Make ‘dem Gains.

So I’ve been looking at myself recently and I basically don’t feel like I see any real difference in my body.  I don’t know I guess part of me is looking to see myself slim down a bit more and such.  But then I think about what my body can do!  I mean seriously.  I remember back in August/September I could barely bench press the 45 lb. bar, like I literally needed help to do reps with it and now? My 1 Rep Max is 80 lbs. (including the bar).  That’s a long way that I’ve come. d9d212d283503072ff40d2b6b4cef28d

Before; I had to use the “little kid” bar as I called it (the 15 lb. bar) and had to add weight to that to do anything and I could BARELY do anything.  I was lucky if I managed to deadlift over 100 lbs. and when my friends Seth talked me into doing 135  and I managed to get 1 it made me the happiest  I could be.

Now; I’m so close to a chin-up its uncomfortable because I want to get it so bad! I deadlift 135 lb. for reps and have a max IRM of 160 lb.  I use the “big kid” aka 45 lb. bar for all of my workout things.  I know how to clean, jerk, and snatch and I’m steadily adding weight to all of them. ea52add2d9f32b45ebf1fe9c33b74502

My hands are calloused beyond belief, it’s a good thing I don’t have any men in my life because they would be appalled with my hands.  When some guys I know look at my 135 lb. when deadlifting and they say you can’t lift that, I look at them and say just watch me. 488f6aa05505ad3b99f1c56fd560570f

I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my body and I’m not satisfied stopping here.  I fully intend to continue doing Crossfit for as long as I physically can.

I am happy to say that I am very much addicted.   No matter where I go after I graduate in May, I will continue to do Crossfit.  Not only will it help me to continue getting stronger, but it will make me feel connected to one of my best friends Maggie who will still be in Potsdam.  I found a box online while searching for Crossfit around my house and I’m going to stop by when I get home this week and see if I like the group.  I would love to join it for the summer so there’s that.  So that’s everything going on in my life right now.

So  until later, TTFN.



178 That is the number of miles I have run in 2014 thus far.  I’m pretty proud of that.  If my coach gives me another 41 mile week next week, which he probably will, I will be over 200 miles within the first 5-6 weeks.  Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever run that much in that short of time before.  So that makes me pretty happy.  Also, I got a new snatch PR the other day.  I wanted to see if I had gotten any stronger over the winter break so I decided I wanted to try snatching with the 45 lb. bar or as I like to call it the “Big kid” Bar.  And when I tried it I was able to do it no problem! So I added about 5 lbs. total on there and so now my new snatch PR is 50 lbs.- super pumped about it! 

So that’s good.  Also, I’ve been juicing a lot.  I’ve only done pure orange juice, basically just a crap ton of oranges through the juicer, and a green juice which is made of; kale, cucumbers, granny smith apples, lemons, and celery.  greenjuice1It makes a decent amount and it tastes pretty good.  Plus this way I get a bunch of vitamins and minerals real quick.  I try to juice like 1-2x a week depending upon how much of the supplies I have to make the juice.  I end up bringing it in my container to class and I definitely get weird looks, but hey I’m being healthy here people!

On another note, I’ve begun making paleo pancakes, which are delicious.  I totally ruin them with some non-paleo maple syrup, but I digress…

I’ve been  having my food issues resurface as of late.  I’ve returned to some of my old habits, and I’m attempting to kick them back where they belong- not around me! So that’s a struggle right now, but I’m working on it.  What else is going on?
Oh, I’m attempting to finish up my law school apps and my internship is literally the  Applying to law schools is stressful as all heck, mainly because I want to make sure that I write good personal statements and I’m attempting to keep up with my homework, which is another issue.  But luckily we have a break in literally 2 weeks, so I’m banking on that to get homework and law school apps all taken care of.

So that’s basically it right now.  Just trying to stay afloat and keep myself on track and focused for the next 4 months until graduation.

So until later, TTFN. 

Sometimes I feel like I should do Crystal Meth..

But then I think ‘mmmm, better not.’  Haha hilarious quote from a trailer I saw while at the movies.  The movie being advertised was called Pitch Perfect, and it looks really good and funny, so I’m definitely going  to see it when it comes out.  Anywho, I decided to start this post off semi-interesting because I fully intend to talk about training and boring things that are going on in my life for the rest of it.  So moving right along…..

My life is now consisting of packing, working out, and……. yeah that’s about it.  I’m slowly increasing my mileage every week, emphasis on slowly.  I’ve been increasing each week by 2 miles, and I mean I could probably increase it by more, say by like 3 miles, but after my stress fracture last year I’m playing it more on the cautious side.  This week I hit 20 miles for the first time since before my marathon.  Everyone say 20! 

So I’m pretty happy about it, my main goal has mostly been to remain injury free, so I call it a win so far.  The only problem I’ve really had is some slight knee pain, which mostly just means ice needed.  And then some slight back pain the past few days, which I think mostly had to do with the fact that I was sleeping on the floor for several days while Chel slept in my bed.

Moving along…… I’ve been running mileage and I know it’s not very high, but after talking to my friend Christine who goes to a different college (D1 or D2?) she only runs 40 miles a week because that’s the amount of miles that works best for her.  Personally, from last summer I believe I can get up to 40 miles and run well.  I’ve also started adding some speedwork a.k.a. repeats.

Which brings me to my next point.  I’m frustrated going into this cross-country season because my coach is frustrating me.  Fancy that! Anywho, at the beginning of the summer we all got emails stating we had to run 7 mins flat for a mile in order to compete in meets.  How barefoot running is discouraged and a bunch of other crap.  I tried emailing my coach 2x after we got the email but he never responded to me.  So I emailed my assistant coach and he answered me with; “Pete and I think it’s a very attainable goal if you work hard enough.”  That may be, but I don’t understand the motivation behind it.  I’ve been running my ass off for the past 2 years and I’ve brought my 5k time down from 30 mins during my freshman year to 25 mins so far before the season.  And you know what? I’m still not running constant 7 minute miles!  At this moment in time I ran a 7:19 mile.  To my understanding if we don’t hit 7 mins flat we can’t compete.  So at this point I’m under the impression of well ‘I might as well walk the timed mile if 19 seconds is really going to keep me from competing’.  And even if I am able to hit 7 mins I can guarantee that I can not run a 21 minute 5k, at this moment in time. 

I’m getting more and more frustrated as the weeks go on and I’m feeling at this point like I need to say something to my coach.  I want him to reassess the goal he’s put in front of us.  I understand that he might be trying to motivate us to get us to work harder and get better, but what’s going to happen is people are going to focus so hard on hitting 7 minutes for our time trial that they aren’t going to work on endurance so that 1 mile isn’t going to make much of a difference in their overall 5k time.  Also, if my coach actually coached and was around to see his team, he might understand the fact that only 2 individuals on the women’s team are able to run that mile.  Myself, and everyone who would come in after me were running on average 8:30-9:30 miles. 
No way is working my ass off for one summer going to take my time down that much.  Hell, working my ass off for the past 2 years to bring my mile time down from 10 minutes to 8 minutes is going to make me able to run a 7 minute mile.  Mostly, I think my coach needs to be more of a coach and stop telling us we need to work harder when he’s not even there the vast majority of the time to help us improve.

Fyi, this is the track in my mind, usually focused on one thing at a time… in a sort of ADD type way.

I’m terribly sorry for that major b****fest but I’ve had it on my mind for awhile now and I needed to get it out.

Moving along to another topic.  I am currently packing for my move back to school in exactly one week.  I’m moving in early for preseason and I’m kinda anal about my packing and making sure I have everything so I get started early.  Plus it takes me a long time to actually do it because I get sidetracked and end up forgetting about it.

I’ll give more of an update on that later, but for now I’m heading to bed. 

Until later, TTFN.

CDTC and the Weekend…Oooh bubbles!

So I’ve had a very cool weekend and an awesome time at the CDTC (Capital District Triathlon Club) this week.  And I’m growing more and more certain of the fact that I seem to have the attention span of a goldfish, a person with ADD, and a 5-year-old on a sugar high all rolled into one.  Anywho, this weekend (yes I know it’s almost the weekend again, deal)  I spent a lot of time at the beach, which was quite wonderful because I love the beach.  I played some volleyball, ate tons of food, ran a decent amount and oh yeah swam across the lake- nbd.  Yes, I indeed did swim across my lake; my brother and I went beach to beach.  As in the State campground to the town beach, I even have pictures to prove it!  So let me photobomb you real quick;

This is my brother and I SLOWLY wading into the water since it was a tad colder than we thought it was going to be.

Oh hey, did I mention I was a muscle woman now? Oh I didn’t?!? Well I am. Now you know. 

But seriously, by my brother and my combined times we guessed that the swim was a tad over a mile.  Not sure exactly how far, but definitely over a mile.  Oh and let me get some actions shots in;

That splash super far ahead? Yeah that’s my younger brother because he’s faster than I am.  On the plus side I was only 3 minutes behind him so I call that a win.  And why not a close up of my sexyness while I swim? 

So yeah, that was a super fun time. 
Ok moving onto this week’s CDTC.

It was really crowded at the Captial District Triathlon Club (CDTC) this week, however Christine told me that’s how it normally is.  Oh well, at least it will get me used to starts with a large number of people.  My main goal is and always will be; to not get kicked in the face.  And so far I’m terribly successful at it.  Anywho, Since I couldn’t start out as I normally do I figured I wouldn’t get a new open swim PR.  So I decided; Why not have some fun with it? 
So that’s what I did 🙂 

Story time!  We swim around in a circle 2x for a mile and the lifeguards sit in the middle watching us.  Well since Thomas (candid photo I stole off fb inserted here)  has been helping me improve my butterfly I thought why not give the lifeguards some sort of entertainment?  So I made sure I had my sighting and every time I came up next to a lifeguard I switched from freestyle to butterfly and as soon as I was passed them I switched back to freestyle like nothing happened…. until I hit the next lifeguard that is. 
Christine said she looked up to sight and saw someone doing butterfly.  And since well the CDTC is a triathlon training group she figured the only weirdo to do butterfly would be me. And she was right!

Anywho, it was a quite awesome swim if for nothing else than because I had a blast just doing whatever I wanted.  And hey guess what? I PR’d! I got 28:31, my new best time and a whole minute better than the week before.

So this week was the last week of swim lessons.  And it was a lot of  fun, a little aggravating because some kids made me want to punch them in the face, but also rewarding because I got some of my level 1’s to swim on their own which they’ve never done before.  So I was super proud of them, plus they’re ridiculously cute!

Ok so Thomas (seen above) has been quite nice to my obnoxious self in helping me improve my strokes.  He’s helped me with my starts, my butterfly, and others!  Him and my brother have been giving me tips, when I don’t ask and when I bug them continuously.  He even tightened my goggles for me which apparently was all I needed for them to not fill up with water when I did starts.  Oh well, quick lesson learned.  After he obnoxious pushed them into my face when we were in the middle of a race! But that’s besides the point.  But it brings me to my next point; I don’t suck!
Jake, Thomas, and I were racing our kids and we were doing 50s while they were doing 25s and I wasn’t that slow! My brother and Thomas both said I improved.  So I’m pretty happy.  My next step is to join the YMCA so that I can keep swimming until school starts and I’m able to get to that pool again.

So that’s it for now, I have to go.  My best friend Chelsea is flying in tonite to visit for a few days.  But you’ll get more on that after she leaves and probably a butt ton of pictures too!

So until later, TTFN.

Pine Bush Triathlon Recap

Okey dokey, so a race recap was promised and a race recap y’all shall have!  As a sidenote all my pictures will be at the end, because my family computer is dumb.  I started the morning nice and early at 4:45 am.  It was glorious because only my brother and I were home.  I had already put my bike in the car the night before.  So I went through my checklist of things I had to do- yes I have a checklist.  I ate, drank me some coffee, made sure that I had everything that I was going to need for the race, got dressed, took a little relaxation time and then headed out.
I was a little nervous about getting lost, simply because the last time I was there was for the last time I did the race.  But, I managed to find the place ok (with a few, excusable goof ups in my driving) and parked my car.  Even thought it was only like 6:30 in the morning there was a decent amount of cars at the start.

I took out my bike and the things that I was going to need for the swim/bike transition and brought them to the area.  I think I was so early because I didn’t have anything for the bike/run transition because I decided to wear my vibrams for both the bike and run, thereby cutting down some time.  Anywho, I checked everything I had, laid everything out, made it all nice and anal-retentively perfect and headed back to the start.  I had everything with me already that I was going to need for the start of the race.

So basically I waited around for an hour and a half, but I’m not sorry I got there so early because I got a supreme parking spot and I was all ready when I needed to be.  Plus, since I have a tiny runner’s bladder it allowed me to use the bathroom as many times as I wanted before the race before the crowds came.  Sorry, but I have a tiny bladder.

Swim section;  I was kinda nervous, but I was pumped.  I actually didn’t have that many people in my heat and I ended up giving a girl next to me tips because it was her first Tri.  I felt like a seasoned veteran giving her advice! Anywho, the swimming went as the swimming always goes, semi-fast, and with absolutely no breath.  I sucked wind hardcore, which I’m partially blaming on my lack of ability to swim the week before the  race, but I digress…

Biking section;  I hoped out of the water and raced to my bike.  My transition was much faster than last year and I got going very quickly.  This year, my friend let me use her road bike which was so much lighter and easier to use than my mountain bike.   So during the race I felt like I was flying, I legit had fun on the bike leg, compared to last year when I just wanted to die.  This year, the end came up sooner than I thought it would- I mean I was going that fast in comparison to  last year!

Running section;  So my bike to run transition was also much quicker because I made the executive decision to wear my vibrams for both legs so I wouldn’t have to change.  I hopped off my bike, and kinda threw it on the side (shh don’t tell my friend that I borrowed the bike from), and then started running towards the run.  Once on the run, it took a good mile maybe mile and a half for my legs to not feel like jello.  I really need to start doing more Brick workouts. Anywho, I felt pretty good and I saw a few people I knew.  I ended up passing people, which is always nice.   The end is uphill, which really sucks and I have to keep remembering to tell the race directors I hate them for that.  But overall, my time was; 1:32:44.

I’m very happy with my time because it’s almost a full 11 minutes off of my time from last year, which was; 1:43:03. I don’t think I’m going to do this race again next year, not because I don’t like it, but I believe I’m going to do it as a relay with my two brothers (they actually want to do it! I don’t have to convince them or anything!)  And I’m going to try doing an Olympic distance next year (this was a Sprint), but first I’m going to save up and get me a road bike- no more mountain bike for me! So that’s it for now.  All my pictures are below, they include; the bike I used, an awesome sign at the lake, and more!

Sorry for the recap taking so long to go up, its been a hectic few days, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more later. Until later, TTFN.

Freihofer’s Run for Women 5k Recap.

Well I could tell this was going to be a good damn race when I went to put my shoes on.  You see it had rained poured the night before, I know I woke up at 4 in the morning and could hear it.  So when I was getting ready my thought process when I went to find my shoes was; “oh crap, they’re gonna be soaked.”  But when I went to find them where I left them, they weren’t there.  So I looked in our garage and there they were safe, sound, and dry.  My dad must’ve moved them for me sometime last night after I came back from my run.  Starting off with dry shoes when I thought they were going to be wet was definitely a good sign.  I then made my mom pose for a before the run photo, she kept complaining because we were going to be late, but I need my photos! 

And of course I had to take one of myself, I mean what else should I do, get ready?

  Plus this way, you get to see how cray cray I am in the morning before I really get any coffee in me or get moving.  As you can see I have the fantastic outfit on that I picked out the day before.  And just as an fyi, my grandma and brother said they used my straight up bright ass outfit to spot me during the start/finish so they could take pictures.  So it looks like my plan to be super seeable for optimal picture-takage was a success!

Moving right along.  For the race you have to line up according to your bib color.  My mom’s was purple and mine was light blue.  So when we got there I couldn’t find my start.  I kept looking around, until I realized….I was in the front!  And I mean in the front as in right behind the elite runners!  My first thought was along the lines of “Sara, why the **** are you in the front??!?! You aren’t this fast!” But then I started laughing because I decided they must’ve mixed me up with some other fast Sara.   And then I finally decided to just go with the flow and enjoy my front starting point, because hey at least this way I wouldn’t have to zig zag through people at the start.  Just to give an example of how close I was to the elite’s I’ll demonstrate with a picture.  Exhibit A.

<———– Ok so you have to follow the line of the arrow and along this line a smidge below it you can see a girl in a neon green shirt behind a girl in pink, next to a girl in orangey/yellow.  Yea, that’s me.  And then take a gander here  —-l        


                       <————V  (fyi that was supposed to be a bendy arrow)

These women right there?  Yeah, those are the elite runners.  This was after the gun went off so they run like lightening.  But while we were at the start I could’ve literally tapped them on the shoulder and wished them luck.  That was just another way I knew it was going to be a good race; because I was at the front and was near the elites.  

The race wen pretty well, I mean my first mile felt fast, I think this mostly has to do with the fact that with all my long runs my body was a tad shocked at going so fast.  Anywho, I ran it in like 8:02ish?  The next mile I ran around that mile also, and the third mile I slowed down quite a bit, but I was ok with it.  The entire time I was like I don’t know how much more of this I can do.  But then my brain was like: “Sara, this is your shortest mile day of the past 2 weeks, shut up and stop being a wimp.” So I was like point well made brain.  And then kept running.

When I hit 2 miles in a little over 16 minutes I thought for the first time that I could possible hit a 24 minute 5k.  But alas, it was not to be at this race.  However, I was really happy with the time that I did get.  I was aiming to beat my previous 5k time of 26: 19 by maybe 30 seconds or so.  And I ended up beating it by over a minute.  My time for this race was 25:10.  So to really drive this race home I’m going to finish by photoboming the crap out of the rest of this post.

Here’s me crossing the finishing line.  Yes the time says 25:11, but that was the overall clock time from the gun, I had a chip on me that started when I crossed the first sensor.  Fyi, we are seeing all these lovely pictures because my grandma and brother Tim were watching/taking pictures of my Mom and I at the race.  Which was lovely if you ask me because I never have any during the run photos.  But I digress…

So moving along, what would race photos be without some close up race booty?  Yup that’s right, just walking off my slight hyperventilation and the fact that my legs are on fire.  NBD.

Once again moving along..  I thought what else should I put in here? Oh well, maybe some actual running photos would be nice, but I don’t know that’s just me.

Running down hills I start off kind of spazy when it comes to my arms flailing all over the place.  But eventually once I manage to control my momentum and remember to keep my form I don’t look so cray cray.

After I finished I waited for my mom at the finish. She finished in around 38 minutes, which might be one of her best times.  She was happy with it so that’s all that matters to me.  So once we found each other we were tasked with the problem of finding my Grandma and brother.  Luckily they were being super creepy with their cameras and so they spotted us before we spotted them.

This is my ‘um I have my water but where the hell are my free cookies?‘ face.  I personally really enjoy it, I think I’ll use it for every situation from here on out.

After we found everyone we headed back to the car to take an after race photo in our new swag shirts from this year’s race.

And in the process of taking this picture we almost got hit by a car trying to get out of the parking garage.  If that’s not winning I don’t know what is.  Can I get a thumbs up for winning?

Of course I can, it’s my blog. 😛

Anywho, the day was finally completed when I went home and tore into my box of free cookies.

The real reason I run this race. ->

So that was my Freihofer’s Race recap.  It’s the 3rd year I’ve run it and I seem to be improving every year.  It’s a great race for anyone who wants to try it…well… er… any woman who wants to try it.  It’s an all woman race. 

Now this week is all about Long Slow Miles and recovery for my marathon on Sunday.  I’ll keep everyone updated on the last week of training and the lovely goodies I just bought with my mommy!

That’s it for now, Until later TTFN.

Plattsburgh Half Marathon- Oh what a Racing Weekend!

Okey dokey people.  This weekend….er well… Sunday, I ran the Plattsburgh Half-Marathon in Plattsburgh (obviously).  So prepare for a photobomb type post because I took a lot of pictures! Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Me in the car, all excited for the upcoming car ride and race.   I like to take pictures of everyone and everything, but Justin was driven so I just took a creepy eye shot that he didn’t even know about.

We stopped for coffee and snacks (I’m a firm believer in snacks) at a gas station.  Mind you the car ride is only 2 hours, but hey us runners have to refuel!

So here is my snack:

Not the healthiest thing in the world I agree, but I do love me my slim jims soooooooo……….. I don’t care.  Then I have Johnny sitting next to me looking at me like; ‘What are you doing?”

We decided to eat dinner, then go to the mall in Plattsburgh (we don’t have one in Potsdam) then go check into our hotel so that we could just crash.  We ended up going to UNO! Next to Panera, this is like my other favorite restaurant.  Sorry about the pictures, but I forgot to take pictures of my food before I already starting eating it…………

Anywho, I started off with a walnut and goat cheese salad…. DELICIOUS!  I mean it was seriously delicious, it had like a spicy dressing and then the walnuts were glazed and the goat cheese was creamy, it was just amazing.  Then for dinner I had steak, broccoli, and steamed vegetables.  I’m explaining this now because by the time I had remembered to take a picture I had eaten most of it.

  As you can see, it’s almost completely gone.  That’s because it was also quite delicious, but I’ll eat almost anything so I’m not sure if you should take my word.  But it really was awesome!  After we went to the mall, got a little shopping done.  (I don’t have any pictures here).  Then we went to the hotel.  Where I continued to take obnoxious photos of everyone.  As seen here:

Because I photobomb like that.  🙂 Onto the day of the race.  Because nothing really happened at the hotel except for a lovely night of sleep.  Which was glorious, I do believe I slept for like 7 hours.  Lovely.

I ran in my vibrams………. obviously.  And I only found 1! other person who ran it in vibrams also.  It was this guy and we sorta bonded because we sat next to each other after the race in the food area.  Plus, I creepily took a picture of his vibrams.  So here they are:

So yeah, basically I don’t have any pictures during the actual race.  But I have a ton from after.  I’ll start at the finish.  By mile 11 I started to hurt, which in comparison to last year when I started to die at mile 6 I was pretty happy.  And I had written the splits I wanted to get on my arm:

Which helped a lot because once the miles start getting up there I’m not good at doing splits on the run <— I made a joke haaha.

Anywho, I managed to keep on my goal for the first 6  miles, fell behind by a minute and then fell behind by 2 minutes. 

Sidenote: Last year I ran the half in 2:14:.. (I forgot the seconds), this year I ran it in 1:59:26.  I went sub 2 and broke my last time, which are both goals I had for myself.  Let me tell you I practically cried when I finished because I was so happy. 

Getting back to the rest of the story.  Last year I didn’t do as well or feel that great during the run, but this year I felt amazing.  I had been training differently, I didn’t have one training run over 5 miles, which surprised 1 guy.  But I feel like I know my body well enough at this point to make those kinds of decisions.  But I digress..

As I said before I was hurting.  So once I got done I got myself some food and then signed up for a massage in the massage corner.  It was brought to us by:

And can I tell you? It felt AMAZING!  And I also got mad swag from this race.  Not the same things as last year, but I’m cool with it.  This year I got, a shirt:

On the back it says Finisher with a list of sponsors.

 I also got a glass, a nice one too, but I forgot to take a picture of it so…. sorry but you are just going to have to deal.

And I got a medal and a nice drawstring bag:

And me being all super happy with my medal:

I got a medal last year too, but this one was nicer/bigger.  Everyone of my non runner friends who’ve seen it have been impressed. It makes me feel cool. 

I want to take a second and make a shout out to my girl Hollie, who is pretty much a champion in every way because she came in 1st female overall with a time of 1:27…. She even got a trophy!

I asked for her autograph, but unfortunately she was super busy being a champion.  I’m sure she has more on how she thought about the race on her blog here

Moving along, it was our friend Johnny’s first half and he did amazing! Coming in around 1:47.  I was super happy for him, and in my happiness I made him take pictures:

Well that’s kinda a lie.  I made everyone take pictures with me………..

It’s not my fault though because they all knew it was going up on the good ‘ol blog.  So here is a picture of Justin and I.  I was sitting down hence why he had to bend over awkwardly. 

And then of course I took a picture with the super champ!
Well, actually we took a lot of pictures, but I won’t put all of them up because I do believe I’m already blowing your mind with all these amazing photos of me and my friends all sexy like in our sweaty/tiredness after our race.

Yes, that’s right.  We make super cool peace signs in pictures…. no big deal.

Anywho, that was pretty much it. After Hollie got her trophy we got in the car and headed back to school.  I can honestly say sitting down at that point was the most blessed thing that could ever happen.  It was a fairly unexciting car ride, but I had a great time with these 3 wonderful people and I’m hoping we will be able to do it again next year. 

Especially since the year before I swore I would never do this again, but now I’ve done it again and I’m doing a marathon in June! Oh boy, what messes I get myself into.  So that’s it for now.  Until later, TTFN.