Trust in yourself and everything you do will be right.

I got the title for this post off of a fortune cookie fortune, one of the few good ones I’ve ever gotten.  Anywhoser, my life was quite busy and stressful- mostly related to Ryan.  I’ve found that when we are fighting each other and are generally not agreeing on anything I’m like 10x more stressed than I otherwise would be. And it all accumulated into a lovely disagreement around 2 weekends ago, where he actually ended up apologizing to me.  I was actually really impressed because he has never apologized to me for anything… ever.  So I know that probably took a lot for him.  So anyways, since then things have been going much better between us, which definitely takes away a lot of the stress I had in my life.
Now nominations for E-board of SGA start this Wednesday and I’m stressing about whether I’m going to be nominated for President, and whether I will win and whether I will do a good job.  Because that’s one thing- I’m always wondering if I’m doing a good job as Vice-President.  tea_party_poster_reagan_protect_the_people-r4e6c1c5c726b4883b1d8b48ad2dd50c8_adju_400
I mean I try hard. I want to be both the voice of the people and be there for them to talk to to raise any concerns that they might have.  I also want to be able to look at any situation and be able to help decide things calmly and with a fair head.  I don’t know, I guess I just care a lot about people and I want to be able to do everything that I can to help them.  That’s another reason I want to go to law school, to help the people.  There are always going to be people who need help or who are being taken advantage of and need someone to stand up for them and I want to be that person.
So that’s the dealio of what’s going on in my life currently.  I’m doing the SGA thing, the house thing, the school thing and the working out thing.  Although, today and yesterday I am taking off because I’m feeling a tad under the weather and I’d rather rest and be better tomorrow then go workout and be worse off tomorrow.

Oh and my friend Chris and I are in a disagreement about whose better Batman or Superman.  He says Batman and I say Superman.  So I posted this picture to his facebook to prove my point; batman vs superman

I believe it very accurately depicts how it is between Batman and Superman. But that’s just my opinion.  You can disagree with me, but you’d be wrong.  But I digress….

So yeah that is currently everything that is going on in my life right now.  It’s not super exciting as of right now, but that always changes at like a minutes notice so maybe it will get super exciting by tomorrow, who knows?!

So I need to get some work done before my house meeting, so until later, TTFN.


Christmas Party/Halfway there

Ok so it is Wednesday and that means- SGA CHRISTMAS PARTY! I woke up early (as per normal) to bake the cookies I was bringing to the office today.    So let’s just say I did no real work today, I watched a shit ton of Christmas movies, I ate soooooo much food that I think I’m going to need to go up a pant size- no joke.  Anywhoser, I watched about 4 Christmas movies; Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Returns, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (most recent version).  And well Ra Ra was supposed to bring his Irish Nachos to the party today and he didn’t … granted I give him that he was working on his senior seminar paper, but I digress….

So after learning my kitchen was free and I had cooking utensils he agreed to make them! So we hit up Price Chopper where he got all his ingredients and then we headed back to my townhouse.  When we got there I got the cooking utensils he needed out and then asked; “What do you want me to do?” His response? “Nothing.”  BOOM! I love when people are going to do something for me- like cook for me- and then tell me they don’t want help because I am more than happy to oblige. 
Anywhoser, it was legitimately the longest 1/2 hour of my life.  But once it was done…..mmmmm… delicious.
So we brought the tray back to the SGA office where everyone feasted more.  You know that point when you eat so much that you just want to nap? I hit that point today.

But as per usual… I’m over it.  So then we all went to dinner at Maxfields at 6 and by all I mean all of us on E-Board plus Mo and Cindy.  So after we all got there and sat down and ordered we decided to exchange gifts.  Now I’m sneaky and annoying so I knew who 4 (including myself) out of the 7 people had for secret santa.  So we did it that if you got your gift ( i.e. Mo had Zach, so once he opened his present he had to give his to the person he had) you had to give your gift next.  So it worked out that by the 3rd person going I knew almost for a fact that Ra Ra had me.  So we went around the table and only him and I were left so we exchanged our gifts. 

I gave him 3 small movie posters from the movie ‘In the Loop’ that he likes and a bottle of gin.  He got me… wait for it… the following: Princess Barbie A princess Barbie,

red bullA 4 pack of red bull. I love red bull!

nerf gunA nerf gun, which honestly- Bad idea.  Don’t give me red bull and a nerf gun and not expect me to go a little cray.  Which I did in case you were wondering…

Irish NachosAnd his recipe for his Irish Nachos- that present made me almost hug him.  Legit Best. Present. Ever. 

Ok I know y’all are gonna tell me that this isn’t Wednesday anymore, but my computer was being a butt and I got busy so I couldn’t post everything I wanted so I waited. Oh wells!

And no, for those of you who were wondering, you can’t have the recipe.  It’s mine now and I intend to get fat off of it.  These Irish nachos consist of waffle fries, lots of cheese and bacon and jalapenos.  I LOVE IT!!!

Ok so that’s it for now, I’m trying to finish up cleaning/packing to leave tomorrow so I’ll let you know how my finals went later.

Until then, TTFN.

I must pie you a question…

Ok so I know that doesn’t make sense at all, but I don’t care. I was quite the busy bee today.  I started off my morning by putting the finishing touches on a presentation that I had with my group today.  And then I got to pie Ra Ra in the face….. 3 times.  Good day.

Legit, I was the first person to pie him, it was for a club’s fundraiser and it was him and another guy who were being pied.  I enjoyed it very much- it helped me to take out some of my frustrations that I have geared towards him.  Anywhoser, he managed to get me back a bit though, he flung whipped cream in my hair! RUDE!

It wasn’t ok because well I had a presentation today and I had to go clean it out.  So to teach him a lesson for getting whipped cream in my hair… another pie to the face!

Unfortunately, I had to leave for class and miss out on the hilarity for a little while… but it was ok because after my presentation I was able to go back and…. pie him 2 more times! YAY!

Ryan+ Pie

Well then I had to help him clean up… not fun.  So that was the good/fun part of my day.

Pssh, He totally  enjoyed being pied.

The not so great part involved finding out the girl who ran against me last spring for Vice-President might be attempting to run against me for President…. Ok I’m about to be terribly rude so I’m sorry in advance.

Woman! I beat you last year when the experience you had was being the secretary of the Executive Board of SGA.  Now, you haven’t been on E-board for a year, nor have you had any leadership positons in any clubs and I’ve gained even more experience being Vice-President this year.  Run for Vice-President again! There’s no realistic way you can beat me, anyone with half a brain will understand that I’m the only one capable enough of dealing with the shit storm that is going to be our administration and school next year.  Not only that, I can handle the stress and busy schedule because I’ve been dealing with it this year.  And my final point is that I know what needs to be continued next year in terms of plans set forward by the current E-Board (mainly Ryan and I).  So please stop deluding yourself and get out of my way!  Ok, I feel better… just a little.

So that’s going on.  Now don’t think because of my rant that I’m deluding myself and thinking that she isn’t competition along with Tara (the girl whose made it quite known that she will run against me), but I feel like realistically I have the most experience and can do the best at the job.
As much as SGA and everything that goes with it stresses me out. I LOVE IT!   I’m not sure that I can stress that enough.

I love everything about it.  I love the people I work with, what the job entails, all the little things the job doesn’t entail but I do anyways, all the bullshit, the back talk, the people who don’t think I’m doing my job right, the days where I don’t really eat/sleep because I’m either so stressed or overloaded with work I don’t know what to do, and I especially love days like today where I get to do things like participate in a club’s fundraiser and pie someone like Ra Ra in the face.

I honestly don’t know how to make people not associated with me day in and day out see that.  I guess I’ll just have to figure it out along with my other long lists of things to do.  Well, I’ll add it to the list. For now I’m going to go home and get ready to hang out with my pledge brothers in PMA tonite.  And then tomorrow working out and studying for finals- to Final land we go!

To end this long worded post on a funny note… I want my Christmas tree decorating when I get my own place to look like this:

And on that note, until later- TTFN.running christmas tree

It’s that kinda relationship…

So I think mine and Ryan’s relationship can be summed up in a total of 2 photos. Ryan loves me65074_10200295140808026_698156236_n

I believe they explain everything perfectly.  As you can see he’s overjoyed to have to spend time with me out of the office. But I digress….

I haven’t run in a full week now… I’m kinda depressed about this. My motivation level for actually getting out and doing it is zip!  Honestly, I’m willing to not push it and force myself to go run even though I don’t want to.  I know that’s not the response my coach would like to hear, but my response to him right now is-tough luck.

I know that the off-season is the time to really train and step up on everything, but I’m trying to finish up the semester and get everything done.  In addition, I have to do my internship stuff, along with work over the winter break.  So I’m going to attempt to get back on track with my running in the next few weeks but at the same time I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

Also, I’m getting more heavily involved with my student rights ideas.  In how the administration at SUNY Potsdam goes about punishing students who violate the student code.  Sometimes it is warranted and necessary, while other times it isn’t.  And not only is it not necessary, but the way that it is done is abusive. But I digress….. mostly because you don’t want to get me started on my long-winded rant.

On the plus side I JUST signed up for the Plattsburgh half, for those of you who are new to my blog- I run it every year for the past couple of years.  And…. *drum roll please* the Ottawa marathon in… Ottawa. Go figure.  I decided to forget the Lake Placid Marathon this year- my legs still haven’t quite forgiven me.  In the attempt to find a flatter “nicer” course. And I believe Ottawa is it, plus my mom said she’ll rent a hotel and we will have a lovely time of it together- there’s a 5k the day before the marathon she is possibly going to do.

Looking at the website again its more of a full running weekend with the 5k and 10ks on Saturday and the half-marathon and marathon on Sunday.  Well this should be fun and interesting!

I hope she does the 5k that way I can yell/encourage her the day before my race.  And then we can drink together Sunday night! Because by May I will be 21- obviously my birthday is in January…..

Anywhoser, that’s it for now…. starfish….. so until later, TTFN.

Ottawa marathon weekend

Would you rather?

So apparently Pooh Bear (aka Ra Ra) has decided that a new game we should play is would you rather.  It basically entails very raunchy or simply disgusting questions of would you rather do ___ or do ___.  Simple enough but in the hands of dirty minds like ours, it escalates quickly.  Anywhoser, I think it’s hilarious in all honestly and some of the things he comes up with make me laugh beyond belief.  In all honesty is a great non-serious stress reliever.

Which is good in my opinion because apparently just running isn’t doing it for me anymore.  I mean seriously, I went on a 4.5 mile run today with Morg to let out some anger/frustration/annoyance/stress and when I got back to my office to keep working- I WAS STILL STRESSED! Oh well, thankfully there are only 3 weeks left to the semester.  I definitely need longer than a week break from SGA and school and everyone at school.

On the plus side I spoke with Tara and all my hyperventilating over her wanting to be President is honestly not as bad of a situation as I though.  *Whew*  And my housemate Katelyn saved me a venison burger! Sweet deal! So hey- I guess those are my silver linings to my crazy day today.  Well look at that!  Well I’m feeling slightly better now, albeit I didn’t get the reading done for my class tomorrow morning, but as my professor has said I’ve earned a 4.0 overall for class presentations so at this point I feel like I could sit there like a human vegetable and still be ok, of course I won’t do that, but I digress…

Alright, well I’m tired.  I need to shower. I’m hungry. And quite frankly that venison is seriously calling my name.  I’ll try to update on my life more later!
Until then, TTFN.

What we have here is an interesting thing… you dig?

So ok, it goes kinda like this….. open your mind!!!! Anywhoser, Ra Ra and I are around each other quite a lot and by a lot I mean- like all the time.  So its only natural that we would end up either hating each other or actually being really good friends.  Well, it turns out that we are becoming very well situated with one another.  Weird I know!  But its efficient in terms of getting things done around the office and being comfortable with obnoxiously texting each other with questions about work stuff and the like (which is what I’m doing now), plus we have class together… I wasn’t joking when I said we were around each other all the time. 

Anywhoser, it’s a pretty sweet deal we’ve got going.  I enjoy it anyways because not only do I get a 2nd office (I commandeer his sometimes for homework), but I’ve got a new friend (I’d call him that).  He’s a pretty good guy, even though he doubts himself.  Irregardless, I’m glad I’m on the E-board and therefore have gotten to know him like I have.

Moving along, Assembly has been pissing me off….. Ok that’s not fair. Assembly hasn’t been pissing me off as a whole, only a select few people IN Assembly have been pissing me off.  They get mad because they don’t think I’m doing my job right/well and  public figures are always going to have good and bad opinions, but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.  So its been a stressful past few weeks, but thankfully Thanksgiving break is coming up.

I can’t wait to go home and eat me some home-made meals, sit on the couch and watch mind-numbing television, not have any classes, and not have anyone telling me I’m doing my job wrong and not having anyone asking for help 24/7.

Whew! I really needed to let that out. So yeah, you can basically say that I need break- badly.  On the plus side I’m running a race tomorrow for FUN!… on the negative side I haven’t really gotten a chance to run this week.  On ANOTHER plus side, I will be running another race on Thanksgiving day so I have a few days in between to start running again… Yay?

So yeah basically its going to be a LOOOOOOONG 4 days until I go home, but I’m just going to have to stick it out.  So hopefully in that time I can win myself a turkey at the race tomorrow- its a prediction race and whomever guesses closest to their time wins a turkey…. I want it. 😛

So until later, TTFN. 

Aca-scuse me? He’s not that bad!

Yes that’s right, I’ve felt the need to have a Pitch Perfect title for my posts for the past one and this one.  Deal with it, I love that movie and have seen it 3 times at this point and definitely would see it multiple more times.  So if you haven’t seen it yet… go see it!

Let’s revisit the topic of Ra Ra Williams who I stated before he makes me angry, but doesn’t really make me angry.  Ra Ra makes me angry infuriates me every day because he knows which of my buttons to push to get me annoyed.  However, as of late its been more of a mutual fake anger towards each other because in all honesty, he’s not a bad guy.  In fact, in my opinion he’s a pretty good guy.

He has this ability to make me not stay angry at him for very long.  I think it’s a combination of the fact that we have so much in common that I actually don’t mind spending large amounts of time (which I don’t really have a choice of).  We have similar tastes in movies, music, humor, and even the way we both talk under our breath about other people’s opinions during class discussions.  So while everyone and their mother thinks that he’s a super pompous ass, which he is 100% of the time, he’s my ass who isn’t a bad guy.  In my opinion anyways.

So yesterday was the day it finally happened after multiple weeks of stress…. I finally broke down and cried.. like 2x.  Poor Ra Ra, one of those times was with him and to his credit for the rest of the day he attempted to make me feel better.  I give the man credit- he puts up with an upset Sara very well.  But I digress….

Anywhoser, today has been a pretty good day in terms of school work and not feeling super overwhelmed.  I managed to get the reading for my class done tomorrow, all I have to do is write a short paper on my recommendations- emphasis on MY– as in no real research, which= happy Sara. So that’s fantastic, plus I got lots of actual SGA related work that I needed to get done today, also a plus.

Oh! And I remembered to eat today…. yea so yesterday I forgot/was so busy I didn’t eat or attempt to really eat until 8 p.m.  At which point I was so nauseous from not eating that my body proceeded to throw up anything I tried to eat.  Sorry for the visual. Moving along, I managed to eat tons today because I was quite ravenous.  And my adorable friend Joe bought me lunch and dinner.  Gotta love a man who feeds me! 😛

So basically what I’m trying to say is that today was a good day.  Especially after the past few weeks of super stress and my breakdowns of epic proportions yesterday.  Plus, I got to annoy Ra Ra and hang out in his office all day because for some reason his office is warmer than mine and doesn’t have cold air blasting out of the vents- lucky him!  So I shall leave this post on a hilarity note, in the form of a picture.

Sorry for the profanity, but I thought it was funny.

So with that I say, TTFN!