Sorry I decided that I wanted to try to make it cool and somehow related to Prefontaine.  I shall stop trying so hard now…. moving along…

I’ve been MIA do to leaving for school this past Friday.  I went up to my camp for a few days and then headed to good ‘ole Potsdam Sunday morning, where I moved myself in alone for the first time.  And let me tell you, it is certainly a lot easier with someone else to help carry everything  *cough* cough* Daddy, but I managed nonetheless. 
I’ve taken pictures so that you can see my room, in case you forgot I lived in a townhouse last semester and I am living in one again this year.  So I will now photobomb you with pictures… your welcome in advance. 

This is looking into my room, obviously it is my bed, a dresser type thing, and some shelves.  I’m very OCD type organized so I have everything in a particular place. 

This is my closet, I actually had to think of stuff to fill up the shelves this year.  My mom and I were discussing while I was packing that it felt like it was all fitting too well and I must have really cleaned last time I came home and got rid of a lot of crap because I honestly don’t believe I brought as much stuff and I have all the essentials as last time.  I even found more space for my running stuff!  And lastly….

My place of work!! Er… blogging!

There isn’t anything up on the walls yet because I have to fill out a room form to discuss the shape of the room when I moved in so I’m not allowed to until that is filled out.  Oh well, I can wait a few days to go cray cray on the walls in my room. 
Honestly, today’s workout wasn’t too bad, but I’m pooped.  Like I’m about to pass out.  So I think I’m going to end this blog post early and discuss the workouts we’ve done/will be doing more in my next post.  I hope this can satisfy all you hungry blog readers until then!
Until later, TTFN.


Busy Busy Bee/ 2 decades

Well I have been a busy busy bee.  Do you like my alliteration?  Anywho, I went up to school officially on Saturday and moved myself in.  It took until the afternoon on Sunday to completely move into my new room.  Don’t worry I have lots of pictures, which are below.

This is the view from my window, if there wasn’t snow I’d be very tempted to try to climb out onto the roof…

This is my bed all made and junk, with lots of random crap on top of it.  It’ s probably not all that interesting.

My lovely closet that is ALL for me! Along with the WHOLE room. (Which is very exciting for me) I didn’t exactly enjoy my living situation last semester. It was like I had 2 roommates, my roommate and her bf….

But I digress…

Anywho, this is my place of studying and organizationalness. 

 Not very organized as you can see.

This is my workout wall and such jazz. This was taken before I put up all my race bibs and such so they are now  up next to my wall.

Anywho, I finally finished the beer can pillow and gave it to my guy friends.  And they loved it! I’m determined to get them to drink enough beer to think that it’s a giant beer can that they can drink.  Anywho, here are pics of it all done.  I even made a tab for the top!

As you can see I decided to make it a bud light can of beer, because that is one they drink the most.  And now here is the top of it.

 I made a fake tab to “open” the can. 

Also, since it was my birthday today (the big 20).  I decided to treat myself with my birthday and bought myself some fabric from the local craft store to make myself letters (for my sorority) with. 
Also, I wouldn’t spend much money on it and honestly all the shirts and stuff that I have now with letters on it have either been hand me downs or gifts.  But, I am placing orders for a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, and a shirt called a jock with my nickname on it.  I’m very excited, mostly because my mom can’t say anything about me spending the money because it was my birthday money and I never splurge this much (even though she thinks it’s a waste of money).  But overall it was a pretty good day.  Oh here are the different fabrics I got:

As you can see, it’s a wide range.  It has a decent amount of pinks because, well, it’s my favorite color.   And… oh! I got a free cannoli in one of my dining halls today because they heard it was my birthday/I told them :P.  But it definitely made my day.  So I belive that that is it for now so until later, TTFN.