Pine Bush Triathlon Recap

Okey dokey, so a race recap was promised and a race recap y’all shall have!  As a sidenote all my pictures will be at the end, because my family computer is dumb.  I started the morning nice and early at 4:45 am.  It was glorious because only my brother and I were home.  I had already put my bike in the car the night before.  So I went through my checklist of things I had to do- yes I have a checklist.  I ate, drank me some coffee, made sure that I had everything that I was going to need for the race, got dressed, took a little relaxation time and then headed out.
I was a little nervous about getting lost, simply because the last time I was there was for the last time I did the race.  But, I managed to find the place ok (with a few, excusable goof ups in my driving) and parked my car.  Even thought it was only like 6:30 in the morning there was a decent amount of cars at the start.

I took out my bike and the things that I was going to need for the swim/bike transition and brought them to the area.  I think I was so early because I didn’t have anything for the bike/run transition because I decided to wear my vibrams for both the bike and run, thereby cutting down some time.  Anywho, I checked everything I had, laid everything out, made it all nice and anal-retentively perfect and headed back to the start.  I had everything with me already that I was going to need for the start of the race.

So basically I waited around for an hour and a half, but I’m not sorry I got there so early because I got a supreme parking spot and I was all ready when I needed to be.  Plus, since I have a tiny runner’s bladder it allowed me to use the bathroom as many times as I wanted before the race before the crowds came.  Sorry, but I have a tiny bladder.

Swim section;  I was kinda nervous, but I was pumped.  I actually didn’t have that many people in my heat and I ended up giving a girl next to me tips because it was her first Tri.  I felt like a seasoned veteran giving her advice! Anywho, the swimming went as the swimming always goes, semi-fast, and with absolutely no breath.  I sucked wind hardcore, which I’m partially blaming on my lack of ability to swim the week before the  race, but I digress…

Biking section;  I hoped out of the water and raced to my bike.  My transition was much faster than last year and I got going very quickly.  This year, my friend let me use her road bike which was so much lighter and easier to use than my mountain bike.   So during the race I felt like I was flying, I legit had fun on the bike leg, compared to last year when I just wanted to die.  This year, the end came up sooner than I thought it would- I mean I was going that fast in comparison to  last year!

Running section;  So my bike to run transition was also much quicker because I made the executive decision to wear my vibrams for both legs so I wouldn’t have to change.  I hopped off my bike, and kinda threw it on the side (shh don’t tell my friend that I borrowed the bike from), and then started running towards the run.  Once on the run, it took a good mile maybe mile and a half for my legs to not feel like jello.  I really need to start doing more Brick workouts. Anywho, I felt pretty good and I saw a few people I knew.  I ended up passing people, which is always nice.   The end is uphill, which really sucks and I have to keep remembering to tell the race directors I hate them for that.  But overall, my time was; 1:32:44.

I’m very happy with my time because it’s almost a full 11 minutes off of my time from last year, which was; 1:43:03. I don’t think I’m going to do this race again next year, not because I don’t like it, but I believe I’m going to do it as a relay with my two brothers (they actually want to do it! I don’t have to convince them or anything!)  And I’m going to try doing an Olympic distance next year (this was a Sprint), but first I’m going to save up and get me a road bike- no more mountain bike for me! So that’s it for now.  All my pictures are below, they include; the bike I used, an awesome sign at the lake, and more!

Sorry for the recap taking so long to go up, its been a hectic few days, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more later. Until later, TTFN.


Didn’t I mention I was obsessed?/ I go crazy when I shop/ Oops!/ Real Life

I’m having a quite inspired Blog day, so I’m terribly sorry for the length of  this post/ it’s random nature since it will be dealing with a variety of topics.  But let’s not dilly-daddle! We shall jump right in.  First thing…. I went shopping today with my various gift cards of aweasomeness and yes my cousin, I had to drop her off after a few hours though due to the fact that she was going somewhere with her family tonite.  Anywho, I proceeded to return to shopping after she left, which ended with catastrophic results.  As you can see here:

And you can further see in the continued waterfall of pictures that follow….

 These are some sexy nike shirts, running pants (adidas, mostly because I  had a giftcard and they were the cheapest), my new watch which isn’t in the case because it is currently on my wrist.  It looks more like a grown up watch then the ones I’ve been using so….. yea.

These are some running/triathlon books I bought at Barnes and Nobles.  And since you can’t see all the titles I’ll just tell you.  They are; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Triathlon Training (Yes, I’ve done a Tri, but I didn’t prepare well enough and I’d like to get better and do more so…), Racing Weight, Be Iron Fit, The Runner’s Diet, and The Triathlete’s Training Diary (this is more of a log book to keep me on track with training and such). 

As I previously stated in another post, I’m obsessed with the store called Fleet Feet.  So I spent my giftcard there today, and I was able to buy the hydration belt that I’ve been wanting to buy for about a year, these 3 nifty bumper stickers (which I have already but they are white and plain so I got colorful nifty ones), and a running book which can be seen below.  No my $40 giftcard didn’t cover all of it, but I apparently had $25 store credit thanks to mi madre, which was going to expire so I couldn’t let it go to waste….. Tehehe

So this is the book I got from fleet feet.  I felt like it was a good addition to my library of running books.  While it has some workouts that I already know about, it also gives me some ones that I didn’t and I am always open to new workouts. 🙂

I just noticed and think it is rather funny that although I went out shopping for non-running related things that is still the hefty majority of things I return home with…. But I digress…

Anywho, I did buy some real people clothes to wear to class (I’m pretending like I won’t wear running stuff), but I actually wear leggings like everyday so I consider them real clothes.  And here they are:

Very normal and uninteresting.  While I really like Aeropostale for my undershirts, Target is my main store when it comes to leggings…. that is until Hollikins told me that Victoria’s Secret has some, which leads me to my next photo which is new leggings from Victoria’s Secret.  Oh joy, a day with 5 new pairs of leggings!

 So I’m very excited to start wearing my new leggings.

Also, I decided it was about time I put up a picture of me from real life.  Which is one of me that isn’t from a race or some nonsense.  So I’m totally photobombing my blog right now, but I believe that it’s finally time to put up pics from my real life instead of just off the internet all the time.  I mean I bet y’all were starting to think I was some random middle aged man who lived in my mom’s basement.  Well sorry to dissapoint but I am not!

  This is me in REAL LIFE! You may ooh and ahh now.  Anywho, if any of y’all are paying close attention you can see I’m wearing an Oswego sweatshirt.  What?!?! you say.  I thought you went to Potsdam.  Well I do oh observant reader, however one of my younger brothers just got accepted there and will be going next fall.  He had this sweatshirt which was too small.  He got a new one for Christmas and so I got his hand-me-down.  Yes, you did just read that right.  I get my younger brother’s hand-me-downs.  This is no lie.  And it’s funny because his clothes are usually big since he is 6’4″ and of swimmer build.

But it’s uber comfy and I’ve been wearing it all day, Ialmost don’t even want to take it off.  But I believe I have officially blogged myself out for the day.  Maybe tomorrow or sometime this week I will show y’all my wall of infamy (that’s not really what it’s called, in fact it doesn’t have a name….. maybe I’ll let y’all decide), but that’s a topic for another post.  Until then, TTFN.