’m keeping track of my workouts, eating healthier again and just getting myself back on track.

So, once again; It’s a long road to recovery, but it’s a road.  So until later, TTFN.