Oh Yeah, I know how to Clean

But I don’t mean like cleaning with cleaning products, but I mean clean like the olympic move.  Brendan one of the guys at the gym graciously agreed to teach me last night, it was surprisingly easy to learn.  And he said that is because the snatch is really hard to learn so everything else is easy… Btw I love this song;

They are a group called McFly, they are British and my best friend Chel and I have been obsessed with them since high school.  They are basically one of the main reasons we want to get over to England one day.

So what news do I have to tell you???? Hm….. well I learned to clean so that’s cool.  I’ve been running and working out more.  I’ve also eaten a bit of crap this week and I’m learning to be ok with this happening every once and awhile.  I’m pretty happy that I’m becoming more comfortable with eating something that isn’t necessarily paleo without feeling like I should get rid of it.  I feel like I’ve come a ways away from those feelings- thanks in part to my friend Carla.  So that’s good…. Oh and something super awesome happened.
I got an internship for next semester!! I’ll be interning in the Public Defender’s Office!!!public-defender-judy-clarke I’m so excited because it sounds like I will be getting a lot of hands on experience and I want to go into criminal law.  So basically it is just kinda like a dream come true! And now the not so dream come true part… paperwork.  Doing all the paperwork to make sure I get the credits I need while doing the internship.

So that’s basically all that’s going on right now.  I will be leaving in like 4 hours for Geneseo, which will be the last cross-country race of my collegiate career.  A little sad I will admit, but great still at the same time.  So I need to get some homework done!

So until later, TTFN. PJvqLYC


Aca-scuse me? He’s not that bad!

Yes that’s right, I’ve felt the need to have a Pitch Perfect title for my posts for the past one and this one.  Deal with it, I love that movie and have seen it 3 times at this point and definitely would see it multiple more times.  So if you haven’t seen it yet… go see it!

Let’s revisit the topic of Ra Ra Williams who I stated before he makes me angry, but doesn’t really make me angry.  Ra Ra makes me angry infuriates me every day because he knows which of my buttons to push to get me annoyed.  However, as of late its been more of a mutual fake anger towards each other because in all honesty, he’s not a bad guy.  In fact, in my opinion he’s a pretty good guy.

He has this ability to make me not stay angry at him for very long.  I think it’s a combination of the fact that we have so much in common that I actually don’t mind spending large amounts of time (which I don’t really have a choice of).  We have similar tastes in movies, music, humor, and even the way we both talk under our breath about other people’s opinions during class discussions.  So while everyone and their mother thinks that he’s a super pompous ass, which he is 100% of the time, he’s my ass who isn’t a bad guy.  In my opinion anyways.

So yesterday was the day it finally happened after multiple weeks of stress…. I finally broke down and cried.. like 2x.  Poor Ra Ra, one of those times was with him and to his credit for the rest of the day he attempted to make me feel better.  I give the man credit- he puts up with an upset Sara very well.  But I digress….

Anywhoser, today has been a pretty good day in terms of school work and not feeling super overwhelmed.  I managed to get the reading for my class done tomorrow, all I have to do is write a short paper on my recommendations- emphasis on MY– as in no real research, which= happy Sara. So that’s fantastic, plus I got lots of actual SGA related work that I needed to get done today, also a plus.

Oh! And I remembered to eat today…. yea so yesterday I forgot/was so busy I didn’t eat or attempt to really eat until 8 p.m.  At which point I was so nauseous from not eating that my body proceeded to throw up anything I tried to eat.  Sorry for the visual. Moving along, I managed to eat tons today because I was quite ravenous.  And my adorable friend Joe bought me lunch and dinner.  Gotta love a man who feeds me! 😛

So basically what I’m trying to say is that today was a good day.  Especially after the past few weeks of super stress and my breakdowns of epic proportions yesterday.  Plus, I got to annoy Ra Ra and hang out in his office all day because for some reason his office is warmer than mine and doesn’t have cold air blasting out of the vents- lucky him!  So I shall leave this post on a hilarity note, in the form of a picture.

Sorry for the profanity, but I thought it was funny.

So with that I say, TTFN!