Because every now and then you just get a little thirsty…  Now I don’t drink that frequently, at most 1x a week, maybe 1x every other week.  But this weekend my brother was visiting me from Oswego so I drank a bit more than I otherwise would.  And had some damn interesting times! It’s tough being a cliche.. But I digress..

Anywhosers, the internship is going well right now.  I’ve started putting in more and more time and have actually asked to go to night court- gasp! I know! But in all sad reality; besides working out, class,  homework, and my internship I don’t have much else going on in my life.  Which means the days that I allot to my internship are days I don’t do anything else, so if I get out early I don’t know what to do with myself.  Yes I realize the sad-level factor that that is.

So I’m talking to this guy, and I’ve partially fallen in love with him because he lifts and he gets the gym life and he said some magic words to me; “you were going ass to grass, so I had to too”. OMG! Seriously, I’m a sucker for guys who lift and  have tattoos…. he doesn’t have any tattoos.. that I know of anyways.  But yeah, I’m not trying to get super pumped about it because there’s only a month left and then I’ll be outtie like ‘Deuces!’ and I don’t need to be tied down, but yeah.. 9b7dd7e7f5eac8cf20cdb130e87b8b12

So there’s that.  What else is going on? Really not much.  Like I said before I really have no real life.  Oh, Easter is this weekend and I’m going home for it and I’m bringing my roommate Maggs with me, which is going to be super fun and exciting.

Easter is my super cheat day and I’m super excited! I’ve made the decision to cut my fruit intake down once Easter is over and to try to increase my veggie intake.  It will be a little bit of a struggle, but I think that all the extra sugar is screwing with my clean eating, even though it isn’t technically bad sugar.  I’ve also decided to go on a phase program after I do my half-marathon next weekend.  I think this will be my last half for awhile… Not  that I don’t still enjoy running, but I’m trying to get bigger and gain more muscle so they kind of contradict eachother in terms of goals.

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.

Oh P.S. I found this awesome new blog to follow, I’ve added the link here.

Looking to the Future

So I’m not entirely sure what I mentioned where, but I have been accepted at Albany, Buffalo, Vermont, and Western New England Law schools.  After some deliberation I decided upon Western New England Law for school  next year.  I’m feeling pretty good about my decision and the most hilarious part is that their mascot is the golden bears. 8e5aa1d9-80c7-42d6-bb91-b272558bab14 So basically I go from the Bears to the Golden Bears….

So that’s been decided, I’m (er my mom) is sending in the deposit money and then I will be able to pick some housing and get all set up! I’m a little nervous, but very excited to graduate in May.  My time at Potsdam has been fun, but I’m more than ready to move on and be challenged on a new level.  Also, one of the gyms in WNE has Crossfit stuff so….

Which brings me to working out related things.  I recently hit a new squat PR of 120 lbs.  I was very excited about it.  Now my goal is going to be to squat my body weight, which means I have 30 lbs. to go.  I actually gained around 5 lbs. in the past few months, which I’m ok with because I’m about 99.9% sure it’s muscle and not fat. And if it somehow does turn out to be fat I’d be damn surprised.  85f9e9a6531e903b7de2fa6cdf2f225e

On an entirely different note, my friend Hollikins got engaged to her boyfriend (well now fiancé) Tim.  It is super exciting and I’m so happy for her!  I hope that she knows that I will in fact be creeping on Facebook for wedding photos when it comes the time, but I digress…

Oh, I’ve also made a NEW color-coordinated schedule for my life.  Our Student Government Executive Board elections are happening next week and I will be thankfully kicked out of office.  I can’t wait! I’m going to have so much time on my hands that I know I won’t know what to do with myself, but I’m kinda ok with it.

So that’s everything that I can remember right now. So I think I’m good and I hope that y’all are too!
So until later, TTFN.

Make ‘dem Gains.

So I’ve been looking at myself recently and I basically don’t feel like I see any real difference in my body.  I don’t know I guess part of me is looking to see myself slim down a bit more and such.  But then I think about what my body can do!  I mean seriously.  I remember back in August/September I could barely bench press the 45 lb. bar, like I literally needed help to do reps with it and now? My 1 Rep Max is 80 lbs. (including the bar).  That’s a long way that I’ve come. d9d212d283503072ff40d2b6b4cef28d

Before; I had to use the “little kid” bar as I called it (the 15 lb. bar) and had to add weight to that to do anything and I could BARELY do anything.  I was lucky if I managed to deadlift over 100 lbs. and when my friends Seth talked me into doing 135  and I managed to get 1 it made me the happiest  I could be.

Now; I’m so close to a chin-up its uncomfortable because I want to get it so bad! I deadlift 135 lb. for reps and have a max IRM of 160 lb.  I use the “big kid” aka 45 lb. bar for all of my workout things.  I know how to clean, jerk, and snatch and I’m steadily adding weight to all of them. ea52add2d9f32b45ebf1fe9c33b74502

My hands are calloused beyond belief, it’s a good thing I don’t have any men in my life because they would be appalled with my hands.  When some guys I know look at my 135 lb. when deadlifting and they say you can’t lift that, I look at them and say just watch me. 488f6aa05505ad3b99f1c56fd560570f

I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my body and I’m not satisfied stopping here.  I fully intend to continue doing Crossfit for as long as I physically can.

I am happy to say that I am very much addicted.   No matter where I go after I graduate in May, I will continue to do Crossfit.  Not only will it help me to continue getting stronger, but it will make me feel connected to one of my best friends Maggie who will still be in Potsdam.  I found a box online while searching for Crossfit around my house and I’m going to stop by when I get home this week and see if I like the group.  I would love to join it for the summer so there’s that.  So that’s everything going on in my life right now.

So  until later, TTFN.

Where it’s at.

So I’ve been super busy, which I feel like you can tell from the lack of posts, but I digress… My best friend Chel showed me this music video and I have played it about 30 times since 8:30 a.m. so if that tells you anything about what I think of it.

Anywhoser, I’m in the waiting period on my law school applications.  So far I’ve heard back from 3/5 schools I’ve applied to.  And so far they’ve all been acceptances… yay me! Funniest thing, after I called to tell my Dad about being accepted to the 2nd school I heard back from he said; “So you’re really going to do this whole law thing, huh?” I was like yeah Dad….

So that’s what’s going on with that for right now, so that’s good.  I’m just trying to stay on top of my homework because I’m not motivated to do it anymore.  Basically, I don’t feel challenged and I’m just gearing to go on to the next level.  So that’s what’s happening with that- only 2 more months until I graduate and give my speech.

Working Out; has consisted of doing my Crossfit workout everyday.  Maggie and I are on the Invictus program, which I guess is generally what people use to prepare for like Crossfit competitions.  I can definitely say that I have been seeing Gains in terms of lifting heavier and heavier weights and getting new PRs so that’s good.  Also, I found out that my meetings are the Friday/Saturday of my half not Saturday/Sunday, which I originally had thought so I can still do my half- YAY!

So right now I’m building my mileage back up, I’ll be somewhere in the mid-20s this week and I’m going to attempt to hit around 30 next week, which I think I can do since I’ll be on break and besides homework there won’t be much else for me to do.  Oh, also my friend from home has decided to do the Plattsburgh half with me so she will be staying with me that weekend- Double Yay!  mlrdh

So all that is good.  Basically everything is going pretty well right now and I can’t complain.

So until later, TTFN. 

The flying Liplock

Sorry for the mad spamming of the videos, but I’m really feeling these right now.  Anywhoser, my  Lent has started, yes I say mine because I’m Russian Orthodox and our Lent starts on a different day than the Catholic one does.  So my roommates and I were all sitting around figuring out what we were going to give up and yadda yadda.  Well I decided to go of the stricter Paleo for Lent because I’m pretty loose with it generally and I want to try to focus better.  So I’m hoping that doing this for Lent will help.  So that’s going on…

I’ve completely finished and sent out all my law school applications.  So I am officially in the waiting stage for that, which is both stressful and not.  It isn’t stressful because it’s like out of my hands at this point, but also stressful because I know I’ll be worrying about wondering where I’ll get in.   So yeah…  216f7d4cb8c0bf8003618314aabcbc2f

What else, what else?  Oh, I’ve gotten back into Crossfit and basically just cut down my miles in ridiculous amounts.  About 2 weeks ago I was running 30-40 miles a week and now last week and this week I’ll be running around 20 miles.  This is because I found out I can’d do my half-marathon anymore, which was why I was running so much. So I’ve decided to switch my focus and  get more into Crossfit and weightlifting.  I’m still running, just not as much, which is ok with me.

Also, I feel like I see more improvements doing Crossfit than just lifting or just running.  I can now do one of the hand stand pushups, the pushups part needs a bit of work, but I remember a few months ago when I couldn’t even get into the handstand. Plus I just hit 2 new PR’s yesterday in both my clean and my front squat.  I feel like I see results and I can actually see myself getting stronger.  I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

So that’s it for now.  Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot- I seem to be far busier than I usually am! And so I will leave you with this lovely video;

So until later, TTFN. 

A different perspective

These two articles resonated with me because I feel like they give me another perspective on Paleo and how the professionals do it.  As I type this I am eating some sweettart hearts that my Grandma and Opa sent me for Valentine’s Day.  I’m trying to be more ok with this sorta thing happening everyone once in a while, I won’t lie I’ll probably beat myself up a bit for eating crappy food, but I think it’s important for me to begin realizing again that its ok to have a treat every once and awhile and I won’t be screwed.  I don’t know, it’s just something that I’m attempting to work with I guess.  So moving along…

I had a crappy running week last week.  For the first part of the week I thought I might have a stress fracture and then the 2nd part I got violently ill-yay! Haha so basically I have to wait another week to bump up my mileage again,which is what was supposed to happen this week.  Oh well, I’ll definitely get my mileage in this week *knock on wood*.

Oh Valentine’s Day is this week and being a single individual sorta sucks because everyone takes pit on you and I’m just like in the corner with a box of cookies going “Hey I’m fine”.  haha so I bought a bunch of homemade Valentine’s cards and am going to give them out to all my friends for Valentine’s Day because who doesn’t like a nice card?

So that’s all I really have to report for now.  So until later, when my life gets more interesting… TTFN. 


178 That is the number of miles I have run in 2014 thus far.  I’m pretty proud of that.  If my coach gives me another 41 mile week next week, which he probably will, I will be over 200 miles within the first 5-6 weeks.  Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever run that much in that short of time before.  So that makes me pretty happy.  Also, I got a new snatch PR the other day.  I wanted to see if I had gotten any stronger over the winter break so I decided I wanted to try snatching with the 45 lb. bar or as I like to call it the “Big kid” Bar.  And when I tried it I was able to do it no problem! So I added about 5 lbs. total on there and so now my new snatch PR is 50 lbs.- super pumped about it! 

So that’s good.  Also, I’ve been juicing a lot.  I’ve only done pure orange juice, basically just a crap ton of oranges through the juicer, and a green juice which is made of; kale, cucumbers, granny smith apples, lemons, and celery.  greenjuice1It makes a decent amount and it tastes pretty good.  Plus this way I get a bunch of vitamins and minerals real quick.  I try to juice like 1-2x a week depending upon how much of the supplies I have to make the juice.  I end up bringing it in my container to class and I definitely get weird looks, but hey I’m being healthy here people!

On another note, I’ve begun making paleo pancakes, which are delicious.  I totally ruin them with some non-paleo maple syrup, but I digress…

I’ve been  having my food issues resurface as of late.  I’ve returned to some of my old habits, and I’m attempting to kick them back where they belong- not around me! So that’s a struggle right now, but I’m working on it.  What else is going on?
Oh, I’m attempting to finish up my law school apps and my internship is literally the  Applying to law schools is stressful as all heck, mainly because I want to make sure that I write good personal statements and I’m attempting to keep up with my homework, which is another issue.  But luckily we have a break in literally 2 weeks, so I’m banking on that to get homework and law school apps all taken care of.

So that’s basically it right now.  Just trying to stay afloat and keep myself on track and focused for the next 4 months until graduation.

So until later, TTFN.