Getting Pumped and learning to reach out

So I’ve been struggling this past week with eating and how I’ve been feeling- feeling kinda like I did last semester.  So that’s been something that I’ve been working on. 65c084ba2567d7186011944478f457a8 It’s going to be something I continue to work on for a long time to come I think.   Luckily, I have a lovely friend named Carla who understands- she understands completely.   We have a lot in common food-wise and she goes hard on working out like I do.  So basically we have started becoming closer and honestly its nice working out with her because she helps me to push myself.

So  yesterday was leg day.  My legs felt a little wobbly after we finished the workout 1 1/2 hours later…. but I was like alright not too bad.  Boy was I wrong!  after-leg-dayToday walking up and down the stairs is a legitimate workout.   I’m too busy trying to not miss or step or have my legs give out from underneath me while I walk down them to care how ridiculous I look.  It’s going to be a good day. Even though I am going to look ridiculous literally all day I love being sore after a good workout because I feel like I actually did something.  But that’s just me….

Basically, I’m getting/staying on track with my eating and working out.  I’ve somehow been juggling schoolwork, SGA, practice, and lifting these past 2 weeks so my goal is to pretty much keep that up. 634c1c41ef3069e443ea89f4167ab4f4 Did I mention that I’m sore today?  Because I am. So moving along from my soreness…

My friend Hollikins ran her first marathon yesterday. She ran the NYC Marathon and she did it in a little over 3 hours.  I can honestly say that I creeped on her by following her bib number on the NYC Marathon website.  I just want to give her a quick shout out to tell her Congrats! I’m so happy and proud!!   She kicked some major butt in my opinion and I hope that she isn’t too sore.

So basically that’s all I’ve got going on.  Oh before I forget, I PR’d in my 6k for this season by a whole minute.  I didn’t realize it until like 2 days after the race but my last 6k time was around 33:35 and my 6k time from this past weekend was 32:36.  So I’m pretty happy right now.  Even though my times weren’t where I wanted them to be this season I was still improving.  So with that I will leave you with a lovely Eminem song that I really like.

So until later, TTFN. 


Shooting the Breeze

And basically just letting y’all know what’s up in the life of Sara.   I’m obsessed with Kale chips- basically I just get kale, put some olive oil and seasonings on it and stick it in the oven till its crispy.  I love it! It satisfies my chip craving without being terribly unhealthy.   I eat a lot of dried fruits and veggies now too, which are great for snacks!
On another note, my xc times this year have been sucking.  I haven’t broken 25 minutes for a 5k which is making me really upset/pissy because I ended with a 24 minute 5k last year and I can’t understand why I’m not at that level again, especially with everyone around me PR’ing…. But I’m going to try to remain positive and just continue working.

Moving along, I love this video;

I’m going to try to listen to it every few days to re-motivate myself.  Oh, speaking of- I made a list of mid-semester resolutions.  It sounds silly I know, but hey.  Basically I have like 10 and they have to do with getting my hw done on time (so I don’t get behind again), drinking more water, lifting more and such.

Besides resolutions I’ve set some goals for myself.  I’d like to deadlift my bodyweight so 140, I’m currently at 135 so I definitely think it’s attainable.  I’d like to be able to do 5 pull ups by the time I go home for Christmas and I’d like to be able to do 10 GOOD push ups.   Also, I’d like to improve my snatch (olympic lift) and add like another 10 lbs to it.  cab8823476ad7a8f1d05950b573ec237

So those are some of my goals for the semester.  Working to become a stronger, better me is a loooong process, but its a process and I’m going to keep going.  My whole wanting to be healthier/stronger isn’t for anyone else its for me.  It’s to make me feel better about my body and to be more confident.

Some people don’t understand Crossfit or think its a fad and in some ways it is like anything becomes a fad.  But it also works your body and gives you confidence and is something more.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just ranty but that’s what I think.

So basically, I know that I keep bringing up my workouts and how I feel and all  that terribly sorry if you are getting annoyed, but to be fair it is my blog… 12a058b7b789a5cfce301867fd8651dd

So I’m actually on top of my homework for right now which is just plain awesomesauce! So after this is done, I’ll be headed back to the homework doing.   So yeah, other than working out everything is going pretty well right now, nothing to complain about really except for kinda stressed with all my meetings and everything.  Luckily, I know I have a partner in that- Zak my Treasurer  (or unluckily) because are both stressed, but I digress…

So that’s basically it for now.  Time to get back to the homework! TTFN.


Miss Movin’ On

Ok I’m sorry I enjoy that song and it definitely felt like a good title for my post today.  Last Friday my achilles was in so much pain that I literally couldn’t run more than a mile and even that was a stretch.  I took Saturday off, barely made it through 2 miles on Sunday and then took Monday off.  Tuesday it didn’t bother me so I ran a full 6, but by the end it was hurting again.  On the pain scale it was like a 4/5. So I took yesterday off again after the urging of my friend Brett Brett  whose achilles had been bothering him earlier in the season.

Today I ran 6 miles again and no pain! I lifted and then ran a bit more and still no pain! Now that I’ve showered and relaxed a bit its starting to bother me again, but on the pain scale its a 1/2.  So I have to say I’m very happy right now.  Depending upon how it feels tomorrow I’m going to try to run like 3 miles max because we have a meet on Saturday and the women’s race is a 6k and I want to be as ok to run as possible.  So *fingers crossed*

Btw can I just say that I absolutely have fallen in love with this version of the song;

Anywhoser, Kinga, Maggie and I all had a girls night (which is basically every night), but this was legit girls night because it wasn’t in our house… We saw Prisoners- which was so emotionally charged! My emotions couldn’t handle the movie I was legit freaking out the entire time, but it was seriously good!

What else, what else?!?  Oh, so I lifted just a tiny bit today.  But I’ve been really down mentally last week and this week, partially from my injury and partially because I need a break (1 more day!!!!) so my working out mentality just hasn’t been there.  And I’ve felt really down also because sometimes I feel like I can’t see any progress. But I was perusing this Facebook page called BarBrothers that has all this working out motivation and some transformation pictures take like 6 months to really see a big difference. 1230031_209696205872878_889838152_n
I’ve only been seriously working out for what 2 months now? And you know what I looked at myself today in the mirror on the way to the shower (what? other people don’t do that?!) and you know am starting to see more ab definition, which is something I’ve wanted.  Now to work on my glutes and arms and back! Then we will be in business!!

1239411_207511766091322_1752184081_nSometimes I need to remind myself that this picture on the right half is more like real life and not the half on the left.

So that’s basically what I’m reminding myself.  I’m hoping that with this break I’ll be able to catch up/get ahead on some homework and get back into the training mentality more since I’ll have full days without meetings and basically to myself, which is kinda something I need right now.  1239815_208532985989200_1481466130_n

But other than that there really isn’t much going on in my life.  Eating healthy on Paleo- which btw has gotten much easier! I find myself not really having crazy cravings anymore.  I definitely think knowing I have 1 serious cheat day every week makes it easier too.  This weekend I’m going to attempt the Pancake challenge in my town, but I’ll talk about that more on a later day!

So ok, now I’m officially up to date with everything I want to tell you guys! Hahah so with that I will leave you with one final workout type picture and then another video that I’ve fallen in love with. 994942_215335781975587_2119706656_n
So until later, TTFN. 

Being Human

Ok so I KNOW I keep revisiting this and I’m very sorry for the constantness of this but it’s still something I’m struggling with.  Motivation.  I mean some days I really don’t want to work out or don’t see the point, even though I usually end up working out.  It’s just like I know I need to be patient, but I’m still kinda disappointed that I’m not seeing more results in terms of slimming down and getting a flatter stomach.  But  I had forgotten about my ‘Motivation Book’ in which I put a butt-ton of motivational pictures and quotes and I came across one that basically said; “not seeing results but trusting that one day I will see what I want and still working out when I’m frustrated” which kinda helped so I’ve continued with the working out! 5ac04d230f0fb8616d8b2dbb40f4c394

So I said I restarted the Insanity program, which is kinda true.  I’m doing it more on a loose basis- in that I’m doing it when I feel up to it which could be 4x a week or 1.  I’m basically just doing it at this point as another form of cross-training and not my main form of training.  Again, as I said in my last takes post I have increased my mileage to 25 miles, this is the 2nd week of my 25 mileage.  I’ve had two solid 5 mile runs per week for the last two weeks.  Honestly, when I first started doing 5 milers (it usually a little under an hour) I dreaded doing them because it took so long and my body kinda ached towards the last mile.  But now that I’ve been doing them for a while, I actually am really starting to enjoy them. a406c9db4985cf13708235e86e93dec3 I don’t notice how long it takes anymore, before it seemed like I could feel every minute going by, but now it passes much more quickly.  Next week during preseason and the week after I’m hoping to hit at least 30 miles per week and then we’ll see how my body feels.

Other than that, it’s the final week before I go back to school,  I move back in on Sunday.  So my room was a mess before, but now there’s a worse one because I’m attempting to pack and organize and my room is basically nuts looking.

I’m getting super pumped to go back and I can’t wait to live with two of my best friends; Kinga and Maggie. rea3f6f5e3744220ed6835a8a9954c3b6a They’re both really into working out and eating right so I know I’ll have a good support system when I’m back at school.  I’m also going to attempt to lift weights 2x a week on days when I don’t have early classes,  then swim 1-2x a week at night.  So we will see how long I’m able to keep it up or get it going at all with my busy schedule.

Also,  yesterday I went to the gym with my friend Christine and she helped me to learn good form for squats and bench press.  I even did dumbbell bench press at 20 lbs! I’ve never used that high of weights for that before! I’m happy to see some progress somewhere!a83c799bd3276b2046cebe9ce1e699fa

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.


I know this has nothing to do with my title, but I thought it was funny. Anywhosers, I’m bored.  If you can’t tell- which I mean you can’t read emotion in my blog so I’m assuming you can’t tell.  So I just made plans to run with my friend/teammate Brett Brett (that’s his nickname) for tomorrow so that should be fun if he doesn’t kill me- which generally happens even when he’s running his super slow pace so that I can keep up.  It’s just that he’s a lot faster than me, which I don’t mind- different abilities and all its just hilarious when we run together because he’s like barely breathing chatting and I’m lying dying barely able to speak.  You can guess which one I look like in that gif when we run.  So anyways I’ve got that to look forward to tomorrow, which is nice because we are running at the park close to me this time instead of to him so I won’t have to wait as long to get a shower and he’s picking me up which means I don’t have to drive.  tumblr_mpwukham4Y1rg02yro1_500

So I was feeling kinda pissy because I’ve gained like 4 lbs since the beginning of the summer.  And since I’ve been doing Insanity and most often running also I felt like I should be losing weight not gaining it.  Then during my many travels on the internet for workout motivation I came across this picture and I felt a little bit better.
This person weighed less when they were not as lean and then weighed like 14 lbs more when they were leaner.  So I’m trying now not to worry as much about how much I weigh and how I look.  So far I’m still not seeing the ab results that I want, but I have to be patient.  I’ve even decided that when I get back to school on days when I don’t have class until later I’m going to go right into a weight workout after my running practice in the mornings.  I’m hoping that will help with the whole process.

Again, I know I sound whinny and just a giant pain, but it’s hard putting int work and not feel like you’re seeing any results.  So I’m going to continue to keep going and not let my whinny ‘tude keep me from working out.  And as an update on that front I am on week #3 of the 2nd month of Insanity.  Next week is my last week and so far my plan is to give myself a complete week off from Insanity then begin the program again.  I’ll only be doing it for a week or two before I get to preseason where  I will stop because I’ll already be doing 2 practices a day.  Once preseason is over though I will re-restart the program with my friend Alexandra and we shall go through the process again.

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN. 

Motivation/Eating/Law School

Yes I realize that my title means that I’ll be covering a wide variety of topics- bear with me.  It’s still hard for me to stay 100% motivated all the time.  I see pictures of what I want to look like and I know that I still have to keep working to get there, but sometimes it feels like I never will.  So luckily for me- there’s the internet and everyday I look up more motivation.  Today I came across this woman’s blog .  And I’m reading her workout challenges and diet and it’s helping with the motivation.  Plus, I’m talking to my friend Alexandra who went through the Insanity program and she looks bamf! so she’s helping me also- doesn’t hurt that I know we will be working out together in the fall.

Oh btw, I’m in love with this song- I heard it for the 1st time at the movies yesterday.

So anywhoser, eating yea.  About that….. So don’t get me wrong I don’t drink soda I don’t really do ice cream or chips or any of that stuff, but I do have a huge sweet tooth and while I definitely haven’t eaten by far near as much candy as at school I’ve still eaten a good amount, which isn’t helping me lose weight. So I need to work on getting that into control.

Moving along yet again, law school.  FE_DA_120725_law-school425x283I want to go to law school still- that hasn’t changed.  But the reality of whether or not I’ll be able to afford to go is finally starting to sink in.

I was listening to my mom talk to my aunt and uncle about paying for college (my cousin is a senior in high school) and hearing how her and my dad have been helping to pay for my undergrad and all the things they’ve had to do… and that’s just undergrad! Law school is 2x as expensive- per year! How in the hell am I going to pay for it?!?

So far I’ve talked to a few people who’ve recently gone to law school to sort of figure out how they did it.  Either way, if I actually manage to come up with the funds to go its going to be expensive.  But I don’t know, I’m just not ready to completely give up on it yet.  So we shall see…

So that’s it for now, until later TTFN. 

It’s like Crack

Ok I know I keep babbling on and on and I’m sure y’all are all sick of me right now, but I’m going to keep talking about it until I’m through.  I keep watching sooooo many Crossfit videos and motivational videos and I keep thinking. I want to look like that!  Not simply because I want to be skinny, but also because I want my body to have that muscle and be capable of doing pull ups and push ups and lifting weights and running long and far.  I want my body to reach that homeostasis and be happy being fit.

Not only am I not super happy with my body currently, but my body isn’t happy with my body.  It knows that it can be better and be in better shape and it just wants to get there.  So that’s basically something I’m trying to work on right now.
So to go along with all of these motivational videos I figured I’d post them all (or most of them) up here.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still kinda upset/annoyed that I’m not seeing more results.  Sure I’ve been getting stronger but in terms of weight loss and getting the abs I want- not really.  Which is frustrating because every blog or video I look at of someone whose done Insanity, they all seem to get those results… I don’t know if I won’t really see them till the end of the 2 months or what but I’m really hoping I manage to lose some stomach fat.

So I’m going to try doing some additional stuff. Eating right.  Don’t get me wrong, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables- its rather disturbing actually.  But I also love meat and cheese and fish and CANDY! Woot Woot! I always joke that I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas- but its not really a joke because its true…

Anywhoser, I’m going to try changing my diet around a bit; adding more protein and changing the carb types that I ingest.  I want to see if that will help me at all.  I’ve been doing research about the best foods to eat and such and I’ll probably confer with my friend Maggs whose really good with that stuff.

So that’s all I have to update on for now, so until later TTFN.