Stronger than Yesterday

Well, sore-er than yesterday. Hahah get it? Of course you do, you are super intelligent! Anywhoser, Jenn has started using one of the chalkboards in the gym as a quote board and the other to post the W.O.D. (Workout of the Day).  So I gave her a bunch of quotes to put up there- special thanks to my pintrest obsession, it is good for something!  So I’m feeling more and more fit? I guess you can say anyways, I’ve started doing Crossfit 2x a week and from the sound of it we will be able to start doing it 4x a week soon.   I can’t wait! I asked the guy Dave who does it and he says that I can start calling myself a Crossfitter so…. I’m a Crossfitter!  38f625e3880d8ba25ebb8a6ec6cb27c3So even though everytime I’ve done it I’m either last to finish the W.O.D. or get the least amount of reps in I know that it doesn’t matter because I’m giving 100%! So basically sore is a feeling that I’m well acquainted with and it’s my bestie!   Speaking of Besties I got to hang out with Joe last night for the first time in a bagillion days, which is quite a long time for us.  We needed the time together to be sure!
And I got to run with my friend Brett Brett- we did a lovely 8 p.m. run on a day that it was too cold in the morning/I had a million and one things going on that day so I couldn’t run in the morning. tumblr_mi5yhnuPA11rjud3ho1_500 It was perfect bonding time for us because we needed some catch-up time together.  We were joking how funny it is that our 1st year knowing each other we were such dicks to each other because we hated each other, but now we hang out all the time and are besties.

So moving along….  Had a crossfit workout last night after 2 other workouts… died a bit.

Jen was making fun of me actually being like; “aren’t you so happy you worked out already?” as I was dying during the W.O.D. so I couldn’t even really respond to her, instead I just gave her a look.


It’s like… thanks Jen.   But the other day when it was just the 2 of us in the gym and I took my sweatshirt off (I had a tank on) she was like “HOLY SHIT!”.  Apparently, I’m getting big- in the sense that she can see way more muscle on me than when I first started.   Which as bro-like as it sounds made me pretty damn happy. So that’s basically all that’s going on in my life right now, I have a couple of papers due next week that I REALLY need to get done so this weekend will be spent doing homework ..  yay!

So until later, TTFN. 


Then and Now.

You know, I  went for a run yesterday before work and I realized something: I’ve come a long way since I started in High School.  So to enjoy my revelation (that’s what I’m going to call it) I’m going to talk about it today.  Back in High School I started running as a way to keep in shape for soccer (this was my main sport) and when I got cut during try-outs my sophomore year my friend Tirzah spent the whole year convincing me to do cross-country the following fall.  And well she won the convincing.  I ran in High school, always finishing last or second to last for my team at races and usually at the back of the pack for the entire race.  I don’t believe I know my time never went below 27:56 for a 5k in high school and that was during senior year.  Despite the fact that I never ran any fast races, and let’s be honest didn’t really try that hard I had fun.   Me at my homecoming parade —>

It was a fun time and I quickly fell in love with running.  Then came my freshman year of college and boy was I in for an awakening.  Preseason was full of 2 a days and long miles.  I quickly realized this wasn’t the same as high school.  But I still wasn’t serious yet about my running, sure I loved it and I loved being on the team, but I wasn’t quite ready to go out and run 5 miles everyday.  Heck some days if I ran 12 minute miles that was perfectly fine with me.  Often I wouldn’t even run everyday, and that was perfectly fine with me.  Mind you, I didn’t like coming in last every race, but I didn’t have enough drive to really do anything.

Then something happened that woke me up…..Regionals.  At Regionals I wasn’t able to race due to the fact that we could only have 6 women run and I was the 7th with the slowest time.  Naturally, as he should, my coach let the 6 fastest girls run.  I didn’t run in Regionals. 

Me and the ladies on my team freshman year ———–>

Needless to say, I was very upset.  My mom had come to watch me run and I cried because of it.  Then one of the girls who ran faster times than I did dropped out before a mile into the race, for in my perspective, no real good reason.  It was after that race that I decided I was going to train my butt off and never not be able to run in a race again.

So I did, I started running everyday, even cross training.  I entered race after race and did my own workouts both on and off the track.  That year following the season I ran a 10k, my first half-marathon with Hollikins and Justin.

These races just added to my motivation.  Especially when I came home ran a 5k for the first time since season and had cut 4 minutes off my time. That just showed me that my hard work was paying off so I pushed myself harder.  I ran my first triathlon with my Uncle Danny towards the end of the summer.

And soon after, I learned I had a stress fracture.  Once the boot was on I went home and cried… it seems like I do a lot of that.  I’d been working my butt off all year in preparation for the cross-country season and it all went to waste in my eyes with my fracture.  I couldn’t believe it, 2x I would have running races taken away from me.

Luckily, I followed Dr.’s orders and kept the boot on and healed quickly.  And I came back into the season after missing only 2 meets.  And you know what? My times were where they were when I came home and ran the first 5k of the summer. 

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to drop more time, but being able to run was a the best thing.  Compared to the season before where I finished every race last on my team and last overall I was now 4th sometimes 3rd out of the women on my team to finish. I was in heaven, and this year I ran at Regionals.

I’ve come a long way since high school, just this past April I ran that same half-marathon again and PR’d by 15 minutes.  All with no long run over 5 miles.

Since high school I’ve grown as a runner, not just cutting my times down from before but I’ve also learned how to listen to my body and how to train.  Running isn’t just a sport a I love, it’s my sanctuary.  And now in a week and a half I will be running my first marathon.  (Family issues might cause this to be a no go).  Who would’ve thought that the slow ass girl who always finished last in High School would turn her running around and progress to run half-marathons and marathons?  Certainly not me.

I’d be lying if I said I was happy where I am now and didn’t have higher goals for myself.  But I think every runner does so I’m not too worried.  I’ve learned a lot over the past few years and I hope to keep learning with my running. 

So that’s all for now, Until later TTFN.

We have nothing to fear..

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Oh and pain……… and spiders; they’re terrifying little beasts. No really,  I’ve been finding a lot of spiders in my house lately and while I’ve screamed in terror and demanded that my brother kill them for me he won’t do it.  So I’ve had to man up (not a lot) and kill them myself.  And they still freak me out, but that’s besides the main topic so I digress..

Anywho, a lot has gone on over the past few days.  1 thing is that I got my final grades for the semester, which I was terribly excited about.  I was aiming for an overall of 3.5 for this semester, which I didn’t get………… I got a 3.6! Woot Woot! So now my overall GPA is 3.35, which I am very happy about.  And my friend/sister Danielle is even more of a  Boss than I am- check her out on her blog.

Also, on Thursday I began running the STRS with the ARE.  The ARE is the Albany Running Exchange, which for those of you who don’t know, it’s a giant running group.  And the STRS is the Summer Trail Running Series, it happens every Thursday night and we meet at a certain trail and run around 3 miles, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. And there are a total of 3 barbeques spread out over the course of the summer.  Well the first run included the 1st BBQ.  The food was delicious and definitely needed after the run.  We ran around 3 miles and the trail was very muddy in spots so I ended up taking my vibrams off a couple of times and running barefoot.  When I got home my mom made me take a shower right away, because well…. let me just show you. 

Yeah and that was just the front of my legs, you can imagine what the back of my legs looked like with the mud flying up.  But I had a lot of fun, this is only my 2nd year running with them and I always have fun and I met a lot of new nice people who I ran with and talked to, so maybe I’ll have lots of new running buddies!

Then my family went to my grandparent’s house in Pennsylvania this weekend for my grandma’s 70th birthday.  It was fun, I got to see my cousins that I don’t normally get to see.  However, I had to sleep on a tiny ass couch because all the beds were taken, my uncle Rob slept in the recliner next to me because we both didn’t have a bed.  Needless to say, when I got home I slept like a rock.

I managed to get a good workout in while at my grandparent’s because their whole neighborhood is hills so I ran to the pool and it was all uphill which was a good workout.  And then later my uncle Rob and I ran to the pool and then back so I went uphill the whole way again and then on the way all downhill (duh, what goes up, goes down).   So it was a fun weekend and I got to run so that’s always fun. 

That’s it for now, Until later TTFN.