What goes down, must go up.

So yes, I realize that I wrote the saying backwards but I feel like this way it more accurately depicts my life.  That being said the past… oh I don’t know… 5 days have been pure hell.  Literally Thursday- Monday (yesterday) I’ve been busy beyond belief, stressed, drinking, cranky, yell-y (I know it’s not a word), and just overall a super ***** (not nice word).  But this morning things have started looking up.  anti-stupid

First off, I got my hair did and I made it to class right on time and I actually walked there with Pooh Bear this morning, which was a change of pace.

Then I actually had a few meetings, was semi- productive with getting some readings done that I was behind in.  I dropped my major and made it a minor. Yup, you read that right, I dropped my Environmental Studies major.  It was a slight process, but I’m ok with it.   In fact, I feel good about it.  I dropped it down to a minor so I will hopefully graduate with a Political Science Major and a double minor in Environmental Studies and Pre-Law.  And who knows? I’m contemplating adding a 3rd minor…. ambitious- maybe, is it possible- definitely.

I’d like to just say that I resent the department head trying to pin my dropping the major on the amount of work.  Please woman, I do more work and balance it pretty damn well than 2 college kids, I didn’t drop it because it was too much work (I’m only 3 classes away from completing that major), but because I realized it wasn’t my passion.  But I will talk about that another day because it pertains to SUNY Day that I went to with P.B yesterday.

Moving along, I got an easy 5 in today.  On top of that I submitted some Constitutions to our secretary for submission and contact the clubs that are submitting them.  I also, bought/made a shit ton of Valentine’s Day cards because I believe that everyone should feel loved on Valentine’s Day, not just couples.  And so yeah, I basically feel like my life might be turning around and that I might actually be getting back on track.

As for tonite, well I have a rush event with my house and then I’m going to get drunk with some of my sisters at the bar.  I haven’t been to the bar since my birthday so I plan to get drunk and probably spend a lot of money.  But I’m ok with that.

So I will update y’all more tomorrow, until then TTFN.



Woot Woot! It’s that time of the semester again!  I sit her writing as I’m drinking my coffee trying to wake up- hopefully my level of tired will tonite help me get to bed really early.  But I digress…

Formal was last night and it was a lot of fun.  So, I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but my original date- Chris, wasn’t able to come up last-minute due to work (which sucks because he’d been planning to come up for like 2 months…. no lie). This left me with needing to find a new date, 2 of my guy friends both told me they’d love to when I asked, but that they couldn’t because they weren’t going to be around this weekend.  Sad face.  So, I decided to suck it up and ask Ra Ra.  And after checking with his girlfriend to make sure it was ok, and annoying him to the point of no return- he agreed to go.

I just want to say that my 1 and only 2 goals for this formal were to; 1 swing dance with Voorheese and 2 make Ra ra take the stick out of his butt and have a little bit of fun. I believe I accomplished both.

The night started out with Ra Ra legit scaring the shit out of me by coming up my townhouse stairs while I was singing a song about sex to Danielle. Yup, I’m classy.  Then we (me, danielle, ra ra, and cheyene) all left and Ra Ra was being grumpy.  Once we got to the party it took FOREVER to get a drink.  The 4 of us whom I shall now refer to as The fantastic 4 played multiple games, which was a lot of fun.  And Ra Ra even started to bust out the dance moves! Very impressed!

At the end of the night I got Voorheese to swing dance with me for a whole song.  Legit, I had been planning for this to happen for like… weeks.  It was a lot of fun because we haven’t danced together in a while.   Then the fantastic 4 peaced out girl scout to avoid having to participate in shake- trust me you don’t want to be involved in that.

And then I went back to the townhouses with Cheyene and Danielle.  But then I ended up getting a text from my pledge sister, Sean and I ended up over at his house.  He is a very funny character and the other boys that were there are a great time to.
Well I believe I have exhausted everything that I wanted to say for now.  I’m now going to try to finish drinking my coffee and then get some homework done!

Until later,TTFN.  Swing-Dancing

Would you rather?

So apparently Pooh Bear (aka Ra Ra) has decided that a new game we should play is would you rather.  It basically entails very raunchy or simply disgusting questions of would you rather do ___ or do ___.  Simple enough but in the hands of dirty minds like ours, it escalates quickly.  Anywhoser, I think it’s hilarious in all honestly and some of the things he comes up with make me laugh beyond belief.  In all honesty is a great non-serious stress reliever.

Which is good in my opinion because apparently just running isn’t doing it for me anymore.  I mean seriously, I went on a 4.5 mile run today with Morg to let out some anger/frustration/annoyance/stress and when I got back to my office to keep working- I WAS STILL STRESSED! Oh well, thankfully there are only 3 weeks left to the semester.  I definitely need longer than a week break from SGA and school and everyone at school.

On the plus side I spoke with Tara and all my hyperventilating over her wanting to be President is honestly not as bad of a situation as I though.  *Whew*  And my housemate Katelyn saved me a venison burger! Sweet deal! So hey- I guess those are my silver linings to my crazy day today.  Well look at that!  Well I’m feeling slightly better now, albeit I didn’t get the reading done for my class tomorrow morning, but as my professor has said I’ve earned a 4.0 overall for class presentations so at this point I feel like I could sit there like a human vegetable and still be ok, of course I won’t do that, but I digress…

Alright, well I’m tired.  I need to shower. I’m hungry. And quite frankly that venison is seriously calling my name.  I’ll try to update on my life more later!
Until then, TTFN.