Olympic Lifts sound dirty

So I took my friend Maggie home with me for Easter.  It was a lovely time, much fun ensued.  We went to bed at like 9 on Friday night and my dad came in my room and yelled at us.  He said that no normal college kids go to bed at 9 p.m. on a Friday and that we weren’t allowed.  After he closed the door we nearly peed our pants laughing because for the both of us that was the first time we were ever yelled at for going to bed too early.  But I digress… 1fea7e231651766ecdd32f4e42d09a65

So yesterday I worked out with my friends Seth, Ravon, and Dennis.  They were working on their snatches and Seth was helping me with mine.  I have snatched with him in awhile so basically I needed him to check my form and make sure that I was still good.  One plus is that I managed to hit a new snatch PR and it isn’t even a 1RM for me because I hit it a few times.  And luckily for me, it was recorded!

I’m not normally all about showing off my awesomeness, but I’m pretty proud of this and in the video compared to the guys I look like I’m barely moving anything, but I’m still happy with it.  I don’t come in until around 20 seconds in, but I’m totally worth the weight 😛

So that’s basically it for now.  I start me weight training cycle on Monday so starting Monday I will be doing two a days for the next twelve weeks or so.  I’m hoping that this will really help increase my strength and that I will happily start seeing the results I want by mid-summer or so.  So that’s basically it, not much more to report.  I’m really not that interesting, but I digress…

So until later, TTFN.


Mid-Mid Life Crisis

Ok so I’ve had moments where feel like I’m having a panic attack lately. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a senior, I’m planning out my internship for the next semester, law school is after (hopefully) and with that comes how the hell do I pay for law school??? It’s just a combination of a lot of things.  What’s getting me through is doing what my bff Joe says and I am “taking it one day at a time“.  He’s very smart sometimes….. sometimes. zmFF2u3

So other than my mid-mid life crisis I just finished my last cross-country race of my collegiate career.  I’m not going to lie I started to choke up a bit giving my usual pump-up speech before the race.   It’s hard to imagine that freshman year I ran like 38-40 min 6k and this past weekend I got my personal best of 31:38 for a 6k. I think that’s a good way to end my senior year, if I may say so.

I was talking with my coach after and I was telling him how I remembered how I sucked Freshman year and his response? “Yeah, you were really bad.” Hahah gee thanks Pete! I love that guy, but he needs to work on tact sometimes.  I laughed because it was a Pete thing to say and its still funny because it was true.

Let’s see what is getting me through the end of my hectic semester? Training!  Even though my season is done I plan to do the Plattsburgh Half Marathon for my 4th and probably final year. My goal this year is to hit 1:45 for a time.  The first time I hit 2:14, the second time I hit 1:59, and last year I didn’t run it for time, but to finish with Kinga since it was her first time and I ran 2:16.   So I think that with some proper training I can definitely hit 1:45.  I asked Kris if he would make me a training schedule and he said that he will, so I am hoping that if I put in the work I’ll get the time I want.  1176353_10151602892046762_1267805069_n
Other than that I am still lifting and doing W.O.D.s on an every other day type basis. I want to keep my training different, I don’t ever want to get too comfortable doing any one thing.  So that’s basically where I am right now.  Not much else to report.

So unti later, TTFN. 

Oh and I have to leave you with some McFly!

Getting Pumped and learning to reach out

So I’ve been struggling this past week with eating and how I’ve been feeling- feeling kinda like I did last semester.  So that’s been something that I’ve been working on. 65c084ba2567d7186011944478f457a8 It’s going to be something I continue to work on for a long time to come I think.   Luckily, I have a lovely friend named Carla who understands- she understands completely.   We have a lot in common food-wise and she goes hard on working out like I do.  So basically we have started becoming closer and honestly its nice working out with her because she helps me to push myself.

So  yesterday was leg day.  My legs felt a little wobbly after we finished the workout 1 1/2 hours later…. but I was like alright not too bad.  Boy was I wrong!  after-leg-dayToday walking up and down the stairs is a legitimate workout.   I’m too busy trying to not miss or step or have my legs give out from underneath me while I walk down them to care how ridiculous I look.  It’s going to be a good day. Even though I am going to look ridiculous literally all day I love being sore after a good workout because I feel like I actually did something.  But that’s just me….

Basically, I’m getting/staying on track with my eating and working out.  I’ve somehow been juggling schoolwork, SGA, practice, and lifting these past 2 weeks so my goal is to pretty much keep that up. 634c1c41ef3069e443ea89f4167ab4f4 Did I mention that I’m sore today?  Because I am. So moving along from my soreness…

My friend Hollikins ran her first marathon yesterday. She ran the NYC Marathon and she did it in a little over 3 hours.  I can honestly say that I creeped on her by following her bib number on the NYC Marathon website.  I just want to give her a quick shout out to tell her Congrats! I’m so happy and proud!!   She kicked some major butt in my opinion and I hope that she isn’t too sore.

So basically that’s all I’ve got going on.  Oh before I forget, I PR’d in my 6k for this season by a whole minute.  I didn’t realize it until like 2 days after the race but my last 6k time was around 33:35 and my 6k time from this past weekend was 32:36.  So I’m pretty happy right now.  Even though my times weren’t where I wanted them to be this season I was still improving.  So with that I will leave you with a lovely Eminem song that I really like.

So until later, TTFN. 


On being Paleo… so far so good.  Mostly, I’m tired like 24/7 which apparently is normal when you start eating Paleo.  d3dc81b1d6d55e0834b180a8505e429dBut basically the main concept of Paleo is just eating clean.  Not ingest processed foods, which includes things like butter and bread.  I honestly thought that I would be having more like bread type cravings, but so far so good.  I think it helped that I hadn’t really been eating bread/pasta too often as it was.  So anywhosers, I’m like 5 days in and so far so good, as I said kinda tired a lot, but apparently that’s normal (I talked to Jenn whose Paleo and she told me all about what to expect).  So yeah, I’m enjoying that and honestly the amount of protein, fruits, and veggies I get to eat is awesome!

But moving along… I did my first legit Crossfit workout last night with a guy from the gym named Dave that was doing the session.  Individually, none of the moves were difficult, but then he was like; “ok, we are going to do all of this as fast as possible” which makes a helluva difference! I gotta say, he kicked my butt. e79e675992024fa4d5a840542800e8ed

Also moving along… I’m hoping how to learn to jerk and clean tomorrow *fingers crossed*  Since I already know how to snatch I figure that I’ll be able to start increasing weight once I get the hang of it. Basically, I want to become as strong as I possibly can.  I haven’t told anyone in my family what I’m doing except for my brother Jake, but I didn’t really tell him much.  I want to go home over Thanksgiving break and have them be like “Somethings different….” so I can be like; “Yeah, I lift heavy shit up over my head, I can now lift Tim”  That’s my goal anyways.


But other than that I’m basically just trying to live life to the fullest, and honestly I’m ok with not drinking that much.  Allowing myself only 1 night a week to drink makes that 1 night the most anticipated and fun.  So that’s good.

That’s basically all I’ve got going on right now- I’m not terribly exciting so, if you were looking for that here- SORRY!

So until later, TTFN.