Alright I know that I am in fact a few days late for this whole 2013/2014 post but I think y’all will just have to a bear with me.  So I shall start off with a quick bit about this past year- 2013 and move on to what’s ahead- 2014.

So 2013 was an interesting year I officially finished all the requirements to receive my bachelor’s in Politics, I did an internship in the state Assembly, I became President of my school’s Student Government Association.  I watched a lot of Netflix- can I get a “what, what” for West Wing?!  I continued to knit and make a lot of my Christmas presents.  I finished my time as a member of the SUNY Potsdam Cross-Country team, going out on top as both Captain and PR’ing in my final race. I took my LSATs-twice. 487441_213183032157616_598274854_n And I managed to somehow be lucky enough to join an amazing gym in the town where my college is which is filled with some of the most amazing people (including some of my best friends).

Now that’s enough looking back, I think it’s better to look forward more than look back- don’t you?

Quick interlude; I’ve fallen off the Paleo bandwagon, but I am working on getting back on- I’ve already cut out a lot of the crap that I was eating and am working to get back to eating where I was.

Alright, 2014! So as most, if not all people, I have some resolutions for this new year.  I have outlined them in list form so here we go!;

1. Keep track of how many miles I run in 2014

2. Do sit ups and push ups every day

3. Eat Paleo/clean

4. Be more forgiving

5. Learn to be happier with my body

6. Knit for charity

So some of these are quite self-explanatory, so just to clarify obviously being happier with myself has to do with my eating issues.  And knitting for charity- I’ve always read about it and wanted to do it, but have yet to do so I’m making this my year to make it happen.

I don’t have many more resolutions than those, well I don’t have any others really.  So far I’ve logged 0 miles in 2014 due to inclimate weather and other factors.  However, I shall be logging quite the mileage in the next few days.  I’ve been doing my sit ups, but not my push ups and I need to get that going and as I said before I’m not doing so hot with Paleo, but I’m working on it and it’s a work-in-progress…

I’ve got tons more to talk about at a later date, but until then TTFN.


Getting Pumped and learning to reach out

So I’ve been struggling this past week with eating and how I’ve been feeling- feeling kinda like I did last semester.  So that’s been something that I’ve been working on. 65c084ba2567d7186011944478f457a8 It’s going to be something I continue to work on for a long time to come I think.   Luckily, I have a lovely friend named Carla who understands- she understands completely.   We have a lot in common food-wise and she goes hard on working out like I do.  So basically we have started becoming closer and honestly its nice working out with her because she helps me to push myself.

So  yesterday was leg day.  My legs felt a little wobbly after we finished the workout 1 1/2 hours later…. but I was like alright not too bad.  Boy was I wrong!  after-leg-dayToday walking up and down the stairs is a legitimate workout.   I’m too busy trying to not miss or step or have my legs give out from underneath me while I walk down them to care how ridiculous I look.  It’s going to be a good day. Even though I am going to look ridiculous literally all day I love being sore after a good workout because I feel like I actually did something.  But that’s just me….

Basically, I’m getting/staying on track with my eating and working out.  I’ve somehow been juggling schoolwork, SGA, practice, and lifting these past 2 weeks so my goal is to pretty much keep that up. 634c1c41ef3069e443ea89f4167ab4f4 Did I mention that I’m sore today?  Because I am. So moving along from my soreness…

My friend Hollikins ran her first marathon yesterday. She ran the NYC Marathon and she did it in a little over 3 hours.  I can honestly say that I creeped on her by following her bib number on the NYC Marathon website.  I just want to give her a quick shout out to tell her Congrats! I’m so happy and proud!!   She kicked some major butt in my opinion and I hope that she isn’t too sore.

So basically that’s all I’ve got going on.  Oh before I forget, I PR’d in my 6k for this season by a whole minute.  I didn’t realize it until like 2 days after the race but my last 6k time was around 33:35 and my 6k time from this past weekend was 32:36.  So I’m pretty happy right now.  Even though my times weren’t where I wanted them to be this season I was still improving.  So with that I will leave you with a lovely Eminem song that I really like.

So until later, TTFN. 

It’s a crazy beautiful life

So I’ve been a tad stressed this week, only a tad so that’s good.  I hurt my hip flexor on… Tuesday? Yeah, Tuesday.  And so we had a local meet at Clarkson that I decided last-minute as I got there not to run in and I’m happy I did because I just yogged like 2 miles instead around the course and it began to act up a bit.  Part of me is upset because I didn’t get my mileage in the other day, but the other half of me is like “don’t be stupid” and I’m attempting to listen to the “don’t be stupid” side more so that I don’t injure myself more.  Plus, we have a meet on Saturday at Oswego, which by the way I’ve been obnoxiously texting  my brother in order to make sure he’s there, but I digress… 01f166299809bc41c4ecac3dfb1abcb1

On the plus side, my legs are kinda sore from my workout at Rogue yesterday.  Kinga and I went together and we did box jumps, wall balls, burpees, and some ab work.  Also, I looked at Jenn’s weightlifting book so I could get an idea of what I was doing wrong with my form for deadlifts- I figured it out and I had one of the guys at the gym watch me while I did it so I know my form is finally good.
Today (Friday) I went to Rogue at like 5:30 a.m. with Kinga and this woman (whose name I forgot) but she’s 51 and a teacher.  We hopped into the workout with her and before we started she was like “please don’t kill me” well we should’ve been the ones saying it to her! She totally kicked our butts in everything!  1236362_10200830147853852_1671499519_n But it did feel good to get 1 of my workouts done early this  morning.  We didn’t leave the gym until like 6:40-7 a.m.  I feel like we are spending more and more time there, which is ok with me because I enjoy it and it helps me get stress out.
Another cool thing is that Rogue is starting up some W.O.D. for all the crossfitters/beginner crossfitters and I definitely think that I’m going to do it.  In all honesty, I do want to get better with my running (which is why I run an hr every day), but I’m also just concerned with becoming a better, fitter me.  I haven’t told my coaches this because when we kinda told them about Rogue they freaked out on us and honestly, this is my last season of cross-country at the college level- I’ll always run on my own.  So I don’t want to not be on the team, but being in just running shape isn’t my priority anymore.

But, that’s all I have for now.  Basically, I pass out by 9 p.m. every night and wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and my days are filled with hw, classes, eating, working out and that’s about it.  But I’m very much enjoying it. 8c0ccad8bcf84dc61b9c8dc05554a93a

So until later, TTFN. 

I pick things up and put them down.



Ok I’m sorry I remembered this commerical and thought it was perfect, plus it’s kinda hilarious.  Anywhoser, so yesterday was my XC team’s 1st meet of the season.  It was a close one (which is pretty unusual) so we actually got back around 2 p.m. Which is fantastic because it’s first Saturday which means all the businesses in town have deals.  And well the grandma in me wants to go get some discount yarn from the local craft store.  Judge me for my grandmotherlyness… I dare you.

Moving along… Kinga, Maggie, and I all 3 actually managed to make it to Rogue together this morning.  I think it’s the one day a week that our schedules will allow it.  To be honest though, most of the time I’m perfectly ok with going without them… I  love Maggs to pieces, but sometimes I need some time away from her.   Anyways, we’ve started to get bored with the basic routine that Jenn has had us doing, so we talked to her after we did our stuff and she gave us new things to do.  Can anyone say wall-balls, box jumps, deadlifts, oh my!  I’m super excited because I’ve honestly been longingly staring at the boxes and wanting to do box jumps.   However, I can tell this is going to be one of the things that will bruise me… badly.  Oh well! I’m growing to love my battle scars! untitled

I had some inner turmoil the other day.  Part of me is like; “ugh I don’t want to get gross like calloused man hands” and the other part of me is like; “look at my callouses, look at what I earned!”.  I know that’s kinda silly to think about, but lots of silly things go through my head so..

Ugh yes, burpees- those are still in our training repertoire. So much love for them… not really, they hurt.

But above all the excitement and learning how to eat better and healthier there lies happiness.  That’s right.  I’m still not comfortable with how my body looks, but I’m no longer concentrating so hard on what I’m eating and I’m not stressing so much about losing weight.  Instead, I’m like; “I want to be able to lift that or do those, etc.” I’m learning to be happy with what my body is capable of doing and in time eventually getting to where I want to be.
I’m excited to workout nowadays.  I can’t wait to go to Rogue, I like to go to our school gym on top of it to use some traditional weights, and I’m running around an hour a day.  And I’m enjoying all of it.  I think re-finding my joy in working out and constantly getting new things to do has really helped me.

So all I can say now is that I’m constantly exhausted from the early mornings and multiple workouts, but I’m happy and that’s what’s most important.

So until later, TTFN.

Being Human

Ok so I KNOW I keep revisiting this and I’m very sorry for the constantness of this but it’s still something I’m struggling with.  Motivation.  I mean some days I really don’t want to work out or don’t see the point, even though I usually end up working out.  It’s just like I know I need to be patient, but I’m still kinda disappointed that I’m not seeing more results in terms of slimming down and getting a flatter stomach.  But  I had forgotten about my ‘Motivation Book’ in which I put a butt-ton of motivational pictures and quotes and I came across one that basically said; “not seeing results but trusting that one day I will see what I want and still working out when I’m frustrated” which kinda helped so I’ve continued with the working out! 5ac04d230f0fb8616d8b2dbb40f4c394

So I said I restarted the Insanity program, which is kinda true.  I’m doing it more on a loose basis- in that I’m doing it when I feel up to it which could be 4x a week or 1.  I’m basically just doing it at this point as another form of cross-training and not my main form of training.  Again, as I said in my last takes post I have increased my mileage to 25 miles, this is the 2nd week of my 25 mileage.  I’ve had two solid 5 mile runs per week for the last two weeks.  Honestly, when I first started doing 5 milers (it usually a little under an hour) I dreaded doing them because it took so long and my body kinda ached towards the last mile.  But now that I’ve been doing them for a while, I actually am really starting to enjoy them. a406c9db4985cf13708235e86e93dec3 I don’t notice how long it takes anymore, before it seemed like I could feel every minute going by, but now it passes much more quickly.  Next week during preseason and the week after I’m hoping to hit at least 30 miles per week and then we’ll see how my body feels.

Other than that, it’s the final week before I go back to school,  I move back in on Sunday.  So my room was a mess before, but now there’s a worse one because I’m attempting to pack and organize and my room is basically nuts looking.

I’m getting super pumped to go back and I can’t wait to live with two of my best friends; Kinga and Maggie. rea3f6f5e3744220ed6835a8a9954c3b6a They’re both really into working out and eating right so I know I’ll have a good support system when I’m back at school.  I’m also going to attempt to lift weights 2x a week on days when I don’t have early classes,  then swim 1-2x a week at night.  So we will see how long I’m able to keep it up or get it going at all with my busy schedule.

Also,  yesterday I went to the gym with my friend Christine and she helped me to learn good form for squats and bench press.  I even did dumbbell bench press at 20 lbs! I’ve never used that high of weights for that before! I’m happy to see some progress somewhere!a83c799bd3276b2046cebe9ce1e699fa

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.

Mile Markers

Ok so this summer I’ve been doing different things with my running and training than I have in the past.  This summer, as you all know, I decided to do the Insanity program. So since it was already a 35-45 min workout for the 1st month and an hour each for the second month, I had cut down my running.  Anywhoser, I did 2 1 mile timed trials last week.  Basically here’s how I broke down the workout; 1/2 mile warm up, 1 mile timed, 1-2 minute break, 1 mile timed, and ended with 1/2 mile cool down.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find that my mile times were as follows; 7:45 and 7:53.  I’m really excited with these because it means that I really  have a chance of hitting 22 mins for a 5k this season!!! 8bdab02add88681b8687dfd81aa8e45a

So as of right now I’ve been increasing my mileage for the past few weeks.  Last week and the week before were 20 mile weeks and this week and next week before preseason are both going to be 25 mile weeks.  That being said, I’ve restarted the Insanity program because I feel that it has really helped me to get stronger.  So I will only be doing the 1st 2 weeks again until preseason because I honestly don’t want to do 3 workouts a day…. call me lazy but whatever!

So now that I’ve got you up to date on my workout progress and what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks I feel that I need to tell you something important- the 90s bands are making a comeback! So far the bands who have started performing/releasing music again are; Hanson, New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, 98 degrees, and now most recently Backstreet boys!  I’m super excited and everyone who I’ve told whose my age or slightly older is super psyched.  Yeah that’s right, 90s kids are in love with their bands! Now all we need is N’SYNC and the Spice Girls to join the mix and maybe O-Town and we are set to go!

Well the Backstreet Boys just released a song from their newest album which they will be releasing soon and I’ve been listening to it on repeat and it’s really good! Here it is;

So if you are a 90s kid and remember the good bands, you should definitely give this a listen! So that’s all I have for y’all for now.  So until later, TTFN. 

Working it out

So Wednesday I ran with Kinga, it was a lovely run and I almost died.  I haven’t been working out, in fact I’ve been very strongly slacking as of current.  But I hopped back on the bandwagon so to speak last Saturday and I’ve been working out everyday again.  I’ve been eating healthier again and I have some goals for my body.

My goals are; 7bc71d111551947f8131a1e6712630cd

– lose 5-10 lbs.

– get toned.

– define my abs.

I basically just want to get into better shape in general.  I want to wear my bikini on the beach and feel hot, but I also want my body to have more power for my tri’s and my running.  My body is capable of all that muscle and power I just have to sculpt it out! And that’s where my friend Maggie and sister Carla come in…

Maggie is great with nutrition, like seriously.  I go grocery shopping with her/actually make her go with me every week so that she can help me pick out better options.  She’s like a step below dietitian and she’s a personal trainer- she knows her stuff.

And my sister Carla is really intense with fitness (I think she’s an amateur body builder?) don’t quote me on that.  Anyways, she’s basically a bamf with working out and lifting.  So she’s been kind enough to help give me some workouts and plans to do.

So basically these next two weeks at school I’m going to be kicking my own butt into shape with the help of Kinga, Maggie, and Carla.  I think that if I can get myself going then I’ll be able to keep it up and not stop.  Especially, since I’ve made plans with my friend Ne Ne at home to do Insanity when we get back… I think I go this.

So I have loads more to tell you, but it doesn’t relate to working out so I’ll save it for later. It’s exciting too! But with that I’ll leave you on a cliffhanger.

So until later, TTFN.