Being Human

Ok so I KNOW I keep revisiting this and I’m very sorry for the constantness of this but it’s still something I’m struggling with.  Motivation.  I mean some days I really don’t want to work out or don’t see the point, even though I usually end up working out.  It’s just like I know I need to be patient, but I’m still kinda disappointed that I’m not seeing more results in terms of slimming down and getting a flatter stomach.  But  I had forgotten about my ‘Motivation Book’ in which I put a butt-ton of motivational pictures and quotes and I came across one that basically said; “not seeing results but trusting that one day I will see what I want and still working out when I’m frustrated” which kinda helped so I’ve continued with the working out! 5ac04d230f0fb8616d8b2dbb40f4c394

So I said I restarted the Insanity program, which is kinda true.  I’m doing it more on a loose basis- in that I’m doing it when I feel up to it which could be 4x a week or 1.  I’m basically just doing it at this point as another form of cross-training and not my main form of training.  Again, as I said in my last takes post I have increased my mileage to 25 miles, this is the 2nd week of my 25 mileage.  I’ve had two solid 5 mile runs per week for the last two weeks.  Honestly, when I first started doing 5 milers (it usually a little under an hour) I dreaded doing them because it took so long and my body kinda ached towards the last mile.  But now that I’ve been doing them for a while, I actually am really starting to enjoy them. a406c9db4985cf13708235e86e93dec3 I don’t notice how long it takes anymore, before it seemed like I could feel every minute going by, but now it passes much more quickly.  Next week during preseason and the week after I’m hoping to hit at least 30 miles per week and then we’ll see how my body feels.

Other than that, it’s the final week before I go back to school,  I move back in on Sunday.  So my room was a mess before, but now there’s a worse one because I’m attempting to pack and organize and my room is basically nuts looking.

I’m getting super pumped to go back and I can’t wait to live with two of my best friends; Kinga and Maggie. rea3f6f5e3744220ed6835a8a9954c3b6a They’re both really into working out and eating right so I know I’ll have a good support system when I’m back at school.  I’m also going to attempt to lift weights 2x a week on days when I don’t have early classes,  then swim 1-2x a week at night.  So we will see how long I’m able to keep it up or get it going at all with my busy schedule.

Also,  yesterday I went to the gym with my friend Christine and she helped me to learn good form for squats and bench press.  I even did dumbbell bench press at 20 lbs! I’ve never used that high of weights for that before! I’m happy to see some progress somewhere!a83c799bd3276b2046cebe9ce1e699fa

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.


What a way….

To start off the day.  Sorry, I was feeling a little Dr. Seuss(y) today.   Moving along,  I went to my last CDTC last night with Christine and I definitely had fun where I can’t wait for next summer already so I can become a member and go every week all summer to work out.  Yes, I understand I’m weird for loving working out so much.  So since I haven’t swam in at least a week and a half I decided to do only a half mile in the water (that and Jack’s was waiting for me). 

When I stepped in the water I was like; “Oh crap, this is gonna be cold.” But as soon as I dove in I can’t it explain it, but I felt like I was home.  I know that sounds really weird, but there are a few places where I get a feeling of just right.  One of them is when I run and I’ve realized that the other is when I swim.  I feel a little like a BAMF. 

Fyi, this is my BAMF pose. I had a lot of fun in the water.  Christine had the idea to start in the back so we could count how many people we passed.  It turned into a sort of game, and every few strokes I’d count how many people I passed, find my new targets and swim like the wind!…er.. fish!

Once I finished I waited for Christine and asked how many she passed.  Her answer? “Oh, I got bored and started looking for fish.” Only Christine…..

After we finished and we ended with a 3 mile run that was run slowly and I mean very slowly.  Mostly due to the fact that I hurt everywhere from my Insanity workout the day before, but I digress….

After we finished we went to Jack’s which has burgers, hot dogs, cheese fries, and milkshakes. Mmmmm milkshakes.  Anyways, I ate like a dude, and Christine’s Aunt and Uncle very kindly bought us dinner.  I kinda love them, the way to my heart is through my stomach. Yup, I said it. So that was my lovely day yesterday.

Moving along to today; I had to take my younger brother to work and so I ran my 4 mile route at the Crossings again today.  And last night it rained so my shoes got wet.  And instead of getting upset I was kinda like; “Eh, I’ll just run barefoot.” So I did and it was a lot of fun.  I mean I’ve missed it a lot.  Anywho, I had a lovely run, thought a lot of things through, and then went home and did Insanity. 

And it was actually an “easy” day, I use the word easy very lightly.  Because well it was still hard, but it was definitely easier than the past 2 days.  Then… drum roll please… *drum* drum* (that was my on-line drum roll) My granny took my brothers and I to Uno!  Yay Uno! I won’t bore you with the ridiculously boring details, but I will say this….I love Uno.

So I had a fantabulous day today and a pretty good end to my day yesterday.  Hopefully all of y’all aren’t getting bored with my happy-go-lucky posts of late, but that’s it for now.

Until later, TTFN.


So I was speaking with my Uncle’s mom and she heard I did a marathon, and she asked how many miles is that, so I told her; 26.2.  She then asked if I ever planned to run the NYC marathon and I said definitely, its one I really want to do.  She then proceeded to tell me; “You know that one’s 26 miles too right?”  Really?!??!!  I had no idea that every marathon was the same length!  Sorry, I know that was a little sassy, but it was a tad hard for me to keep a straight face.

Anywho, my training is going well, as I said I hit 20 miles this past week.  So this week I’m planning on 22-23, not really sure which yet, I’m going to play it by ear…er well…. legs.  I ran a tiny weeny bit over 4 today when I dropped my youngest brother off at work (he’s growing up).  He’s working at a YMCA type building for the week and there is a park right next to it that I decided to run at instead of the roads.  So when I drop him off the rest of the week I’m going to run there to get some fun time in.  This is the park fyi, in case you care.. and if you don’t; Oh well I don’t care!    I’ve also started reincorporating Insanity back into my workout program. 

I just want to say, that  this picture is extremely true.  I’m in the 2nd month of the workout right now and I’ve heard that it makes you feel like you didn’t do anything during the first month.  And…. the rumors were true.  I did it for the first day today; I popped the dvd in and oh hey! It’s a full hour workout! And don’t worry, we plan to do moves in this 1st workout dvd that you’ve never done before or thought of before. 

I swear to y’all Sean T wants me to die.  I’m not even kidding.  Anywho, I literally had sweat covering my entire body, I felt like a sumo wrestler who had just been oiled up before competition no lie.

Moving along, I feel pretty good even though the dvd kicked my ass.  I was able to keep up for longer than I had when I first started the 1st dvd. 

Anywho, I will be going to the CDTC for the last time this week before school, that’s right I’m headed back to the grand ‘ole land of Potsdam in less than a week.  But that’s besides the point.  I have my last CDTC and I’m actually a little nervous because since swim lessons ended I’ve been sporadically swimming and not even that much.  I almost cringe to think of what my time is going to be this week.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to have fun with it with my friend Christine, who btws started her own blog, so I’ll be the creep that posts the link here.

And also as promised, I will add my Facebook stolen creeptastic photo that she demanded *cough* asked for.  It’s her at her latest Triathlon, because people she is most definitly one of those people you want to be like.  It was a half Ironman and the picture here doesn’t do the medal justice.  Trust me, I saw it in person, it’s HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And obviously well deserved.  Oh I should probably mention she’s the taller one and the other woman is her friend Becca.  So now that I’ve sufficiently creeped on my friend, discussed my training a bit and bored you to death.  I believe I’m good. 

So until later, TTFN. 

CDTC and the Weekend…Oooh bubbles!

So I’ve had a very cool weekend and an awesome time at the CDTC (Capital District Triathlon Club) this week.  And I’m growing more and more certain of the fact that I seem to have the attention span of a goldfish, a person with ADD, and a 5-year-old on a sugar high all rolled into one.  Anywho, this weekend (yes I know it’s almost the weekend again, deal)  I spent a lot of time at the beach, which was quite wonderful because I love the beach.  I played some volleyball, ate tons of food, ran a decent amount and oh yeah swam across the lake- nbd.  Yes, I indeed did swim across my lake; my brother and I went beach to beach.  As in the State campground to the town beach, I even have pictures to prove it!  So let me photobomb you real quick;

This is my brother and I SLOWLY wading into the water since it was a tad colder than we thought it was going to be.

Oh hey, did I mention I was a muscle woman now? Oh I didn’t?!? Well I am. Now you know. 

But seriously, by my brother and my combined times we guessed that the swim was a tad over a mile.  Not sure exactly how far, but definitely over a mile.  Oh and let me get some actions shots in;

That splash super far ahead? Yeah that’s my younger brother because he’s faster than I am.  On the plus side I was only 3 minutes behind him so I call that a win.  And why not a close up of my sexyness while I swim? 

So yeah, that was a super fun time. 
Ok moving onto this week’s CDTC.

It was really crowded at the Captial District Triathlon Club (CDTC) this week, however Christine told me that’s how it normally is.  Oh well, at least it will get me used to starts with a large number of people.  My main goal is and always will be; to not get kicked in the face.  And so far I’m terribly successful at it.  Anywho, Since I couldn’t start out as I normally do I figured I wouldn’t get a new open swim PR.  So I decided; Why not have some fun with it? 
So that’s what I did 🙂 

Story time!  We swim around in a circle 2x for a mile and the lifeguards sit in the middle watching us.  Well since Thomas (candid photo I stole off fb inserted here)  has been helping me improve my butterfly I thought why not give the lifeguards some sort of entertainment?  So I made sure I had my sighting and every time I came up next to a lifeguard I switched from freestyle to butterfly and as soon as I was passed them I switched back to freestyle like nothing happened…. until I hit the next lifeguard that is. 
Christine said she looked up to sight and saw someone doing butterfly.  And since well the CDTC is a triathlon training group she figured the only weirdo to do butterfly would be me. And she was right!

Anywho, it was a quite awesome swim if for nothing else than because I had a blast just doing whatever I wanted.  And hey guess what? I PR’d! I got 28:31, my new best time and a whole minute better than the week before.

So this week was the last week of swim lessons.  And it was a lot of  fun, a little aggravating because some kids made me want to punch them in the face, but also rewarding because I got some of my level 1’s to swim on their own which they’ve never done before.  So I was super proud of them, plus they’re ridiculously cute!

Ok so Thomas (seen above) has been quite nice to my obnoxious self in helping me improve my strokes.  He’s helped me with my starts, my butterfly, and others!  Him and my brother have been giving me tips, when I don’t ask and when I bug them continuously.  He even tightened my goggles for me which apparently was all I needed for them to not fill up with water when I did starts.  Oh well, quick lesson learned.  After he obnoxious pushed them into my face when we were in the middle of a race! But that’s besides the point.  But it brings me to my next point; I don’t suck!
Jake, Thomas, and I were racing our kids and we were doing 50s while they were doing 25s and I wasn’t that slow! My brother and Thomas both said I improved.  So I’m pretty happy.  My next step is to join the YMCA so that I can keep swimming until school starts and I’m able to get to that pool again.

So that’s it for now, I have to go.  My best friend Chelsea is flying in tonite to visit for a few days.  But you’ll get more on that after she leaves and probably a butt ton of pictures too!

So until later, TTFN.

I’m a FORMidable swimmer

Haha did you get my pun? You did? Ok good.  So last summer during swim lessons and this year I’ve managed to repeatedly improve all of my strokes.  It’s probably due to a mix of having to slow them down and teach them to kids, having swim instructors to watch my form, and having people who’ve been swimming all their lives to help teach me and improve what I’m doing wrong.  Well today during one lesson I had something of an Ah-Ha! moment.  Thomas (my brother’s and my friend) and I work together for the swimming and diving portion and since he has been swimming for forever and is going to swim in college who better to learn how to improve my strokes from?  So pretty much everyday I’ve been working on my butterfly and starts.  Pretty soon I’m going to look like this guy ————–>

FYI he is in fact my boyfriend.  Michael just doesn’t know it yet.  So basically, every day my yardage has gone down but my form and starts are improving so I’ll take it. 
Besides I gotta make sure I have time to watch those Olympic races!

So until later, TTFN.

I’m a Triathlete… there. I said it.

I’m a triathlete, yup that’s right I said it.  Whatcha gonna do about it? Nothing? Good!  I’ve been calling myself a runner for so long that its hard to give myself another exercise related title.  I mean running is easy, all I have to do is put my shoes on and get out there for a few miles.  But triathlon brings on a whole new brand of training.  It’s a 3 pronged race; swimming, biking, and running.  I mean everyone is stronger in 2 legs then all 3, but you have to put training into all 3.  That’s a different mindset for me, whose so used to training for 1 sport only.

Since, I first started last year, I’m finding that it’s not that difficult to train for 3 sports.  I mean it definitely takes up more time, there’s no doubt about that.  But oddly enough I don’t mind training more, I mean biking and I both have our good days and bad days.  But mostly, every day that I bike is a compromise day.  Because well, biking and I don’t exactly see eye to eye all the time. 

Anywho, I went to the CDTC (Capital District Triathlon Club) with my friend Christine again this Tuesday.  Let me just stop and say; Woman is ridiculously awesome to me, she feeds me, pays for me when I forget my money (I totally pay her back, but still) and puts up with me during training- I call her amazing!   Anywho, I did the open water swim again, 1 mile and my new PR for an open water swim is now 29:48! I took 23 seconds off of my time! I’m very excited. 

So let me break my swimming and running and training down for you.  I’ve come to realize certain things with my swimming thus far;

1. Bilateral breathing (breathing on opposite sides) definitely helps me go faster in the water, but on the one hand- straighter… debatable. I mean I probably swam straighter than last time, but I can’t really tell in the water.

2. I get distracted VERY easily. “Oh, hey look bubbles!” “Is that my arm?” “Is that a fish down there?” I especially love taking a quick breast stroke type break and having the lifeguards stare at me like I’m cray cray as I analyze other peoples’ swimming styles around me during the workout.  Oopsies!

3. The longer the swimming (or running) distance, the better my body does.  Swimming sprints+ me= no good.  Swimming distance+me= very good.  I feel more comfortable when I have time to really get into my groove, if that makes sense.

So anyways, those are some of the conclusions I came to while doing my mile swim in the lake.  Also, a storm came up while I was finishing.  The wind got so bad that I kept thinking that someone was drafting off of me and was splashing me.  I got so fed up that I turned around to look and it ended up being my kick splash hitting me in the face from the wind.   Oh and then there were the waves, not the kind of waves that are like ‘hey, let me help push you along’ No the kind of waves that are like ‘every way you turn to breath, I’m going to make sure you get water in the face’  After, I did a quick 3 mile loop and then we went home.  I liked to think of it as a productive night. And I’ve come to the realization that I am a triathlete. I may not be very good, but I thoroughly enjoy the sport and that’s all that really matters.

So until later, TTFN.

Slow on the Uptake

Yup that’s me.  Slow on the uptake,well slow at getting my butt into gear anyways.  Sorry for the large amounts of time being all MIA.  However,  I have a REALLY REALLY good excuse and I will tell you it right now.  I’ve been busy with my life! Yup that’s it.  I’m not stressin too hard about not posting everyday because I have things I gotta get done everyday out in the real world, so I’m sorry to say that my blog posting has slipped a bit in the list of important.
Now that that’s been said, we may move on and I shall bombard you with everything that’s been happening!

Last week:  my weekly ARE STRS run went surprisingly well, better than normal in fact.  It was hot as Africa outside (FYI  that’s my saying) and the loop ended up only being 1.1 miles, because well they goofed.  Oh well, I ran it 2x and came back and my neighbor decided she was done.  I asked if I could go again and she said sure, I felt soooo good that night that I knew I needed to get another loop in.  Reasons I like trail running: the beautiful scenery, the wildlife, the bagillions of rocks that can kill me at every step….. no like I’m very uncoordinated/have no sense of directions so I’m super careful when I’m trail running, and if they didn’t mark the courses so well you can be guaranteed I’d probably still be out there…. lost to the world.  I also really enjoy the hills, not so much while I’m running them, but after the fact because they make me feel like I really worked out.

This past weekend: So I had to go to lovely old Potsdam for Alumni Reunion weekend as one of my responsibilities as Vice-President, it was actually a lot of fun, and I got a lot of work done in my office.  The Alumni Board members are all VERY nice and it was easier this times since I’ve met them all before.  Also, Alumni Reunion Weekend= Alumni getting Wasted at the bars.  I was talking to the President of the Board Sunday morning before our meeting and I asked him how he slept he said; “Oh, not very well.  I was out late last night, you know downtown drinking.” Oh well, okey dokey then, I’m probably going to be the only not hungover one at this meeting.  If nothing else that statement kept me entertained for sure.

I also had the President of SGA call me a Prostitute, because he’s a jerk.  He was making fun of my heels, which are the plain black ones I bought that I put a picture of on here before.  I just want to say, he’s lucky I didn’t get  kicked by my heels.

This week: Has started the beginning of the 2nd session of swim lessons.  So far I love all my kids and they are all pretty good.  I’ve been swimming everyday at least a 1,000 yards if not more.  While my running miles haven’t increased dramatically I at least want to keep my body healthy and cross train.  So swimming has become a favorite of mine, since I’m already in the pool 7 hours a day, but I digress….

Anywho, all of my strokes have improved A LOT since I first started teaching- one of the perks of having a bunch of other swim instructors/people on swim teams around to correct your form.  Which I’m happy to say is the case with my butterfly, the main things I’m working on with it right now are keeping my arms straight and not bringing my upper body too far out when I breathe.  I like to call that a win considering where I was not too long ago.

Tuesday:  So this Tuesday, instead of going to the Colonie Relays like usually do, I went to the Capital District Triathlon Club (CDTC) which meets on Tuesdays.  The night consists of a swim,bike, run.  You in no way have to do all 3.  In fact a lot of people do 2.  I choose to do the swim and run.  The swim was a 1/2 mile loop in a lake and you could do it 1 or 2 times.  I ended up doing it twice because I actually felt really good.  The only thing that was really a problem for me was staying straight.  Since I swim in the pool so much I’ve gotten really used to seeing the bottom and having a guide to keep me straight, I didn’t have that in the open water and I had to keep looking up.  My goal next week (yes I totally plan to go again) is to not look up as much, which I think I can do.  Once I was done with the swim I did the 3 mile run loop.  It was a very hot day so I was just excited to get a good workout in.  I managed to do the mile swim in 30:11, I don’t really know miles, or open water swims so I have no idea if this is good or not.  Regardless, I can’t thank my friend Christine enough for taking me and showing me the wonder of a Tri group, all of whom are older and are in far better shape than I am.

Wednesday (today): I got my laptop back today.  Unfortunately they had to wipe it clean which means I’m going to be on the family computer a tad bit longer until I am able to reload everything back  onto my computer.  Plus, I’m still waiting for the new battery for it and then I should be up and running again.  It only took like 2 weeks and $200! Yay for my life!  Well it’s probably going to take at least one more week by the time I get everything reloaded onto it and have the time to do set up and such nonsense.

Swim lessons have a way of seriously tiring me out and making me seriously hungry to no end.  It’s getting close to my bedtime so I will leave this post with one picture of the CDTC logo.  Until later, TTFN.