The only way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. – Elf-

Now that I got that out of my system I shall move onto Christmas Eve.   My family always starts out the holiday on Christmas Eve with a dinner at my Granny’s house with a meal of; pirogues, sauerkraut (kapusta), mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, peas, and bread.  Personally, I don’t like the peas or break (its raisin), but I eat everything else.  Eating and then singing Christmas songs right after we are finished eating usually takes like 2 hours.  Due to the food being served in courses and due to the excessive amount of singing we do (my little cousins just get antsy).  After we finish singing we open presents.  This year I got; a few iTunes gift cards, a fleet feet gift card, Little House on the Prairie season 3, and some recycled (eco-friendly!) gloves.

Just giving you an example gift card (in case you cared).   itunes gift card

I had like $35 in iTunes giftcards…. yea… I spent it all in 10 minutes.   But I’m ok with it because I had been waiting to buy all the songs I just did.

Ok moving onto Christmas, I apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures- my camera pooped out on me the day of Christmas, luckily my little brother very kindly gave me his super old camera.  I’m just trying to figure out how to use it so once I do I will post all the pictures of what I got.

My big gift was a Garmin GPS watch which is fancy smanshy and I’m pretty sure I need a degree in engineering to figure out how to use it, but I digress…

I got a butt-ton of giftcards, more dvds, some cds, and a new running shirt.  SCORE!  Anywhoser, I spent the better part of my day today before work running around to all the stores (and some stores I didn’t have) giftcards to in order to get everything I wanted.  So I bought myself the Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect dvds.  pitchperfect- ate my twin

I can honestly say that I love the movie Pitch Perfect and that now I can watch it 24/7.  I can’t even tell you how funny I think it is, but I do go around telling people that I think it’s the new Mean Girls.. except more musically inclined…

So yeah, I got myself a lot of nice running stuff, which once again I will be posting the pictures on here as soon as I figure out the camera. 
Oh, on to running…. I ran Christmas Eve (early before work), I somehow managed to run on Christmas- mostly because I was home with just my mom and brothers so I didn’t have my dad to tell me how much better he’d feel if I didn’t run when it was snowy out so I managed to sneak a run in.

And I managed to get a run in today in between shopping and going to work.  It actually turned into a really nice run.  I have this theory; that I run faster unintentionally when it is cold out because my body doesn’t want to be outside.  That’s just my theory anyways because I ran like 3.15 miles today in around 18 minutes (this is a rough, but close guess of my time), I based this off of my start/end times when I looked at my watch.  Which means that I ran like 7:56-8 minute miles.  I’m pretty happy with that- now it just needs to be cold all year round so my racing times are really good. Joking… sorta.

Maybe I should just make sure that all my races are in the winter time and wear something like this ColdRunningto really motivate me to run fast.

What do y’all think?

Well that’s it for now, until later TTFN.


On Being a Runner

So I deactivated my facebook page on a whim.  Mostly because I hate the new timeline crap, but also because I feel like as a whole young people have become too dependent on it (myself included) and I kinda want to see how long I can go without it.  So on that note, I’ve spent a lot of free time surfing running websites.  And one I’ve come across is – it has people posting all the ways you know you’re a runner.  And if you’re a runner there are a lot of these sites.  Anywho, I came across a particular post that said; “You know you’re a runner when you use the words “10 miles” and “fun run” in the same sentence.” And it brought me back to High school.

One time during the winter my senior year I was talking to my boyfriend’s family.  And they asked me if I had any races or such nonsense coming up.  That’s when I told them I was just doing a 9 mile fun run.  And they looked at me like I was insane.  And that’s when I realized the level at which I’d become in love with running.  So the question I want to ask y’all is; have you ever had a moment where you realized just how much you’d become a runner?

And now I can move onto my next rambling.  So I had dinner last night with my two friends Bethany aka Big Spoon  and David.  It was a fun time, I think we all ended up hanging out for like 2 hours.



I love taking random photos.  They tried doing the same to me.  But the thing is, I own the camera.  Hahah so I just delete the pictures I don’t like 😉 Winning. Anywho, it was a fun time.  And we were fairly classy and drank wine with dinner, which made my best friend Chelsea aka Chel Chel, laugh when we skyped later last night because I was still drinking the wine when we were skyping.  I felt obligated to finish it.  And she just thought I was the classiest individual.  Anywho, this is my best friend/lover/wife/sister/my everything:

I love taking pictures of her when we skype, sometimes I get some real interesting ones.  She’s pretty darn beautiful and awesome, I mean I think so anyways.  We had a lovely little chat, and there’s this thing we’re planning to do.  See she lives in California currently because her dad is a Marine and they move around a lot.  Anywho, my parents said that for my graduation they’d buy me a ticket to Cali to see her if she’s still there.. But our plan is to take that ticket and fly to England  because we both love english type things and it’s kinda our dream to go over there together.  So we are attempting to start putting that in the works. We’re mischievous.  But I mean we have to be, I haven’t actually been face to face with her in real life in like 2 years? maybe 3.  So we definitely need some together time.    So yeah, that’s pretty much all that’s going on right now.

Oh, I managed to get a lovely 2,000 yard swim in yesterday.  It was my fastest time to swim it in yet, I cut like 3 minutes off my best time.  I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t cramp up and I felt great, I didn’t feel tired during it at all.  I think I could’ve done more but I had things to do and people to see :P.  So yeah, now that’s it.  So until later,TTFN.

It’s my way or that guy over there’s way.

As each day passes, I realize I need to make some decisions and not just do things because I think there isn’t a better option.  It’s my way or that other guy’s way.  I mean seriously I need to stop being persuaded by other people.  This is the conclusion that I came to today, and it was simply reinforced while I was thinking about it on my run.  Like functions, ok yeah they’re mandatory, but that doesn’t mean that I have to drink.  I can have a good time not drinking, I’ve done it before and I want to do it again.  I just think it’s pointless to go out and get so drunk that you can’t remember what happened. 
And another thing- I don’t even really like going out that much anyways! I prefer to stay in, go to bed, and then wake up early and be productive.  That’s just me.  So that’s what I did last night, I didn’t go out.  Instead I went to bed early (also because I was straight up- fall flat on my face exhausted from Relay), and then I got up earlyish this morning (I kinda slept in).  And you know what? I ended up running like 5 miles.  It was a pretty good run if I do say so myself.  The last mile- mile and a half I was fantasizing about pancakes to get through it, but it was totally worth it.

So I made larger pancakes than I normally do.  Usually I only make like 1/4 of the batter.  Today I made 1/2 a batch, ate it all, and I can honestly say that I’m actually still a little hungry.  So here are my big pancakes that I made today:

They were super delicious, and I actually managed to be inside the 30 minute window of eating after a workout, usually I end up missing refueling during that window for one thing or another.

Speaking of exciting things…..we weren’t, but my mind has a mind of it’s own.  Anywho, I saw the Hunger Games last night with my friend Bethany aka My Big Spoon.  She hasn’t read the books yet, but I’m going to give them to her and force her to read them.  Honestly, I don’t think there will be too much real forcing hahah.

Here’s a picture of the first book:

Fyi, they are amazing books.  And the movie was amazing!  They picked the perfect people to play each character. Plus, Katniss’s 2 main men are very attractive, I had a fun time watching them.  Anywho, I had to explain some things to Bethany during the movie because unless you read the book, it wouldn’t make complete sense.  And I thought they did it really well.  The movie was 2 hours like 20 minutes? long and it honestly didn’t feel that long.  It pulled you in and moved it along quick enough to not feel as long as it was.  I definitely can’t wait for the next movie to come out.  Oh and my favorite character is Peeta <—– I’m kinda in love with him.  But it’s ok because I have his poster on my wall 🙂

  But that is enough of my girlish ramblings.  So overall, I’ve had a very good start to my day.   I’m hoping that I can get a swim in before a meeting later in the afternoon.  Then I’m cooking dinner for 2 of my friends.  I’m very excited.

Once all that excitement is done I have homework and campaign stuff to do.  So the end of my day won’t be that terribly exciting.  So that’s it for now.  Until later, TTFN.