It’s going to be a good week!

So it’s a Monday-drag-BUT I did have a lovely start to the day with the wod.  I literally almost died a little bit, but I did make it through.  I finished last, which isn’t something I normally do, but I was trying to go heavier on the weight today.  The wod was a metcon; it was for time and it consisted of- 50 wall balls with the 14 lb. wall ball, 30 cleans which I did at 83 lbs. and 15 chest to bar pull ups.  I have to do the pull ups with a band, which is whatever.  But my max clean so far has been 103 lb. which I’ve done around 4 times at once.  Doing 3o cleans at 83 lb. today makes me realize that my clean is probably way heavier than that now! 10641140_10204760877726557_3316034419391134041_n

Me cleaning and split jerking 103 lb. ————————————————————————->

Even though I finished last during the wod today I’m pretty proud of myself for doing that weight and for not dropping the weight down at all.  I’ll get faster as I get stronger, but for now my goal is going to be to perfect my technique because without technique I will only get so far on my lifts.  Brandon was telling me what I need to work on skills wise over the next few weeks so I think that I might work on that at night this week.

This also has to do with the fact that I really shouldn’t be doing anything crazy this week because my CrossFit competition is THIS Saturday so this week is more of a deloader week for me.  I’ll mainly do mobility or skill with the pvc/ bar this week.  I don’t want to do anything too crazy because I want my body to be nice and relaxed and rested for this weekend.

Plus, I’ll be taking Friday completely off from the workout, which is what I’ve been advised to do by both my coach and fellow athletes who are competing and have competed before.  But basically I’m going to be grumpy on Friday because I generally like never take a rest day besides Sundays…

b1837c795c060a9b278de3b66d4ee20f<- How I will look on Friday…So that’s enough about that.  I can’t wait, only 3 more weeks until Thanksgiving when I get to go home and see my family and basically just not be in class for like 4 days in a row, it will be glorious!  Also, it will give me time to outline my last class, study, get caught up on hw/get ahead, and it will let me update the other outlines that I basically have done.  So it won’t really be much of a break, but I will get to eat turkey, so that’s a win!

Oh, I found this cozie this morning while I was putting my lunch in the fridge at school.  I found it so it’s mine now- possession is 9/10ths of the law! keep-calm-trust-me-i-m-almost-a-lawyer

So that’s basically it for now.  I just have classes, hw, and attempting to chill on my workouts this week. Nothing too exciting until the weekend and I’ll keep y’all updated on that after!

So until later, TTFN! 


I am not Lauren Fisher

Or Camille Leblanc-Bazinett or Julie Foucher.  It is a difficult thing to remember sometimes.  I go to my box 2x; once to do the actual wod of the day and the other is to do some skill work.  Luckily I have my wonderful coach Stefan who constantly reminds me that I have to not over-train and to make sure that I get the proper rest.  I tend to forget such things a lot of the time.

So I’ve written on a lot of post-it notes to remind me of such things.  Things like rest is an important factor in building muscle, eating clean doesn’t have to happen 24/7- I am allowed to eat some crap every once and awhile, and that working one skill a bagillion times isn’t going to help me be better overall.  These are the things that I have to drill into my own head. f75d5f806ea32e27697eed8dd455c484

I also have to remember that I’m not Lauren Fisher.  I want to be yolked like Lauren Fisher is, but I have to remember that she didn’t get to where she is overnight, just like everyone else.  I totally creeped on her Instagram so hard and looking at pictures of her from like three years ago and she was where I am now.  So it gives me something to aspire to, it shows me that if I continue to work hard and eat clean and be a boss I will look like I want to look.  And not only look how I want to look, but be as strong as I want to be and meet the goals that I have for myself.

So I was talking to Joscelyn, the girl from my box that I am doing the CrossFit competition with in November, and we were laughing that we need men who do CrossFit in order to be able to date/marry them.  We were saying it because besides school, homework and the box we don’t do anything.  Like literally we spend so much time at our box, and its literally the only thing we do outside of school that it’s all we talk about.  So the guys we date will have to be involved in CrossFit or we will have nothing in common.
I love Joscelyn, today we did one of the wods from our competition in November, because they are posted already, and it was rough.  I mean I’m glad we did it because it proved to me that we CAN do it and do it well, but not only that I had no adrenaline running, which will be a big help come competition time.

So my friend posted this article to my Facebook wall and I thought it was hilarious and I felt the need to share it here;

f62834f0a3dac65041c4efbb88f9fd75So that’s it for now I guess, oh the wedding… Yeah I’ll talk about that in my next post.  So until later, TTFN.


Celebrating my anniversary

So it has been one year since I started doing CrossFit.  One year, since I started eating normally again, one year since I started gaining muscle weight, one year since I stopped caring so  much about being skinny and started caring about being strong.  CrossFit has given me a lot over this past year.

My running, while I WAS still running, became faster.  I ran my Plattsburgh Half Marathon without running more than 6 miles at one time during the entire month and a half leading up to the event.  Even though I ran less, my legs were stronger and I ended up taking around 7 minutes off of my time.

I started eating normally again, which had been a struggle for me.  I went Paleo, which is a way of eating that a lot of people who do CrossFit eat.  I found that it really helped me to focus not on feeling bad about eating something that I considered “bad”, but on focus on eating better all around.  I just cut out dairy completely and I’ve stopped eating processed foods.  I mainly eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and meats, which basically means I can eat as much as I want.  I eat like all the time now, which is pretty amazing but the veggies fill me up and they are all pretty delicious.

What else, what else?  Oh when I first started, cleaning the 45 lb. bar was pretty impressive to me.  But this past week I hit a goal that I had made for myself at the beginning of the summer. I cleaned AND jerked 103 lbs. 10693412_531811883628899_1404660754_n I FINALLY broke the 100 lb. barrier on one of my Olympic lifts, which is something I’ve been working towards.  Yes, my name is Tall Sara at my box, and there’s another Sara and she is Small Sara.

I feel like I’m starting to feel REALLY comfortable, plus I have a routine now, which Stefan and I now joke that I’m there like every 10 hours, it is really true sometimes.  I’m there twice a day and I’m kind of a huge dork but it’s ok.

So there’s that for CrossFit.  Everything is still going well so far for school.  I’m still getting my work done on time, which is good.  And basically this week I’ve been kind of stressed so my goal is to get a lot of work done this week and then either start outlining this weekend or next weekend.

Plus, I’m going apple picking this weekend.  Which means that I will get to make applesauce! Boom shaka laka! So pumped!

So that’s it for now, until later TTFN.

The flying Liplock

Sorry for the mad spamming of the videos, but I’m really feeling these right now.  Anywhoser, my  Lent has started, yes I say mine because I’m Russian Orthodox and our Lent starts on a different day than the Catholic one does.  So my roommates and I were all sitting around figuring out what we were going to give up and yadda yadda.  Well I decided to go of the stricter Paleo for Lent because I’m pretty loose with it generally and I want to try to focus better.  So I’m hoping that doing this for Lent will help.  So that’s going on…

I’ve completely finished and sent out all my law school applications.  So I am officially in the waiting stage for that, which is both stressful and not.  It isn’t stressful because it’s like out of my hands at this point, but also stressful because I know I’ll be worrying about wondering where I’ll get in.   So yeah…  216f7d4cb8c0bf8003618314aabcbc2f

What else, what else?  Oh, I’ve gotten back into Crossfit and basically just cut down my miles in ridiculous amounts.  About 2 weeks ago I was running 30-40 miles a week and now last week and this week I’ll be running around 20 miles.  This is because I found out I can’d do my half-marathon anymore, which was why I was running so much. So I’ve decided to switch my focus and  get more into Crossfit and weightlifting.  I’m still running, just not as much, which is ok with me.

Also, I feel like I see more improvements doing Crossfit than just lifting or just running.  I can now do one of the hand stand pushups, the pushups part needs a bit of work, but I remember a few months ago when I couldn’t even get into the handstand. Plus I just hit 2 new PR’s yesterday in both my clean and my front squat.  I feel like I see results and I can actually see myself getting stronger.  I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

So that’s it for now.  Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot- I seem to be far busier than I usually am! And so I will leave you with this lovely video;

So until later, TTFN. 

Your squat is Fantastic!

Sorry I just found this song and like all things- I’ve become obsessed. Anywhosers, yeah I had a guy at the gym tell me my squat was fantastic a week or so ago.  He was basically like there’s ass to grass and then there is you, literally if you were outside your ass would be legit touching the grass. ass to grass I got all flustered I admit and was terribly excited that he liked my squat.  I asked my friend Zak who I was working out with if it was sad that I got all excited about what the guy said about my squat and Zak replied; “nah man, if he said that about mine I’d be excited too”.

Then this past weekend, this guy I’ve been kinda seeing was dancing with me and after dropping it low at one point he said in my ear; “You can tell you squat” Again the nicest thing ever! Is it completely sad that I think that sort of compliment is better than anything.  Why thank you for acknowledging that I work out! 07fc84a79759d8fac5f0bb9e65e548baI don’t know I guess I’m weird….

So yeah if guys want to flatter me- compliment my workout moves! Haha but seriously I am in love with lifting things up and putting them down it’s a great stress reliever. But on another note, I was working out with my friend Zak again like last week and he helped me to achieve a  new deadlift PR and I managed to bench more than just the bar for the first time in a very long time so those two things combined made me very happy for a few days.5b4e6dca61a4da512ac38273562a3915

So what else is going on? Oh I started my half-marathon training yesterday.  My coach Kris is helping me attempt to hit a PR of 1:45 for the half and so he has made up my training schedule, which I very much appreciate. 8967b4107a8665a61c88bed5bd3e347a

So my body has basically been having to reacclimatize itself to running 5 miles a day again because I’ve been slacking and doing more like 3… but hey if I want the time I gotta train!

So those are my working out related things that I’ve got going on right now.  I can actually make it slightly further up when attempting a pull up then I could before so I think it is just a matter of time before I am able to do a full pull up! Which I will be super excited when that happens.
What else?…. hmm… well the semester is winding down I am currently in the middle of finals week so I keep stressing with studying and projects and such, but it is finally the last bit then I get a much needed mental break!  I just finally handed in all the paperwork for my internship for next semester- also super excited.      I am slowly checking all the things I need to do off of my list. 7aa70d79d3a5dda5b911e0d5ec06d860

What else, what else? I feel bad because I haven’t posted in a bit and now I feel obligated to update you on everything that’s going on in my life at one time….

The only thing that’s left is Christmas! Well Christmas presents, since I knit a lot of my presents I’m where I usually am this time of year- behind.  I usually end up still finishing off the presents I’m making late on Christmas Eve and I always tell myself that it won’t happen again to me the following year and then it somehow always does… well its the attempt to not let it happen again that counts.

So I think that’s all I have going right now, if I think of anything else a post will come! 20febf2bfb9624928414c59c06760972

So until  later, TTFN. 

It’s a long way from where I’ve been.

Another great quote from The West Wing; 

Guy: “I have a confession, I never voted for you.”

President Bartlet: “Well, I’m here so thanks for trying anyways.”

Haha I think that will be my response if someone thinks I’m doing a bad job or are getting mad at me.  I think it will accurately portray the amount that I care about their criticism.

Anywhoser moving along… This weekend was the Alumni Board and Foundation Board meetings.  And honestly, I usually kinda don’t like going, but I had a LOT of fun this weekend.  To be fair there was a lot of alcohol involved- those Alumni really know how to party.  A few kept buying me beers and I was like guys.. I can’t keep up.  And then they tried to buy more and I was like NOOOOO. I need to remove myself from this situation.

And today during our Alumni Board meeting I pretty much forced the Alumni Board President to wear a tutu this summer during our next meeting.  So I can tell he’s not too happy with that situation, but now he has learned not to mess with Sara 66484_10152620643805117_889804390_nBehuniak! Mwahahah!

Moving along, it has been Springfest week and don’t get me wrong I’ll help out and hang around for a good chunk of time, but I leave… specifically because I don’t commit to helping. Which is kinda awesome, especially because I have a bunch of house stuff to do tonight and it is going to go pretty late.

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion…. I have a little. Yeah, I’ve basically been bragging about her to everyone I meet. It’s kinda awkward, but apparently she’s been doing the same thing soo at least we are both awkward together… right? 399706_10151336641886459_545011257_nAnywhoser, isn’t she beautiful? This is basically the last face we made in the photo booth and the guy taking the pictures saw it and was like… nice picture… and we just started hysterically laughing.

So basically the moral of the story is I know she’s my little for a reason.  Especially since we basically have the same sense of humor and just make people around us feel uncomfortable… and that’s how it should be.

I’m going to get back on track with my running because last time I went running this past week I was drunk… needless to say it ended badly. Mostly with me puking. Either way, I’d prefer to not continue down that path, which I’m sure you are picturing in your head.
It’s time for me to makes some changes with my life.  Especially after all the great conversations that I had this weekend and the super fun times.  But I’ll continue that story tomorrow.

So until later, TTFN.

Moving On

So relations between Ry and I have been rocky at best and I’ve finally decided something.  With him having only a week and a half left in office and around 2 months before he graduates and me with *hopefully* one more year in office and to go in school, the time to begin our separation is now.  Things between us this past semester haven’t gone well, and no matter how much I sugar coat and try to excuse both of our behavior we obviously can’t be around each other anymore.  I feel like that my time to keep forgiving and forgetting is over.  That’s not to say that I’m going to be malicious towards him or any of that nonsense, its more or less just it will be better for me and my mental health to stop putting up with him.  I’ve been warned down to multiple break downs in one day (not to mention some drinking) and putting myself in that kind of state isn’t necessary.  Sure, I know there will be times where I will be stressed with work, but this has gone on long enough.
I talked to my friend Sean the other day and I told him that I was done with Ry and that I’m finally going to let it all go and move on and I’m serious.  Thankfully, I’m on spring break right now so I can get a much-needed vacation and rest, but even when we come back I’m going to be keeping our relationship more professional than its ever been in order to keep my sanity.  And honestly I think it’s what’s best because there comes a point, that no matter how hard you try to forgive, to fight for something, the best thing can honestly just be to move on. stopholdingontowhathurts So that is what I will do.

So in the spirit of moving on I will let you know what the heck else is going on in my life. 
First, my lent started last Monday, I’m Russian Orthodox, and I’ve decided to give up Meat and Swearing.  They’ve both been a challenge in their own ways thus far. Meat because well I love meat and now I get random meat cravings, oh wait that happened before….

And swearing because I have to be far more conscious of what I’m letting come out of my mouth, since I find I catch myself still swearing unintentionally.  But giving up something for Lent isn’t supposed to be easy, so I say- BRING IT ON!

Additionally, I’m on spring break right now, which for me equals catching up on some much-needed sleep, catching up/trying to get ahead on some homework, and generally just trying to stay in shape and relax.  So far so good I’d like to say.  In fact I just went to an old theatre tonite with my Daddy to see the Big Lebowski, I really liked it I thought it was funny.

Uhhh what else can I tell you about my boring life?!?!? I’m picking out classes for next semester if that helps? I’m having a tad bit of a struggle because I am going to be a T.A. for one class and I don’t want to over-load myself too much.  I’m hoping to become SGA President next year.
Oh for any of you who read my blog and go to SUNY Potsdam vote for me April 4th to be the next SGA President!!!

Ok, so I think that about sums up my life for right now.  So until later, TTFN.