What we have here is an interesting thing… you dig?

So ok, it goes kinda like this….. open your mind!!!! Anywhoser, Ra Ra and I are around each other quite a lot and by a lot I mean- like all the time.  So its only natural that we would end up either hating each other or actually being really good friends.  Well, it turns out that we are becoming very well situated with one another.  Weird I know!  But its efficient in terms of getting things done around the office and being comfortable with obnoxiously texting each other with questions about work stuff and the like (which is what I’m doing now), plus we have class together… I wasn’t joking when I said we were around each other all the time. 

Anywhoser, it’s a pretty sweet deal we’ve got going.  I enjoy it anyways because not only do I get a 2nd office (I commandeer his sometimes for homework), but I’ve got a new friend (I’d call him that).  He’s a pretty good guy, even though he doubts himself.  Irregardless, I’m glad I’m on the E-board and therefore have gotten to know him like I have.

Moving along, Assembly has been pissing me off….. Ok that’s not fair. Assembly hasn’t been pissing me off as a whole, only a select few people IN Assembly have been pissing me off.  They get mad because they don’t think I’m doing my job right/well and  public figures are always going to have good and bad opinions, but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.  So its been a stressful past few weeks, but thankfully Thanksgiving break is coming up.

I can’t wait to go home and eat me some home-made meals, sit on the couch and watch mind-numbing television, not have any classes, and not have anyone telling me I’m doing my job wrong and not having anyone asking for help 24/7.

Whew! I really needed to let that out. So yeah, you can basically say that I need break- badly.  On the plus side I’m running a race tomorrow for FUN!… on the negative side I haven’t really gotten a chance to run this week.  On ANOTHER plus side, I will be running another race on Thanksgiving day so I have a few days in between to start running again… Yay?

So yeah basically its going to be a LOOOOOOONG 4 days until I go home, but I’m just going to have to stick it out.  So hopefully in that time I can win myself a turkey at the race tomorrow- its a prediction race and whomever guesses closest to their time wins a turkey…. I want it. 😛

So until later, TTFN. 


Being fancy and stress.

So a few days ago was the Greek award ceremony for the whole Greek community.  It was a semi-long process, I mean there are like 300 of us 😛  Anywho, I got a plaque for the Rising Star Award which means that I have come a long way in terms of leadership.  Also, I got honorable mention for Outstanding Leadership, which was saying you were breaking down stereotypes by being involved in so many activities outside the Greek community.  It was a fun like 2?ish hours and to prove that I’m not lying about the plaque thing, here’s a picture:

And yes, it is hung up in my office.  It’s because I’m cool like that, and because I wanted to fill up my walls more.  Speaking of my office, as promised now that I’ve pretty much fully moved in I shall photobomb you with lovely pictures.  Here is one from my desk (so you can see how I feel when people walk in):

Yes, it’s quite messy, mostly because I like to keep everything where I can see it.  Moving along to the walls/chalkboard of itinirary:

This has all my meetings and everythign on it so it keeps me on track all week.  And I decorated my walls a bit:

A lovely picture of Central Park in NYC, because I believe in having a little bit of nature everywhere.  Plus, one of my newer sisters promised me a rock from there so it makes me terribly excited. 🙂 And another wall picture:

Sustainable practices people, sustainable practices.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  I had another picture, but it won’t upload so…. sorry but oh well.

And finally what people see as they walk into my office. Me usually being all official at my desk.  So that’s that.

  Moving along, I hurt my foot somehow after my half and I can’t really figure out what’s wrong.  My best guess has been either bruised bone/muscle or I pulled a muscle.  I was worried because it hurt to walk but I haven’t run in a week and it’s a lot better, not 100% yet, but a lot better.  So I’m not too worried anymore.  I’m just going to continue to take some time off and take it slow,  I want to still be able to run my marathon in June.

Moving, moving along again. 😛  I was in my office doing work last night/taking a break.  And I ended up Facebook creeping on the guy I work with, I thought I was safe because he wasn’t supposed to be back till later, low and behold he walks into my office and comes – – close to catching me Facebook creeping- lesson learned; no more Facebook at the office.  Nevertheless, it was a fun time, and it’s weird to say I missed the weirdo.  I’ve gotten used to seeing his face everyday so it was nice to see him on the weekend.  With that I am a terribly busy girl again this week and must head off. I hope everyone has a lovely day and until later TTFN.

Oh the perks of the job.

So I’ve been quite the busy girl, cleaning up my office and organizing and all that nonsense.  Sorry, no sexy office pictures yet.  I’ll try to take pictures either today or tomorrow.  It’s a tad difficult because I don’t have time/I forget/I don’t want people to think I’m completely insane.  Anywho, I shall discuss the lovely going-ons of the office and what I’ve been doing.

Oh the perks:  So obviously the 1st perk is that I get my own office.  I love it!  I mean I used to go to the library to do my homework, but now I just go to my office.  Depending upon the time of day it’s pretty quiet.

No, this isn’t my office, but I felt the need to have a picture of an office up here. 
Um……. another perk is that I get free printing, which is good because I am almost over my quota for the number of pages I can print per semester… Oops!

Overall, I love the job.  Don’t get my wrong, sometimes (a lot) I feel as though I’m surrounded by idiots, or I’m stressed out.  But I really do love the job and have fun with everyone I work with/meet.

The peeps-  I can tell I’m going to have fun working with the people I work with all next year.  First there’s Mo and Cindy- they work in the office and aren’t students.  They’re actually administrative people, they’re super nice and just awesome.  Then there’s Marcus, Zach, Carrianne, and finally Ryan.

  I’ll start with Marcus– he’s quite the good time.  I can tell we’re going to get along because he’s super nice, he likes the Giants, and he’s just a downright cool dude.  Then there’s Zach I’ve actually been friends with him before this, so getting to work with him is a nice change of pace.  Plus he’s sassy.  I enjoy sassy people.  Next is Carrianne, I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure 100% if that’s how you spell it.  She seems really nice so far, I’m not going to lie she’s the only person I don’t know that well.  She’s just a little quiet, I think it might take a little while for her to get used to me.  But I like her already 🙂  And finally, there’s Ryan.  Oh the Ryan, he’s an interesting character.  We have an interesting relationship, we are in a bunch of classes together and usually always at the office at the same time.  So we’re pretty much around each other 24/7.  We have this thing: He tells me he’s going to fire me, and I tell him I’m going to assassinate him (because he’s president and I’m V.P….. get it?)

It’s kinda funny because we always seem to be the 2 left in the office till like 9 o’clock at night.  But I digress…… I do believe he gets weirder at night.  I was in the middle of a club meeting and we got in a disagreement as per usual and we then proceeded to get into a fake fight.  So he decided it’d be a good idea to pick me up! Kinda like this:

Except, you know, I’m not a small child…….
Moving right along, he’s super sassy. And not everyone likes him, they kinda think he’s an ass, which I understand if you don’t understand his sassy side like I do.  But overall, I think he’s a chill dude.  I mean he has a lot of responsibility, and I will do once I take everything on by next year. 
Speaking of a lot of responsibility…… I have to go get ready and do a bunch of stuff before I head to the office.  So until later, TTFN.

I so solemnly swear……… that that was scary.

So last night I was sworn into office in front of the SGA Senate.  Not going to lie, I was a little worried I would screw up repeating my oath, but somehow I managed to make it through.  I then got to sit up where the E-board sits.  I felt super cool and powerful.  And I also felt seriously glad that I didn’t have to run meeting that night because I honestly don’t know if I would’ve been able to do it.  But moving on………..

Tonite was SGA Assembly, and Vice-President runs assembly.  I was under the impression that I would only be running the end part, well………. Ryan ended up telling me that I was running the whole thing about 2 minutes before meeting….. yeah………..  I’m not going to lie, I screwed up a bit in the beginning, I was kinda nervous.  Marcus (now current treasurer) sat next to me and helped me a bit.  So even though he probably doesn’t read this- Thanks Marcus! Also, one of the other now current E-board members, who sat next to me during Senate said I did a good job, considering not too many weeks ago I was asking him how to make a motion.  So coming from him, that’s high praise. So….Thanks Zack! Moving along, I have a gavel… well a shared gavel.

However, I was informed by Ryan (the old v.p, now current pres) that I can have my own gavel ordered.  So that is what I intend to do… I want a gavel ;P
Now going off of that, I received the keys to all important things today.  I got the key to my office, the SGA office, and the union.  So I’m a V.I.P now.  And all V.I.P’s need what? What you ask? Well they need offices!

This is me at my desk……… and my body-guard…… haha not a real body-guard, just my friend Victor trying to pretend to make me feel cool.  Not going to lie, I’m terribly excited.  It all feels a bit surreal, but I’ll definitely get used to it quick.  Don’t worry I’ll have more pictures of my office up once it’s organized and decorated. Ryan moved out today and the walls are pretty much bare and I legit don’t have anything in it.  So I shall save the pictures until I get settled.  So I believe that is it for now, I have a list of things that I must accomplish.  So until later, TTFN.