Spring Break Recap- the lost days :P

Ok y’all have been terribly patient with me and I really appreciate it. ūüôā¬† So this post is going to be super long <—- I’m warning you now.¬† But on the plus side it will also have a lot of pictures! So I think that’s a fair trade-off.¬† Ok so here we go! Monday was mostly a beach and chill out type day.¬† I got VERY sunburned on monday.¬† And now the parade of pictures:

My face is not a happy one.  I was in lots of pain for a few days, which resulted in me not wearing real clothes,but instead workout clothes.  However, the beach where I burned was quite lovely.

It was very windy and the waves were really strong because the tide was coming in.  They even had a warning because the rip tide was so strong.   And believe me I felt it even just by sticking my lovely feet in.

Don’t you love how many foot shots I always seem to have?

I love the rush of the water on my feet though.  And I even made a new friend, but I think he was just using me to get to my food.

The seagulls were definitely brave at this beach.  They swooped so low to our heads and came up right next to use while we were lying on our towels.  I was a little worried they were going to attack when I was eating my chips.

After the beach we went to the pool and I swam for like 20 minutes or so doing laps.¬† The one good thing about the beach/pool combo is that it brings out the waves in my hair because my hair is what my friends call “beach waves” wavy naturally.

Chill face.

Now onto Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Tuesday we drove to the hotel for Disney World.  Once we go settled in I went to run on their fitness trail.  Guess what their fitness trail was? Just guess.

The sidewalk, I got a real kick out of that one.¬† I didn’t realize fitness trail equalled sidewalk, but whatever.¬† It was an interesting experience and I had a good laugh at that run.

The entrance to the hotel- we had to go through a gate to prove we were official and all that jazz. 

This was on my bed when we got into our room- MICKEY MOUSE!

I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the next day to come so that I could go to the park. To keep myself occupied I took pictures of our hotel.  We stayed in the Calypso building.

We were on the 3rd floor, which was nice because it allowed me to creep on everyone. ūüėõ¬† Finally it was Wednesday which meant Disney! We had park hopper passes so we went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot.¬† My two favorite parks.¬† First we went to Magic Kingdom where;


True Life Fact;¬†Disney is the place to go.¬† Anywho, we got there right at 9 am. (which was the time the park opened).¬† We thought we might need to get a wheelchair for my Opa¬†because he has to fake knees and isn’t able to walk that well.¬† surprisingly¬†he made it through the whole day without needing it, we just took a lot of breaks.¬† Which I’m glad he didn’t need it, but I could tell that by the end of the day he was definity tired.

The entrance- very important to be able to tell when you enter!

The symbolic castle!  I think you can go in it now, I might be wrong though.  Oh well, who knows?

The first ride we went on was Space Mountain because I’ve never been on it.¬† I gotta say, I’m not sure I’m that big of a fan. Then we went to the Haunted Mansion- Love that ride.¬†

I took a picture with one of the statues while we were waiting in line.¬† Can you tell which one is the statue? ūüėõ¬† After Disney we hopped over to Epcot.

The Ball! I love the ride that’s in it.¬† It’s legit my favorite ride.¬† And I went on the new ride Soarin’.¬† It was an hour and a half wait in line for a 5 minute ride……… not worth it in my opinion but my grandma really wanted to go on it so we waited.

I also went through all the countries because I’ve never done that and I wanted to get to all of them.¬† My favorite would have to be Mexico.¬† I don’t know why but I loved it.

Ohhh ahhhhhhh. You could go in the pyramid so I did there was a market and a lovely boat ride which was nice.  We ate lunch in Germany in the Beer Garden.  I ate A LOT of sausage.

Ohh¬†and I almost forgot! When I went into Norway they had a statue of Grete Weitz¬†(I think that’s how you spell it).¬† Anywho, I took a picture because I thought it was epic.

After all this on the way out almost I found this soda tasting spot that I had been looking for all day.  And in it you can try sodas from different countries.  My favorite was Israel, I think because it was so sweet.

It also gave a little blurb about the soda/country. So that’s all that happened Wednesday.¬† We spent the night at the hotel again and left Thursday.¬† I went to the beach again with my grandma on Friday (I didn’t get burned this timed) and also the pool.¬† And then unfortunately Saturday morning was my flight.¬†

I haven’t done much since Saturday except for homework and unpacking once I got back to school.

And now I’m on my 2nd day back at school and I’ve changed my schedule around a bit, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.¬† So hopefully I put enough pictures in here for everyone to be satisfied.¬† So until later, TTFN.


My patient Blogging B’s!

I’m terribly sorry for no new updates for the past few days.¬† My grandparent’s internet is terribly slow so it takes me hours if not a day or two to get a post together with all the pictures and all that jazz.¬† So unfortunately I will not have any spring break updates until Saturday probably.¬† So if y’all could be terribly patient with me and wait I would appreciate it tons! And you will be rewarded with a super ridiculous photobombed¬†post that will encompass like 6 days worth of pictures and jam-packed fun. ‚̧¬† So thanks for being patient and to give you a little somethin’ something’ to tide you over, here’s a picture I snapped today walking back from the pool to my grandparent’s house:

Fyi this picture took me like 20 minutes to upload- no joke.¬† Anywho, I thought it was hilarious the first day I got here.¬† 15 1/2 really? You couldn’t make the speed limit like 15 or 20 even? Nooooo that’d be too easy.¬† It needs to have a 1/2 to throw people off!

Anyways, I hope that tad bit of ridiculousness will hold y’all off until I can put a more substantial post up.¬† Once again, thanks for being patient y’all!
Until later, TTFN.

Spring Break: Step by Step- Day 1/2

Okey¬†dokey¬†Blogging Besties.¬† I’ve decided the only way to do this is to take it as it comes.¬† Meaning lots of photobomb¬†type posts with all the pictures of the things I do everyday or almost everyday while on spring break.¬† I can’t do this any other way simply because I’ll end up with a super long, super photobombed post.¬† So here we go!

Ok so this isn’t “technically” my spring break, but I decided I’d start here.¬† Friday night I got home and received a “warm” welcome from my brother and his friends.¬† My little brother was on the floor playing video games.

You can tell my brother looks super excited to take pictures with me.  I thought I took one with my other brother but apparently not.

Saturday morning I woke up super early for my 8 am flight to Florida.  I made my mom stop at Dunkin Donuts before we offficially headed to the airport.

Going to get coffee in the morning makes Sara a happy girl.

Anywho, from there it was a short time to go to the airport, check my bags, go through security and then proceed to sit around until it was time to board.¬† I got to sit next to the window next to 2 lovely older men who I think 1 might have been a professor.¬† We chatted it up, but I opted not to take creepy pictures of them because I didn’t know how they would take it.¬† However, I did take pictures out the window of the plane!

I love the fluffy clouds.¬† No lie, it’s a True Life Fact.¬† I think they look so cool, like you¬†could walk or lay on them.

And another picture of us on the runway, after I landed in Florida.¬† (I’ll take some of Albany when I get back).

OOOOH! AHHHHH! No snow! It’s just warm!!!The announcement the captain gave over the speaker system went as such; “Hello ladies and gentleman, the weather outside today is 80 degrees and sunny.”

I was like- NO WAY!!! ūüôā Super happy Sara.

At this point in the journey where I was very hungry.¬† I mean it’s like 11, at this point usually I’ve eaten a serious breakfast and lunch. Well that hadn’t happened yet.¬† All I’d had was this breakfast;

And don’t get my wrong it was delicious.¬† However, it only served in filling me up for a few hours.¬† So on the way back to my grandparents house we stopped at a road side stand and I got some of this homemade jerky:

I loved the guy who sold it.¬† I wish I got a picture of him.¬† He’s showing me pictures of the gators he’s caught (yes this is gator jerky).¬† And he was telling me about his friend and how I know him.¬† And I was like I’m not sure I do, until I realized he was sitting right there.¬† So that was fun.

Pretty much all I did Saturday was go to the pool, read the Hunger Games¬†<—– Fyi, 1 amazing book! I started it on my flight and finished it before dinner.¬† So basically Saturday was spent being super lazy.¬† Which I’m ok with.

Today I ate breakfast, went to the grocery store with my grandma and oh yea…..I RAN!¬† It was honestly the best run I’ve had in¬†a long time.¬† I ran in this:

In case you can’t tell, its absolutely pouring and you know what? It was amazing.¬† I ran completely barefoot, outside, and even though it was raining it was warm.¬† I haven’t felt warmth, ran outside, or ran barefoot in the longest time.¬† You know what I had on my face almost the entire run? A smile.¬† A smile because I thoroughly enjoyed this run more than any run I’ve had on the Dreadmill in the past few weeks.

This run helped me find the fun I used to have with running.¬† I didn’t time it and I don’t want to know the time.¬† I put it in my DM¬†(Daily Mile) account and it turned out to be around 2.55 miles.¬† Which made me feel great because I haven’t been able to run that much without having to fight myself to do it.¬† And today I did it effortlessly.¬† So yeah needless to say I was very happy.¬† So that’s all I have to update on the Spring Break fun for right now.¬† I’ll have more as the week goes by.¬†

If anyone else is on spring break I hope y’all are having fun.¬† So until later, TTFN.

The time has come my friends

The time has come….for spring break to start.¬† I’ve been very productive today thus far.¬† I’ve worked out (I only ran 1.5 miles, but I’ll get to that later), I clean the WHOLE house, I’ve done my laundry, I’ve finished packing, and now I’m just waiting to go eat and go to my class then I’m going to leave! SO EXCITED!

Story of my life this weekend, just because I’m going to relax for the first time in forever.

Anywho, so back to my workout, I’m still in my running funk of mileage/time.¬†¬† However, I’m going to be in Florida all spring break and I think it’s exactly what I need.¬† I need to not run inside, have beautiful weather, be able to run barefoot.¬† And most importantly enjoy my running since I won’t have to schedule it in.¬† I obviously have to schedule when I’m going to run because my schedule is so hectic.¬† So it will be nice to have a week when I can run whenever I want, outside, and not have to worry about classes and such.¬† Basically, I think this spring break is exactly what I needed.¬† So I’m hoping for positive things to come from it.

So that’s basically it for right now.¬† I mean honestly nothing too exciting is going on.¬† I don’t know if anyone else has break¬†right now or is just taking a vacation but I hope you get to thoroughly¬†enjoy it.¬† So I have a question for y’all today:¬† What do you do to revamp your running when you’re in a funk?

So that’s it, until later TTFN.