Ok so this should really probably be Triathlon… since I’ve only done one thus far.  I did my first Sprint Triathlon this past August called the Pine Bush Triathlon.  I did it with my uncle who has become a fun loving triathlete.  He does them pretty much to stay in shape (which he is definitly in) and to have fun.  He mostly does sprints I think and I was really happy to have him with me for the first one so that he could kinda teach me the ropes.  Here’s a picture of us after we finished the race:

He’s pretty awesome my uncle.  I love him to pieces and I definitly don’t think I would’ve known what to do with myself and my gear without him. And I had a lot of gear, which everyone can see by the picture.  Everything was in here except my bike.

  I shall give a quick recap of the race: I kicked super butt on the swim, really sucked on the bike ( it’s not my strong suit), and then proceeded to kick butt on the run.  I got an overall time of 1:43:03 which probably could have been better, but I’m proud of it considering it was my first time.  And let me tell you I was a little sore the following days from the bike and I had to go to work and teach swim lessons (not a happy Sara). 

 Anywho, I came in 4th in my age group which I was pretty happy with.  I think I beat like half my field, there was like legit only 8 girls in my age group but hey I beat half. 😛  So yeah, basically I’m hooked now which is the usual nature with me and things that involve activities with running.  I intend to deck myself out in proper gear (like not a mountain bike) and such nonsense.  And I intend to definitly do this Tri again next August. 🙂  And so has my Triathlon career started!


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