Tryng new things

Which basically means trying to be social, well to at least improve my human skills.  And by human skills I mean being able to effectively communicate with other humans and not be weird.  Something that isn’t a strong suit of mine.  I’m kind of really antisocial with most of the other people who are 1Ls.  But I have started talking to a few people who I think are pretty coo so I’m improving a little bit.  I’m falling more and more in love with my box… can you tell? 10693546_1552580228304100_1520663380_n

We had a town hall meeting last night and potluck, which is basically us eating food and then talking about all sorts of odds and ends thins that has to do with the gym.  I made paleo brownies and no one believed me at first because they looked like regular brownies, but they were a hit! 10546841_753519758039797_107385845_n

Oh and clearly someone decided that I missed an ingredient on the list and decided they were actually pot brownies.  Much hilarity ensued.  Also, I spent some serious time chatting with Stefan’s wife Karin who I absolutely love because she is super down to earth and cool. And she gave me a good idea to cut out dairy products.  I’ve been having some stomach issues or feelings of voming-ness after I have my milk so I’m going to just let my stash run out and not buy anymore this week and just try not having any and see how I feel.  So we will see what happens with that.

On another note, my Mom and Granny are visiting this Saturday and they are bringing me food and taking me out to lunch- can you tell my mind centers around food?!?  So that’s an exciting thing, it will give me a break from the homework and stresses of law school.  So that’s basically it for now.
So until later, TTFN.


I’m in Love…

A lot of Crossfitters are in love with Fronning or some other sexy top Crossfitter.  Me, I’m in love with THE Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, yes he is attractive to me.  Like I can’t explain how hot he is to me! Hahah 605dda1136388136835eaf416bf0c867  Anywhoser, I’ve been pinning him a lot to my pintrest boards because he’s quite motivational and did I mention attractive?  So that’s been going on.  I’ve gotten my eating back under control- I’ve stopped eating my one thing a day that isn’t Paleo.  So I’ve decided that my cheat day will be my birthday, which is in a week from Thursday.

0a5c5ab9a59d2a40b50c87bec432fefdSo then after that, I will try to make it for as long as I can without a cheat day.  I really want to get 100% back into eating clean, this break has been rough shall we say.  I’ve been having some issues with my eating and eating clean and getting back on track.  So that’s a goal for me for the immediate future.

I’ve also decided to play with my Paleo diet in that some people don’t eat Milk and cheese, some do etc.  So I’m going to try talking to a few people and decide what’s best for me.  I’m leaning towards if I can find local cheese (like farmer’s market type) or some raw milk then I will incorporate it.   But either way I don’t think that I will be consuming almond milk much longer because if part of being Paleo is eating less processed foods, almond milk is processed so…. I don’t see the benefit in drinking it anymore.

Anywhoser, I’m terribly sorry I sometimes go off on rants especially when I talk about food because I’ve been thinking about it a lot (but you know that), but also thinking about it as what Hippocrates said; “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine by thy food”.  imagesI don’t know I’ve been watching a lot of food documentaries on Netflix and doing a lot of research so basically I have a lot of things going around in my mind right now.

So that’s it for now basically, I’m in love with The Rock and I have an extended thought process going with food.

So until later, TTFN.


Alright I know that I am in fact a few days late for this whole 2013/2014 post but I think y’all will just have to a bear with me.  So I shall start off with a quick bit about this past year- 2013 and move on to what’s ahead- 2014.

So 2013 was an interesting year I officially finished all the requirements to receive my bachelor’s in Politics, I did an internship in the state Assembly, I became President of my school’s Student Government Association.  I watched a lot of Netflix- can I get a “what, what” for West Wing?!  I continued to knit and make a lot of my Christmas presents.  I finished my time as a member of the SUNY Potsdam Cross-Country team, going out on top as both Captain and PR’ing in my final race. I took my LSATs-twice. 487441_213183032157616_598274854_n And I managed to somehow be lucky enough to join an amazing gym in the town where my college is which is filled with some of the most amazing people (including some of my best friends).

Now that’s enough looking back, I think it’s better to look forward more than look back- don’t you?

Quick interlude; I’ve fallen off the Paleo bandwagon, but I am working on getting back on- I’ve already cut out a lot of the crap that I was eating and am working to get back to eating where I was.

Alright, 2014! So as most, if not all people, I have some resolutions for this new year.  I have outlined them in list form so here we go!;

1. Keep track of how many miles I run in 2014

2. Do sit ups and push ups every day

3. Eat Paleo/clean

4. Be more forgiving

5. Learn to be happier with my body

6. Knit for charity

So some of these are quite self-explanatory, so just to clarify obviously being happier with myself has to do with my eating issues.  And knitting for charity- I’ve always read about it and wanted to do it, but have yet to do so I’m making this my year to make it happen.

I don’t have many more resolutions than those, well I don’t have any others really.  So far I’ve logged 0 miles in 2014 due to inclimate weather and other factors.  However, I shall be logging quite the mileage in the next few days.  I’ve been doing my sit ups, but not my push ups and I need to get that going and as I said before I’m not doing so hot with Paleo, but I’m working on it and it’s a work-in-progress…

I’ve got tons more to talk about at a later date, but until then TTFN.

Feeling a little like Santa

So I’ve been home for a solid week and a half  now and boy can my body tell! At school it’s easy for me to stick to my Paleo diet (not that it’s usually ever hard) and just eat plain healthy because my roommates and I all eat the same and all eat really healthy.  At home… not so much.  Don’t get me wrong my family eats fruits and veggies, but they also eat a lot of chips and junk food and drink a lot of soda.  Now I’ve tried to entice them with healthy foods, but I don’t think Kale chips was the best first food for them to try. :P Needless to say there is a lot more unhealthy food in my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I eat healthy 90-95% of the time, but it’s that 5-10% that’s killing me. imagesM3YTRJF3

Now I know what you’re thinking, 5-10% of the time- that’s not bad! Well, it wouldn’t be if it were per week, but its ending up being per day.  I’m finding myself straying from my Paleo lifestyle by eating cookies, or some cheese, or heck why not have a piece of pizza?  And quite frankly it’s adding up, and I can tell.  I knew going into eating Paleo that a “sideffect” of taking grains out could mean that if I decided to going back to eating “normally” again I’d gain weight.  Well shit, people weren’t kidding.  Even this little amount everyday is adding weight on, I can see it.

So I made the decision today to text my friend Maggs who (thank god!) is having sort of the same problem and after Christmas (c’mon a little leeway people!) I’m going to go cold turkey again.  I got myself into this mess by saying oh one thing a day or every other day won’t hurt.  But that one thing turns into two, then three, and well you get the idea.  And honestly giving in to having like one thing a day is much harder for me to stop at one then when I had quit cold turkey.

And the other “sideeffect” that I’m having is that my mentality with my ED type feeling is flaring up as a result and I know that I had them more under control when I was eating without any “one thing a day” type exceptions.  And if nothing else that is something that weights heavily on my mind in making the decision to go cold turkey again.  I think my best way of eating was Paleo with a cheat day every few weeks because it took care of cravings and yet didn’t let me go overboard, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve been trying to keep myself more balanced with my food feelings and I’ve found a friend of mine who understands we’ll say, and so this is my senior year of college. If I can’t get myself in line a bit by the end, I don’t know when I will.  This is one of the few times in a person’s life when they can go crazy, take care of numero uno, and not have to worry about real problems like money.  So for this last semester of my undergraduate career I’m going to focus on me.  So you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be seeing and hearing some interesting things from me in the next few months. 9ffbad0148833bc7ab386138338903d4

So until later, TTFN.


On being Paleo… so far so good.  Mostly, I’m tired like 24/7 which apparently is normal when you start eating Paleo.  d3dc81b1d6d55e0834b180a8505e429dBut basically the main concept of Paleo is just eating clean.  Not ingest processed foods, which includes things like butter and bread.  I honestly thought that I would be having more like bread type cravings, but so far so good.  I think it helped that I hadn’t really been eating bread/pasta too often as it was.  So anywhosers, I’m like 5 days in and so far so good, as I said kinda tired a lot, but apparently that’s normal (I talked to Jenn whose Paleo and she told me all about what to expect).  So yeah, I’m enjoying that and honestly the amount of protein, fruits, and veggies I get to eat is awesome!

But moving along… I did my first legit Crossfit workout last night with a guy from the gym named Dave that was doing the session.  Individually, none of the moves were difficult, but then he was like; “ok, we are going to do all of this as fast as possible” which makes a helluva difference! I gotta say, he kicked my butt. e79e675992024fa4d5a840542800e8ed

Also moving along… I’m hoping how to learn to jerk and clean tomorrow *fingers crossed*  Since I already know how to snatch I figure that I’ll be able to start increasing weight once I get the hang of it. Basically, I want to become as strong as I possibly can.  I haven’t told anyone in my family what I’m doing except for my brother Jake, but I didn’t really tell him much.  I want to go home over Thanksgiving break and have them be like “Somethings different….” so I can be like; “Yeah, I lift heavy shit up over my head, I can now lift Tim”  That’s my goal anyways.


But other than that I’m basically just trying to live life to the fullest, and honestly I’m ok with not drinking that much.  Allowing myself only 1 night a week to drink makes that 1 night the most anticipated and fun.  So that’s good.

That’s basically all I’ve got going on right now- I’m not terribly exciting so, if you were looking for that here- SORRY!

So until later, TTFN.