The library is my second…no First home

So my dad called me today and asked if I was at home and I said; “No, I’m at the library”.  When I realized that if I take sleeping out of the equation I’m pretty sure that I spend more time in the library than I do at my own house.  I spend at least 5 hours there every day after my classes so that I don’t have to bring anything home with me and I can keep myself from getting too stressed.  And its only been a week, but I feel pretty good about the schedule I’ve set up for myself.  Let me break it down now for you beautiful people;

Daily Schedule: 6 a.m. get up and get ready to hit up the wod

6:30-8 a.m. I’m usually at CrossFit Journey (mainly messing around)

8:30-10 a.m I’m eating massive amounts of food, packing massive amounts of food for the day since I don’t come home until 5 or 6, and basically getting ready for the day.

10:30-2/3 I’m in class (More Socratic method than you can handle)

3-6 Library for homework (I get out of class earlier generally so I get more homework time in)

6-8 food and relaxing

9 p.m. BEDTIME! (I’m a grandma)

So this is my schedule basically every day.  I’m pretty repetitive in what I do everyday and with what I eat everyday.  I’m clearly not very exciting, but that’s what’s up when it comes to law school.  Plus, because I spend such a large amount of time in the library every day on the weekends I don’t have to spend as much time and I take Sundays completely off.  Sundays are my off from working out and homework day, they are basically the day where I spend the entirety of it in bed watching t.v. #notashamed.

On Wednesdays I mix it up a little by going to CrossFit Journey at night too for Olympic Lifting skill work, but all that does is make me pass out even earlier.  Other than that everything is going well.  I found this awesome article about one of my two CrossFit women idols; Camille Leblanc-Bazinett.  I’ve always liked her, but I like her even more finding out that she had issues with anorexia.

So my other idol is Lauren Fisher, even though she is 2 years younger than me.  I think her work ethic and drive is just incredible, but that’s just me.

Basically, these women inspire me and they help me get through the tough wods.  Like the one we had on Friday, which was called “Death by Backsquat” in which every minute you’d do squats according to the minute —> minute 1- 1 squat, minute 2-2 squats.  However fast you finish whatever is left of the minute is your recovery time.  And you go until you can’t finish the prescribed reps for that minute.  I made it through a full 9 minutes and then on the 10th minute I only made it like half-way through the round.  It was rough and my legs definitely felt it the next day.

So that is literally it for now, until later TTFN.



So clearly…

I haven’t been as good as I said I was going to be.  CLEARLY!  However, I’m here to remedy the fact that I haven’t been around in like 2 weeks, but y’all should probably anticipate not hearing from me for another two weeks because my first OFFICIAL day of law classes begins tomorrow.  So I’m pretty much 50/50 at this point, as in 50% psyched for classes to finally begin and 50% nervous to get called on and look like a complete idiot.  But either way I’m going to have to pretty much take things in stride because there is no going back now.  My basic goals from week to week will be; to get my homework done ahead/on time, not to get to crazy/stressed, and to hit up CrossFit Journey everyday.  The last I think is important because well, having a release from stress is just as important as staying on top of my work, mainly because it helps to make goal number 2 a reality. 9363_567954146621862_2032000581_n

Anywhoser, CrossFit Journey– that’s a thing… I have really enjoyed it so far.  I’ve found that compared to my last two boxes, I get far more hands-on coaching and the two coaches (Stephen and Dawn) push me.  Which may sound kind of weird that I’m so happy about it, but I have a problem with pushing myself sometimes, but its easier when someone else does it.  I basically feel really comfortable there, and I got myself an unlimited membership at the student rate. Dawn showed me a gray hoodie that they will hopefully be selling again soon because I really want it, it’s wicked nice.  But for now I have satisfied myself with a CrossFit Journey tank; 10601711_719508554801663_382814287_n

So that’s good.  I’ve pretty much stayed in line with my workout in the morning routine, so I generally get there at like 6:30 a.m.  and I’m there most days until 8 a.m.  I’m lucky that most of my classes don’t start until 10:30 and only a two days a week they start at 9:30, so I have plenty of time to get ready and eat my hearty breakfast that I love.

Other than that, most of my day after that is spent in class and then in the library doing homework.  I took a tip from a 3L and only work until 5p.m. or 6p.m. at night so that I have a few hours to myself before I go to bed at the grandma time of 9p.m.
And I have now literally detailed my entire daily schedule so that nothing is left to the imagination.  I am extremely boring now and I am completely ok with it.  My goal for this year is to make it through without failing and to get the grades to make it onto the Law Review.  Which for those of you who don’t know, only includes the top 10% of each law class.  So it’s a pretty big goal for me to have, but I am going to try to do it all the same.

So that’s it for now, until later TTFN.

Shooting the Breeze

And basically just letting y’all know what’s up in the life of Sara.   I’m obsessed with Kale chips- basically I just get kale, put some olive oil and seasonings on it and stick it in the oven till its crispy.  I love it! It satisfies my chip craving without being terribly unhealthy.   I eat a lot of dried fruits and veggies now too, which are great for snacks!
On another note, my xc times this year have been sucking.  I haven’t broken 25 minutes for a 5k which is making me really upset/pissy because I ended with a 24 minute 5k last year and I can’t understand why I’m not at that level again, especially with everyone around me PR’ing…. But I’m going to try to remain positive and just continue working.

Moving along, I love this video;

I’m going to try to listen to it every few days to re-motivate myself.  Oh, speaking of- I made a list of mid-semester resolutions.  It sounds silly I know, but hey.  Basically I have like 10 and they have to do with getting my hw done on time (so I don’t get behind again), drinking more water, lifting more and such.

Besides resolutions I’ve set some goals for myself.  I’d like to deadlift my bodyweight so 140, I’m currently at 135 so I definitely think it’s attainable.  I’d like to be able to do 5 pull ups by the time I go home for Christmas and I’d like to be able to do 10 GOOD push ups.   Also, I’d like to improve my snatch (olympic lift) and add like another 10 lbs to it.  cab8823476ad7a8f1d05950b573ec237

So those are some of my goals for the semester.  Working to become a stronger, better me is a loooong process, but its a process and I’m going to keep going.  My whole wanting to be healthier/stronger isn’t for anyone else its for me.  It’s to make me feel better about my body and to be more confident.

Some people don’t understand Crossfit or think its a fad and in some ways it is like anything becomes a fad.  But it also works your body and gives you confidence and is something more.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just ranty but that’s what I think.

So basically, I know that I keep bringing up my workouts and how I feel and all  that terribly sorry if you are getting annoyed, but to be fair it is my blog… 12a058b7b789a5cfce301867fd8651dd

So I’m actually on top of my homework for right now which is just plain awesomesauce! So after this is done, I’ll be headed back to the homework doing.   So yeah, other than working out everything is going pretty well right now, nothing to complain about really except for kinda stressed with all my meetings and everything.  Luckily, I know I have a partner in that- Zak my Treasurer  (or unluckily) because are both stressed, but I digress…

So that’s basically it for now.  Time to get back to the homework! TTFN.


Miss Movin’ On

Ok I’m sorry I enjoy that song and it definitely felt like a good title for my post today.  Last Friday my achilles was in so much pain that I literally couldn’t run more than a mile and even that was a stretch.  I took Saturday off, barely made it through 2 miles on Sunday and then took Monday off.  Tuesday it didn’t bother me so I ran a full 6, but by the end it was hurting again.  On the pain scale it was like a 4/5. So I took yesterday off again after the urging of my friend Brett Brett  whose achilles had been bothering him earlier in the season.

Today I ran 6 miles again and no pain! I lifted and then ran a bit more and still no pain! Now that I’ve showered and relaxed a bit its starting to bother me again, but on the pain scale its a 1/2.  So I have to say I’m very happy right now.  Depending upon how it feels tomorrow I’m going to try to run like 3 miles max because we have a meet on Saturday and the women’s race is a 6k and I want to be as ok to run as possible.  So *fingers crossed*

Btw can I just say that I absolutely have fallen in love with this version of the song;

Anywhoser, Kinga, Maggie and I all had a girls night (which is basically every night), but this was legit girls night because it wasn’t in our house… We saw Prisoners- which was so emotionally charged! My emotions couldn’t handle the movie I was legit freaking out the entire time, but it was seriously good!

What else, what else?!?  Oh, so I lifted just a tiny bit today.  But I’ve been really down mentally last week and this week, partially from my injury and partially because I need a break (1 more day!!!!) so my working out mentality just hasn’t been there.  And I’ve felt really down also because sometimes I feel like I can’t see any progress. But I was perusing this Facebook page called BarBrothers that has all this working out motivation and some transformation pictures take like 6 months to really see a big difference. 1230031_209696205872878_889838152_n
I’ve only been seriously working out for what 2 months now? And you know what I looked at myself today in the mirror on the way to the shower (what? other people don’t do that?!) and you know am starting to see more ab definition, which is something I’ve wanted.  Now to work on my glutes and arms and back! Then we will be in business!!

1239411_207511766091322_1752184081_nSometimes I need to remind myself that this picture on the right half is more like real life and not the half on the left.

So that’s basically what I’m reminding myself.  I’m hoping that with this break I’ll be able to catch up/get ahead on some homework and get back into the training mentality more since I’ll have full days without meetings and basically to myself, which is kinda something I need right now.  1239815_208532985989200_1481466130_n

But other than that there really isn’t much going on in my life.  Eating healthy on Paleo- which btw has gotten much easier! I find myself not really having crazy cravings anymore.  I definitely think knowing I have 1 serious cheat day every week makes it easier too.  This weekend I’m going to attempt the Pancake challenge in my town, but I’ll talk about that more on a later day!

So ok, now I’m officially up to date with everything I want to tell you guys! Hahah so with that I will leave you with one final workout type picture and then another video that I’ve fallen in love with. 994942_215335781975587_2119706656_n
So until later, TTFN. 

Stronger than Yesterday

Well, sore-er than yesterday. Hahah get it? Of course you do, you are super intelligent! Anywhoser, Jenn has started using one of the chalkboards in the gym as a quote board and the other to post the W.O.D. (Workout of the Day).  So I gave her a bunch of quotes to put up there- special thanks to my pintrest obsession, it is good for something!  So I’m feeling more and more fit? I guess you can say anyways, I’ve started doing Crossfit 2x a week and from the sound of it we will be able to start doing it 4x a week soon.   I can’t wait! I asked the guy Dave who does it and he says that I can start calling myself a Crossfitter so…. I’m a Crossfitter!  38f625e3880d8ba25ebb8a6ec6cb27c3So even though everytime I’ve done it I’m either last to finish the W.O.D. or get the least amount of reps in I know that it doesn’t matter because I’m giving 100%! So basically sore is a feeling that I’m well acquainted with and it’s my bestie!   Speaking of Besties I got to hang out with Joe last night for the first time in a bagillion days, which is quite a long time for us.  We needed the time together to be sure!
And I got to run with my friend Brett Brett- we did a lovely 8 p.m. run on a day that it was too cold in the morning/I had a million and one things going on that day so I couldn’t run in the morning. tumblr_mi5yhnuPA11rjud3ho1_500 It was perfect bonding time for us because we needed some catch-up time together.  We were joking how funny it is that our 1st year knowing each other we were such dicks to each other because we hated each other, but now we hang out all the time and are besties.

So moving along….  Had a crossfit workout last night after 2 other workouts… died a bit.

Jen was making fun of me actually being like; “aren’t you so happy you worked out already?” as I was dying during the W.O.D. so I couldn’t even really respond to her, instead I just gave her a look.


It’s like… thanks Jen.   But the other day when it was just the 2 of us in the gym and I took my sweatshirt off (I had a tank on) she was like “HOLY SHIT!”.  Apparently, I’m getting big- in the sense that she can see way more muscle on me than when I first started.   Which as bro-like as it sounds made me pretty damn happy. So that’s basically all that’s going on in my life right now, I have a couple of papers due next week that I REALLY need to get done so this weekend will be spent doing homework ..  yay!

So until later, TTFN. 

I pick things up and put them down.


Ok I’m sorry I remembered this commerical and thought it was perfect, plus it’s kinda hilarious.  Anywhoser, so yesterday was my XC team’s 1st meet of the season.  It was a close one (which is pretty unusual) so we actually got back around 2 p.m. Which is fantastic because it’s first Saturday which means all the businesses in town have deals.  And well the grandma in me wants to go get some discount yarn from the local craft store.  Judge me for my grandmotherlyness… I dare you.

Moving along… Kinga, Maggie, and I all 3 actually managed to make it to Rogue together this morning.  I think it’s the one day a week that our schedules will allow it.  To be honest though, most of the time I’m perfectly ok with going without them… I  love Maggs to pieces, but sometimes I need some time away from her.   Anyways, we’ve started to get bored with the basic routine that Jenn has had us doing, so we talked to her after we did our stuff and she gave us new things to do.  Can anyone say wall-balls, box jumps, deadlifts, oh my!  I’m super excited because I’ve honestly been longingly staring at the boxes and wanting to do box jumps.   However, I can tell this is going to be one of the things that will bruise me… badly.  Oh well! I’m growing to love my battle scars! untitled

I had some inner turmoil the other day.  Part of me is like; “ugh I don’t want to get gross like calloused man hands” and the other part of me is like; “look at my callouses, look at what I earned!”.  I know that’s kinda silly to think about, but lots of silly things go through my head so..

Ugh yes, burpees- those are still in our training repertoire. So much love for them… not really, they hurt.

But above all the excitement and learning how to eat better and healthier there lies happiness.  That’s right.  I’m still not comfortable with how my body looks, but I’m no longer concentrating so hard on what I’m eating and I’m not stressing so much about losing weight.  Instead, I’m like; “I want to be able to lift that or do those, etc.” I’m learning to be happy with what my body is capable of doing and in time eventually getting to where I want to be.
I’m excited to workout nowadays.  I can’t wait to go to Rogue, I like to go to our school gym on top of it to use some traditional weights, and I’m running around an hour a day.  And I’m enjoying all of it.  I think re-finding my joy in working out and constantly getting new things to do has really helped me.

So all I can say now is that I’m constantly exhausted from the early mornings and multiple workouts, but I’m happy and that’s what’s most important.

So until later, TTFN.


I know this has nothing to do with my title, but I thought it was funny. Anywhosers, I’m bored.  If you can’t tell- which I mean you can’t read emotion in my blog so I’m assuming you can’t tell.  So I just made plans to run with my friend/teammate Brett Brett (that’s his nickname) for tomorrow so that should be fun if he doesn’t kill me- which generally happens even when he’s running his super slow pace so that I can keep up.  It’s just that he’s a lot faster than me, which I don’t mind- different abilities and all its just hilarious when we run together because he’s like barely breathing chatting and I’m lying dying barely able to speak.  You can guess which one I look like in that gif when we run.  So anyways I’ve got that to look forward to tomorrow, which is nice because we are running at the park close to me this time instead of to him so I won’t have to wait as long to get a shower and he’s picking me up which means I don’t have to drive.  tumblr_mpwukham4Y1rg02yro1_500

So I was feeling kinda pissy because I’ve gained like 4 lbs since the beginning of the summer.  And since I’ve been doing Insanity and most often running also I felt like I should be losing weight not gaining it.  Then during my many travels on the internet for workout motivation I came across this picture and I felt a little bit better.
This person weighed less when they were not as lean and then weighed like 14 lbs more when they were leaner.  So I’m trying now not to worry as much about how much I weigh and how I look.  So far I’m still not seeing the ab results that I want, but I have to be patient.  I’ve even decided that when I get back to school on days when I don’t have class until later I’m going to go right into a weight workout after my running practice in the mornings.  I’m hoping that will help with the whole process.

Again, I know I sound whinny and just a giant pain, but it’s hard putting int work and not feel like you’re seeing any results.  So I’m going to continue to keep going and not let my whinny ‘tude keep me from working out.  And as an update on that front I am on week #3 of the 2nd month of Insanity.  Next week is my last week and so far my plan is to give myself a complete week off from Insanity then begin the program again.  I’ll only be doing it for a week or two before I get to preseason where  I will stop because I’ll already be doing 2 practices a day.  Once preseason is over though I will re-restart the program with my friend Alexandra and we shall go through the process again.

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.