Tomorrow is the Beginning.

Tomorrow is the beginning of everything!  Well, er, ok it really is the beginning of training again for the next cross-country season.  It will officially been 1 week since my surgery and after a week of not getting my eye wet, not running, and not wearing my contacts, it will be officially over! Yay!!  Tomorrow I get to wear my contacts, shower and get water over my eyes!, and I get too… wait for it…. RUN! I’m going to run at what’s called the Colonie Relays which is basically an open track meet every Tuesday night.  I think I’m mostly going to focus on the 1 mile and 2 mile races.  And maybe every once and awhile I’ll throw myself into an 800 or something.  Because these beautiful babies right here;  

They are going to take me places! Anywho, if you can’t tell I’m very excited.  I went to my Dr. today and he checked out my feet and ….wait for it…… no stress fracture! He said where the pain was is an uncommon place to get stress fractures, and since the pain went away so quickly and hasn’t bothered me it was probably just from the way my feet were taped for the race.  So Yay! Officially cleared for running duty, which means I have to get my butt into hyper-active training mode for my Tri in the beginning of July.  But I’ll worry about that more later.

Also, my eye looks A LOT better than it did.  It isn’t droopy anymore which is a serious plus.  And it’s almost completely better in that it’s not so ugly black and blue looking.  Here see for yourself!:

Anywho, I’ve also made myself a to-do list.  A homework list if you will of things I must get done for SGA and other such nonsense before the end of the month.  One of those things was my Big’s pillow and after working Friday thru Sunday it is finally done!

This is the front, my Big’s favorite color is blue so that’s why I made her pillow that color.  And my favorite color is pink so my name on her pillow is in pink. 

I think it turned out really well, I hand sewed all of it because i don’t have a sewing machine, but I think the way I sewed on all the letters and stuff came out pretty cool.  Oh here’s the back: 

Now I just have to find a box and send it to her! Yay for 1 think off of my checklist of like 20 things is done!

Oh and my sister Danielle is now in Espana, for those of you who don’t speak espanol (spanish) this is Spain.  Anywho, she’s chilling out there for 6 weeks and is making me super jelly because of how awesome a time she’s going to have.  Hopefully she’ll keep us updated on her blog.  So y’all should definitely check her out! I think she’s one nifty chick. Yes I did just say nifty.

Anywho, that’s it for me for right now.  I gotta eat, get some work done and then head to work! So until later, TTFN.


What, Like it’s Hard?

True life fact: I want to be like Elle Woods someday.  I know that sounds ridiculous and that she’s a fictitious character, but still.  She’s kinda one of my role models.  I mean think about it.  She’s a woman whom no one expects much from, yet she gets into Harvard, works her ass off, wins a trial and gets the man.  Aka Emmett, whom I’m madly in love with just FYI he’s another one of my celebrity future husbands.  Here’s a picture of the guy who plays him in the musical:  

If you can’t tell, I’m kinda in love with him.  But it’s because he’s super adorbs and he has an AMAZING voice. But I digress…

 You gotta love it.  I mean I know I do.  One of my favorite lines from Legally Blonde the Musical is; “With the chance I’ve been given, I’m going to be driven as hell.” And I think that’s perfect.  It’s going up on my Motivation Wall.

This is it, it doesn’t have much so far.  It just has “Motivation wall” and a goal I have plus some letters I made.  It will have more soon once I start putting up my inspirational quotes. 

Here’s a close up on the letters:

But yeah that’s basically all I have to say about the wall.  Ohh, my sorority had a function where I got to get dressed up.  It was very exciting! I was even all vain and took a picture of myself and such nonsense. 

Mostly when I take these pictures I like to think; “It’s a good thing they aren’t going to be looking at my feet tonite.” Because straight up my feet are horribly calloused and blister filled from my running. 

Oh fun fact I got to have my first barefoot run of the season yesterday.  Well……….  partially barefoot run.  I only ran part of my run barefoot, but still it felt great.  I miss running barefoot, I can’t wait until it’s warm enough for me to do it everyday.  Anywho, I’ll show you a grimey picture of my foot.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Anywho, I’m jumping around from topic to topic I realize this, yet I can’t seem to help myself.  So moving right along.  I got to swim today for the first time since after the cold!! Yay me! Anyways, I swam a total of 2,000 yards.  Which I’m very impressed with for a few reasons:

1. I’m pretty sure I’ve never swam that much before.

2. I did around 1,000 yards of pull and I’ve never done that much at once.

3. I did it all in 44:10, which is pretty good because when I first started really swimming I could never do that. 

4. I’m pretty sure that if the pool hadn’t been as uber crowded as it was I could’ve done another 5oo to 1,000 yards EASY.

So let me finish this post with some pictures of my sexy swimming gear.  Please, don’t laugh too hard at my towel.

Yes, I do have a Barbie towel.  And yes I have had since I was around 6.  There was a little 8 year old at the pool with a more sophisticated towel than I had.  It made me feel a tad silly, but then again it’s ok.  Barbie is a classic. 
And then here are my bathing suits;

Yes  did say suits because I wear 2 when I swim.  It’s for drag and such (look at me using swimming terminology)

Anywho, I believe that is it for me now.  I’ve updated you on my life to the fullest extend I do believe.  And if I have left anything out I’m terribly sorry.  I will find a way to make it up to you.  So that’s it, until later TTFN.