I’ve been terrible this summer…

I have no way around my lack of posting besides the fact that I’ve really sucked this summer.  I guess it’s because I’ve been working a lot, working out a lot, and trying to be a normal person who has friends ahha.  I’ve successfully completed the goals I had for myself this summer, I read about 2 full classics, I got new PR’s on all of my lifts and managed to improve my DU’s and gymnastic skills, I’ve increased my fruit, veggie and water intake per day.  Basically, I feel pretty happy with what I’ve managed to accomplish this summer.  I even managed to finish 2nd during a WOD! Something that I’ve never accomplished before.  Also, I went to the Dr. for my annual check up and I’ve gained 15 lbs. since last August, I’d like to think it’s all muscle, but I recognize that some of it is probably fat.

Also, I watched/cheered my friend Christine on to her first (probably not last) Ironman finish.  She did it in Lake Placid, where let me tell you the course is not the most fun thing in the world. 10525845_10152328518258722_1245276808304383937_n

Otherwise, I’ve just been working a lot- I got a second job in a dog groomer/day care where I learned a lot about dogs, made some good money, and had a lot of fun! Now, I’m mainly focused on law school.  I move into my apartment on Saturday, I have orientation all of next week and then classes start on the 27th.  I’ll miss my friends at Latham Crossfit and the coaches, but I am excited to join a new box and meet new people and hopefully get stronger.  It’s still hard for me to believe that I’ve been crossfitting for a whole year now.  Time sure flies!

Going off to law school, I have a lot to look forward to.  But I also can’t wait for two of my good friends’ wedding in October, in which I am going to be a bridesmaid.  My first friends to get married! Now if only I could get a boyfriend….

Haha other than that I lead a pretty boring life.  There’s not much going on for me this last week at home except packing, working out, and trying not to hyperventilate in anticipation of school.  So I hope that I’ve given y’all a nice enough tid bit  on my life to keep you occupied until I go to school and have more to tell you!

So until later, TTFN.

Whelp its been awhile…

And I’m terribly sorry about that! I’ve been busy with working out/training, getting all of my affairs in order for law school, figuring out my life, and working.  So I will catch y’all up real quick and we shall go from there!

First things first, law school yeah that’s happening in about a month.  And I think that the ‘shitting bricks’ feeling is finally starting to kick in.  I’ve had to worry about my loans and figuring out financials, books, class schedule, packing, making sure I have everything I need.  Plus, I’m taking a day trip with my Dad this week.  We will be driving there so I know that I won’t get lost since you know I’m an adult now and have to know how to navigate in the unknown.  So all of that’s going on.

Next, working.  Yeah I work at Tj Maxx, the pay sucks and the hours aren’t great, but I generally enjoy my co-workers so that makes it a bit better. The way I look at is, even thought it is a crappy job at least I get money and I’ll be done with it soon.  It’s not my forever job that I intend to have. liftbitch

What’s up next? Working out/training! Right so I’m still at Latham Crossfit, and on days when I’m not there I’m at ABC gym mainly working on my Olympic lifts and squats and such.  With the program I am on I’ve been doing a lot of heavy work; low reps, high weights and it seems to be paying off.  Yesterday I went for a total lifts in 3; strict OH press, back squat, and deadlift.  I got 65 lb. for OH press, 150 lb. for back squat, and 185 lb. for deadlift.  My back squat and deadlift both went up around 10 lbs. from a few weeks ago when I last tried for a one rep max so I’m pretty happy about that.
I still have a lot of work to do technique and upper body wise, but I intent to join a crossfit gym at law school so it will be alright. I’ve already decided it will be my hour a day that has nothing to do with studying!

Figuring out my life, yeah that’s more difficult.  I have some goals for myself this summer, which have included getting PR’s, learning to love running again (a story for another day), to read a few classics (in the process), etc.  So that’s that.

I believe that I have now caught y’all up to speed on what’s going on with me.  I’ll try not to let it be so long before I blog again. My computer is busted and I have to get it fixed so it will depend upon that.

So until later, TTFN.

Graduation/Being Back Home

10406560_10203022008524066_2398528504349522097_nSo well I graduated this past Sunday- I even gave a speech!  I’m now officially a college graduate of SUNY Potsdam with a Bachelor’s in Politics and minors in Pre-law and Environmental Studies.  Everyone keeps asking me if I feel any different and I don’t.  Maybe if that was the end of my collegiate career I would, but knowing that I’m going to law school in the fall has me in a calm mode.  For now anyways, I know that as it gets closer I will be freaking out about readings and my classes, etc.  Everyone has the utmost confidence in my ability to make it and I’m pretty confident myself, but I’m nervous at the same time.  Oh well, nervous jitters I think are probably normal. 10325246_10203022008284060_7945361957635466487_n

My life this summer basically consists of working at the Maxx again and working out.  I was a little concerned with how my workouts would go over the summer.  I mean I don’t mind doing my crossfit workouts by myself, but it’s way more fun with friends.  So bring in Latham Crossfit! I found it on google, I creeped on facebook, then I messaged the coach Luke, and went and joined and have had 2 crossfit workouts there so far. 1391777_529635337126268_898449131_n

I really like it because I’m getting a lot of good instruction there, like at my other gym I learned everything but I didn’t get constant supervision telling me what to fix and here I do.  And two I used to do most of my workouts by myself and now I’m doing all of them with someone else.  It is way more motivating to have someone struggling through the workout with you compared to trying to do it by yourself.

Plus Luke is pretty nice, really knowledgeable, and makes the gym a comfortable space so that I can try things and make a complete ass of myself while trying new things.  Like the other day when we were working on handstand walks I could get up and then I kept flipping over.  Luke helped me figure out how not to kick as hard so I could stay up longer.
I literally just love it at this gym.  I didn’t think I’d find one like the one at school where I’m completely comfortable, but I think I have.

Last night, I hit a new snatch PR- 75 lbs., breaking my old PR by 10 lbs! Luke decided to freak me out by telling me right before I was about to attempt it and I was like gee thanks now I’m nervous, to which he said “oh nevermind! It’s not heavier!” I just kinda rolled my eyes.  I have so much fun at this gym and it isn’t even funny!

So that’s basically it for now.  I’ve graduated, I’m working during the summer, I’m doing crossfit at this awesome new gym, and I’m going to law school in the fall.

So until later, TTFN.

Self issues

I’ve been having a rough time this week food wise.  I’ll admit I’ve been eating not the greatest.. I’ve had some chips and a fuck ton of wings and such.  It got to the point where I had to reach out to my really good friend Kate, who has had some food issues herself so she can understand when I talk to her about what’s going on in my head.  The bad news- well I feel worse than I did before, I mean I ate chips and some fries tonite and what kinda made it worse is my bestie Maggs.  And like the bad part is that she didn’t intentionally make it bad.  I basically just said to help me stop eating chips so much because they aren’t Paleo to, which she replied that “I see you drink milk everyday what does it matter?”. And to a normal person it doesn’t I guess, but to me it does.
See I follow the Paleo diet pretty well, there are certain things I make exceptions for as part of my own diet, like a glass of milk every day. And I guess it probably shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but it really does.
It’s difficult to describe because I generally don’t want to be whiney (though I realize that I generally am :P).  I know it probably doesn’t make sense to most of you (if anyone reads this), but like it has seemed like this past week everything has hit me the wrong way food wise.

I’ve just been eating absolutely shitty, and what makes it worse is that I did something to my shoulder so I can’t do my strength program. Which is making me feel worse because in a way when I eat a bit shitty when I’m lifting its not such a big deal, but when I can’t really do much it becomes a bigger deal.  I don’t know, I know that it doesn’t make sense, but there’s no better way for me to articulate it.

So sorry to be such a downer right now, but I’ll TTFN.

Olympic Lifts sound dirty

So I took my friend Maggie home with me for Easter.  It was a lovely time, much fun ensued.  We went to bed at like 9 on Friday night and my dad came in my room and yelled at us.  He said that no normal college kids go to bed at 9 p.m. on a Friday and that we weren’t allowed.  After he closed the door we nearly peed our pants laughing because for the both of us that was the first time we were ever yelled at for going to bed too early.  But I digress… 1fea7e231651766ecdd32f4e42d09a65

So yesterday I worked out with my friends Seth, Ravon, and Dennis.  They were working on their snatches and Seth was helping me with mine.  I have snatched with him in awhile so basically I needed him to check my form and make sure that I was still good.  One plus is that I managed to hit a new snatch PR and it isn’t even a 1RM for me because I hit it a few times.  And luckily for me, it was recorded!

I’m not normally all about showing off my awesomeness, but I’m pretty proud of this and in the video compared to the guys I look like I’m barely moving anything, but I’m still happy with it.  I don’t come in until around 20 seconds in, but I’m totally worth the weight :P

So that’s basically it for now.  I start me weight training cycle on Monday so starting Monday I will be doing two a days for the next twelve weeks or so.  I’m hoping that this will really help increase my strength and that I will happily start seeing the results I want by mid-summer or so.  So that’s basically it, not much more to report.  I’m really not that interesting, but I digress…

So until later, TTFN.


Because every now and then you just get a little thirsty…  Now I don’t drink that frequently, at most 1x a week, maybe 1x every other week.  But this weekend my brother was visiting me from Oswego so I drank a bit more than I otherwise would.  And had some damn interesting times! It’s tough being a cliche.. But I digress..

Anywhosers, the internship is going well right now.  I’ve started putting in more and more time and have actually asked to go to night court- gasp! I know! But in all sad reality; besides working out, class,  homework, and my internship I don’t have much else going on in my life.  Which means the days that I allot to my internship are days I don’t do anything else, so if I get out early I don’t know what to do with myself.  Yes I realize the sad-level factor that that is.

So I’m talking to this guy, and I’ve partially fallen in love with him because he lifts and he gets the gym life and he said some magic words to me; “you were going ass to grass, so I had to too”. OMG! Seriously, I’m a sucker for guys who lift and  have tattoos…. he doesn’t have any tattoos.. that I know of anyways.  But yeah, I’m not trying to get super pumped about it because there’s only a month left and then I’ll be outtie like ‘Deuces!’ and I don’t need to be tied down, but yeah.. 9b7dd7e7f5eac8cf20cdb130e87b8b12

So there’s that.  What else is going on? Really not much.  Like I said before I really have no real life.  Oh, Easter is this weekend and I’m going home for it and I’m bringing my roommate Maggs with me, which is going to be super fun and exciting.

Easter is my super cheat day and I’m super excited! I’ve made the decision to cut my fruit intake down once Easter is over and to try to increase my veggie intake.  It will be a little bit of a struggle, but I think that all the extra sugar is screwing with my clean eating, even though it isn’t technically bad sugar.  I’ve also decided to go on a phase program after I do my half-marathon next weekend.  I think this will be my last half for awhile… Not  that I don’t still enjoy running, but I’m trying to get bigger and gain more muscle so they kind of contradict eachother in terms of goals.

So that’s all I’ve got for now, until later TTFN.

Oh P.S. I found this awesome new blog to follow, I’ve added the link here.

Looking to the Future

So I’m not entirely sure what I mentioned where, but I have been accepted at Albany, Buffalo, Vermont, and Western New England Law schools.  After some deliberation I decided upon Western New England Law for school  next year.  I’m feeling pretty good about my decision and the most hilarious part is that their mascot is the golden bears. 8e5aa1d9-80c7-42d6-bb91-b272558bab14 So basically I go from the Bears to the Golden Bears….

So that’s been decided, I’m (er my mom) is sending in the deposit money and then I will be able to pick some housing and get all set up! I’m a little nervous, but very excited to graduate in May.  My time at Potsdam has been fun, but I’m more than ready to move on and be challenged on a new level.  Also, one of the gyms in WNE has Crossfit stuff so….

Which brings me to working out related things.  I recently hit a new squat PR of 120 lbs.  I was very excited about it.  Now my goal is going to be to squat my body weight, which means I have 30 lbs. to go.  I actually gained around 5 lbs. in the past few months, which I’m ok with because I’m about 99.9% sure it’s muscle and not fat. And if it somehow does turn out to be fat I’d be damn surprised.  85f9e9a6531e903b7de2fa6cdf2f225e

On an entirely different note, my friend Hollikins got engaged to her boyfriend (well now fiancé) Tim.  It is super exciting and I’m so happy for her!  I hope that she knows that I will in fact be creeping on Facebook for wedding photos when it comes the time, but I digress…

Oh, I’ve also made a NEW color-coordinated schedule for my life.  Our Student Government Executive Board elections are happening next week and I will be thankfully kicked out of office.  I can’t wait! I’m going to have so much time on my hands that I know I won’t know what to do with myself, but I’m kinda ok with it.

So that’s everything that I can remember right now. So I think I’m good and I hope that y’all are too!
So until later, TTFN.